7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 2/21/11

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1) report myself daily to this thread with 400kcal deficit no
2) exercise every 2nd day plus saturday killer workout killer workout check
3) stick to vegetarian diet 75%
4) practise driving car gone back to garage

No change here, but I'm holding on. I love reading all the posts here. Depression sinking in. Do you know when you are really depressed? When life sucks so much that you don't even care how much.
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Default Thank you!

Thank you very much! I have been peeking around and you guys are just a hoot!
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Saturday Report Card

Health and fitness goals:

1. Keep calories to 1,500 and 2,000 Fri-Sat. 1,493, 1,433, 2,055, 2,667, 1,500, 1,565 Very close
2. Workout 6 hours. 1:03, 1:18, 1:15, 0:38, 0:42, 0:00 Stayed up late to finish DD's costume and let myself off the hook this morning. (Total 4:56)
3. Drink 96oz water. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES
4. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week (average 500/day). -762, -1,049, -396, +256, -945, -349 (Total 3,245) I might just make it this week.
5. Limit grain based carbs to 2 servings/day or less. NO 4, YES 2, NO 4, YES 2, YES 2, YES
6. Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES
7. Keep carbs to 45% or less. NO 54%, YES 45%, NO 57%, NO 51%, 46%, YES 45%

Non-fitness goals:

8. Apply mascara 5X. NO, NO, YES, NO, NO, YES
9. Average 6 items/day from the "LIST". NO, NO, NO 2, NO 1, NO 3, NO
10. Clean out one small area of the basement. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
11. Clean out pantry cupboards. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
12. Clean 2 rooms daily (15 min each) and 1 load of laundry. NO, NO, 2 out of 3, NO, 1 out of 3, NO
13. Finish DD's Bloomer dress. Getting there, one piece left to do, Almost done, 2 pieces left to trim, 6 buttons and 1 piece of trim left, DONE!!!
14. Call Grandma. YES!!!
15. Register for race and call SIL about same. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO

Well DD's competition was today, I was so nervous. She on the otherhand was much less nervous, but more rattled than usual. Anyway she's now moving on to the state competition in April. Don't be too impressed, 3 from each division move on to state, and well there were only 3 entrants in her division. I think she would have moved on anyway, she was sooooo stinking cute in her costume, that kid was meant to wear bloomers and bonnets.

Considering my stress/nerve level I did really well on calories, I'm over budget a tiny bit. We had Subway for lunch, DD and I split a foot long and she was ahead of me and said "mustard, mayo and ranch" and the guy had it all splatted on, before I could say "NOOOOOO". She and I need to have a serious discussion about real mayo and real ranch... At home we only have the fat free versions, so we eat them all the time.

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Heather, welcome. Glad to have you with us! We do have some great fun here.

Muna, wishing you a much better week ahead! Big hug to ya!

Sirion, there's an excellent article on "How to Relieve Constipation Naturally" with natural foods. How to Relieve Constipation Naturally - Nutrition Regarding your question about the FitDay calorie calculator, are you talking about where we log our food intake to keep track of calories, carbs, protein, fat, and other nutrients? If so, I do agree that it's a little slow at times, but I use it and am happy with it. Others may know a better one.

jjeand, nice goals and congrats on that 20 lbs. lost!

Cindy, congrats on keeping the weight loss off and dropping another pound! Way to go!

Mike, so glad you didn't get seriously hurt in that weight lifting!

mhibdon! Congrats on the workout at the gym! I did have a great time with my grandkids Friday. Thanks.

Cassie, congrats on the low cal cookies! Also congrats on all your goal achievements--hope you can get some better sleep, though. The "Blood, Snake, Fire" shirt sign is hilarious! LOL

Rhoda, I hope this coming week is much better for you.

Almeeker, you did great this week under very busy and trying circumstances, even considering those chicken wings! How'd DD's competition go? LOL on being a cheap date.

Taubele, very interesting how you get your water in at work. Great discipline. Sorry 'bout your back! Sounds like it's on the mend now. Don't fret about 12 cruddy little calories over one day--you were way under the other days. I'll give you that cigar--but don't smoke it! LOL Woohoo! Congrats on the .8 lb. crack in the plateau!

NB-PEmom, great week for you! Congrats on your achievements!

Quinn you are so right that losing weight is "a butt-load of work and everything your MD has told you for years." But people still search for that magic fix. I laughed at the "fire, flood, or blood" rule for your son. My grandkids always want to pester their Mom at work, but when they're in my care I don't let them bother her unless it's something that really can't wait until she comes home. So nice to see that Thursday report start out telling us of some freedom from committments! Congrats on your food and fitness achievements this week! Great job at dinner Friday!

Julia, I'm glad you got your calorie goal figured out so you can meet your March 15 goal.

Rose, you had a great week of achievements! Congrats!

Stacey, what a great week you had! Congrats to ya! Let us know how your weekend with the cubs went. Taking your food was a great idea--did you do that? Some people suggest if you weigh daily you record your average weight for the week as your official weight. With your new scale showing 10th's of lbs., it might make you feel better to do that.

Mystery, I do the same as you--record my highest weight as my official weight. If I step on my scale three times in a row, I most often get three different numbers.

Mary! Congrats on your fantastic achievements while being away from home! Absolutely awesome!
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My Saturday achievements:

Calorie limit 1600, actual 1735
Carb less protein limit 25g, actual 21g
Protein goal 110g, actual 159g

Exercise: 2 miles aerobic walking DVD in 30 minutes at 4MPH

Water goal 64 oz., actual 46

Last edited by Mern; 02-27-2011 at 05:14 PM. Reason: Ate pork rinds after posting--adding 80 calories, 0 net carbs, 9g protein
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It's great to see everyone doing well, especially for a weekend. You all are troopers and I know all the hard work will pay off.

I'm excited we have new folks, joining, too .

I'm sitting here trying to get the energy to go get on the treadmill. We've been at my son's tournament on and off all day, as well as last night, and this is the first block of time I've had. I am so tired, probably from being outside most of the day (why does that make you tired?) but I know I need to do it.

The boy really put it out there today so I capitulated and agreed to dinner out at his favorite (barbecue) restaurant. It was five minutes from the tourney site and it's 50 from our house, so we almost never go. Fortunately I had suspected as much ahead of time, and they now have their nutrition info online, so I did plan ahead with the rest of my meals today.

I admit that I caved and got fries (and chicken breast and a big salad). This restaurant has the best fries. I can't remember the last time I ate fries. I mourn the loss of fries in my life, truly I do. I knew I was going to do it, planned for it, and I did it. Enjoyed it, too. I was able to work in the calories and the carbs and even balance out the fats so my monos are still the highest, but I have tremendous guilt over the fact that I know there were transfats in those fries. I am an avid wrapper-reader and I avoid transfat like the plague...even when it says 0 grams, I scan the ingredients to make sure that it's not there in trace amounts.

So I have guilt.

So I have to get my A-double-scribble on the treadmill.

However, we were also on the side of town with the Whole Foods, so we went there after dinner and got oodles of healthy stuff we can't find at the regular groceries closer to home.

Okay...no more stalling.
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Great job on giving us feedback Mern. I credit this site with helping me stay on plan this week. Travelling or being out of my routine has always been one of my biggest challanges.

Last Day of babysitting the grandkids. It will be very quiet when I get back home tomorrow! The wii tells me I'm down one Kg (2.2 lbs) from last monday. The 5 trips to the Y have paid off. Took the kids to the pool yesterday for 2.5 hours. We missed swiming lessons as the instructions had the wrong address. They prefer the Y pool anyway. Watching them skate on Friday makes me want to get new skates and try skating again. Keeping up with the grandkids should keep me fit another few years.

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well was feeling great and was going to go to the gym ...but holy crap three feet of new snow and still snowing I think I will wait till Monday ..well cleaning the house might be an option today
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Default Trans-fats...

Hey Cassie,
One minor trans...gression doesn't ruin the whole day, let alone the whole week. Geez, transfats are truly franken-food, but if they were the overnight killer some folks make them out to be, people would be keeling over by the dozens in their little, plastic, fastfood booths.

So go ahead and enjoy a french fry from time to time (especially the really good ones). It sounds like you had reason to celibrate your son's effort, and being the mom of such a son, a reason to celibrate your contribution to his success. Dreadmill (thanks Almeeker) be damned!!!

And how many times have you reminded all of us... hey, we're only human .
Make peace with yourself.

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Cassie, way to go on planning ahead for the BBQ restaurant. But holy cow, girl! An occasional indulgence in fries at 105.5 lbs. is nothing to feel guilty about. "...I was able to work in the calories and the carbs and even balance out the fats so my monos are still the highest" Sounds like grounds for acquittal to me--yes, even if it had transfats. You rarely do that--drop that guilt and enjoy your day. Hope you made it to the treadmill.

Thanks, Mary. I had extra time last night on the computer, so was happy to be able to catch up on and reply to the posts. I do have less responsibility to others than most of our members here--also am more nosey. LOL You surely did a fabulous job sticking with your diet and exercise while away! 2.2 more lbs. down! Way to go! Skates--hee, hee, hee--I'd fall and break my rump for sure. More power to ya!

Rhoda, sorry 'bout your snow! Cleaning house burns a lot of calories, too.

Pam, "trans...gression"--you are so clever.
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