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Well, I'm going to shift focus this week as opposed to getting bogged down in numbers, so I'm thinking outside the box with the goals:

1. Balance the pie chart (no numbers, just balance).
2. Sleep 7 hours a night.
3. Turn off all the electronics at least half an hour before bed, and read.
4. Exercise outside one day this week, preferably two.
5. Exercise at least once this week with friends and/or family members.
6. Incorporate a stretching/flexibility workout into the mix twice this week.
7. Dress nicely and make an effort at minimal makeup even if not working that day; the pushed-for-time grad student look is old now.
8. Do an at-home mani-pedi this week (this is something I won't spend money on).
9. Use my gift card from Christmas to buy something for myself that is not entirely practical.
10. List two things daily that I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't do before that now I do, can, and will.

And of course, with a nod to reality:

11. One office organizational task daily.
12. One room's trim painted by the end of the weekend.
13. Keep working on short, mid and long range financial plans with hubby.
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Everyone, I've belonged to three other weight loss support websites since 2002 and this is the most motivating and supportive one of all. I truly believe that with the help of this group, I WILL make goal this time. Oh, how I wish I could keep up with all the posts, but this is such an active group. I thank everyone for the support I've received so far.

Jess, your great goals should get you to 130 by June 1st ish since you're willing to work so hard at it.

Muna, I love this group, too. Sounds like a great party last night. Yay on the Saturday swimming and on your new goals.

Rose, woohoo on keeping those goals challenging!

Stacey, we're all rooting for you. You can do this.

Cassie, your stats and weeks maintaining are so motivating. I'll have to remember when I reach goal that maintaining takes thought, goals, and work, too. Thinking outside the box keeps life more interesting. Let us know what you bought with your gift card.

LazyCritter, start with baby steps on the exercise if you need to. That's what I'm doing. But I see from your stats you've made great accomplishments so far. Congrats on that.

Almeeker, the list lady. Whew! Best wishes to the busiest lady I know! Your stats are awesome, too. I'm 64 years old and want to be like you when I "grow up."

Sandi! You beat your weekly weight goal! Congrats! Regardless of how you got there, we all know you worked hard--the weight didn't just fall off all by itself.

mhibdon, hang in there. You can do it! Just getting to the gym is half the battle.

My turn:
Lost 2 1/2 lbs. last week, so that totals a 10 1/2 lb. loss since I joined this group January 17.

Goals for this week: some standard and some new:
Calorie limit 1600
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
New protein goal: at least 110g per day
Water: 64 oz. per day
New exercise goal: add a minute at a time to achieve 25 minutes aerobic walking at 4 MPH by Saturday. That will earn me another day off exercise

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Congrats on getting down to the next "decade," Mern! Just noticed that!
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Thanks, Cassie!
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Happy St. Valentine's Day to everyone! Instead of this day just being a hallmark holiday w/ the opposite sex, I'm trying to take some time and note personality traits that I love about myself.

My healthy living goals for this week are to continue what I have been doing these past few weeks:
-track, stay w/in WW points allowance
-aim to have the majority of my food journal be healthy, power foods
-cardio workout for 30 min 3X per week and put equal effort into doing weights
-note that Fri. and Sat. night will be spent out at restaurants with friends and leave extra points for those meals. Also, eat something before dinner so that I am not too hungry when reading the menu.
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p.s. I should I have introduced myself! I was on Fitday for a while and then dropped off around Xmas bc I was traveling (and eating tons). Now I'm back and hope to check in every other day and help to support you all. I currently weigh 130 and lost a little over 20 pounds almost 5 yrs ago through doing WW w/ my mom. I'm hoping to lose another 3 pounds by March 15th.
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and Hello

Since I seem to be lacking in the self-motivation department, I have finally decided to join you!

Here are my goals for this week -

Health/Fitness Goals:
1. Eat between 1200-1400 cals/Day
2. Get at least 7 hrs of sleep/night
3. Consume 100oz. of Water/Day
4. Take Fish Oil & Rosehip Supplements
5. Exercise with EA Active for Playstation 3x/Week (Tues, Thurs, and Sat)
6. Limit myself to 1 Diet Coke/Day

Other Life Goals:
1. Do 1 load of laundry per day & Freecycle clothes no longer needed/wanted
2. Clean Bathroom & Clear out Bathroom Cabinet (Monday night)
3. Clean Kitchen for 20 minutes (Tuesday Night)
4. Vacuum & Mop Dining Room & Kitchen, also take out trash (Wed. Night)
5. Send out Wedding Save The Dates (Thurs Night)
6. Complete Budget for March 2011 (Friday Night)

I am really hoping that I can stick with the forum, and stay motivated...I have somehow managed to let myself gain 10lbs. over the last 5 months! (I have not been watching what I have been eating, and I am supposed to be LOSING weight - argh!)
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10. List two things daily that I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't do before that now I do, can, and will.

Can I steal that one Cassie? That's a great motivator.

As well I plan to keep on track with Journaling everything

Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days out of 7.

Keep the calories below 1600 till Sunday, 2000 on Sunday

Try on some of my smaller clothes

Make a plan for next week so I will be prepared for a week babysitting grandkids and the temptation to slack off.
- make list of healthy food to take with me
- plan menus
- locate Y
- check out physical activities for while kids are in school
-weather permitting walk kids to school 2 of the 3 days I can.

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I have been on Fitday for awhile too, but had given up posting and being accountable since I gained back most of what little I had lost. I really need this to stay on track, so here goes :

1. Water-lots of it!
2. No processed foods
3. Exercise and really mean it!
4. In bed at a reasonable hour.
5. Log all my food-every bite.

non diet related
6. Clean off the top of my dresser.
7. Work on getting my costume together for upcoming dance competition.
8. Help kids be more responsible for keeping their rooms clean.
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Oh yes I keep forgetting today is Valentineís Day because I celebrated it yesterday lol so Happy Valentineís Day everyone! Enjoy it! Whether single or dating or married!

Muna Ė Iím having that same feeling today too and maybe itís because Spring is on its way and I am finally exercising and not afraid to do it! Lol but I agree, without EVERYONE in this thread and their support I would have fallen off the trail when I first started and almost did until I found this thread =)

Cjohnson - Lol yea thatís how I feel about it, I only get 2 days off a week and sometimes only one so I feel like I donít have enough time to do anything and all I want to do is be with my boyfriend but I really do need to bunker down and call the College and figure out my other College..weíll see lol

Almeeker Ė Why the Mascara 5x may I ask? I hardly use it myself and mostly stick to eyeliner and thatís usually certain occasions. But when I donít wear make up I look tired and like a zombie lol or maybe I just need a tan

Ė Thank you! Iím hoping so too and now I KNOW I can! I got the Biggest Loser for the Xbox Kinect and my boyfriend is doing this with me! Mind you it is very strenuous-especially for me, who hardly ever works out (besides walking) but Iím so excited my boyfriend is going to work out with me AND start counting his Calories =) but he may need my help because it can be confusing for some one who has never paid attention to serving sizes before. And Iím working out at least once a day now and did so for about 4 hours last night lol I think I can keep with it. I can feel the burn in my legs already.. phew!

Blackrhino2 Ė Well welcome back! Hope you get to your goal and then some here =)

Jennybeeb Ė And welcome! We can all help keep you motivated! And if you need a buddy to keep you on track just let me know! Itís always easier to do it with a friend or some one else who is in the same boat.

Ė Keep with it! Like I told Jenny if you have others helping you out to hold you accountable for things itís much easier!
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