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Abanyai 02-10-2011 08:12 PM new comer
I had baby in oct10...anyone know few exercizes to help my back butt belly:eek:

Twinnermommy 02-10-2011 09:21 PM

I'm a new mom too! Well, it's about the same as anything else - I feel like I need to lose my fat (do lots of cardio) first and then work on toning. But some exercises I like are:

Butt: squats, i don't know what they are called, but you lay on your back like you are going to do crunches and then lift your hips up to make a straight line from your shoulder to your knee and do that in reps, kickboxing

Back: this is mostly a cardio issue, but you could also do oblique exercises, like planks and side2side reaches, etc, and weights

abs: again, planks are great, crunches in different positions- every 30 crunches or so, switch how you have your legs from normal to straight out to straight up to butterfly to sissors, etc. that gets your whole stomach. Just make sure when doing ab stuff to pull your stomach tight the whole time or you could make it pooch out instead :)

personally, kickboxing is my favorite because it's fun and good for everything!

mrsz82303 02-11-2011 12:56 AM

Twinnermommy, please tell me you live in northern Michigan?!?!?

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