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"Here" -- sometimes just checking in to say "here" is all I can do -- which is both good and bad. GOOD NEWS -- Have lost 5 lbs and, dare I say it, without trying.

YOu may not know this, but I am a TOTAL FOODIE. I love food. I love cooking, I love preparing healthy nutritious meals BUT, like anyone else, I too often "don't have time." to do it -- and my best "food intentions" get derailed. I love shopping for food, I love reading recipes, I love doing things with FOOD. I love reading the food sections of magazines. I get a "fix" out of food. And often, this fix has packed on the pounds because I excuse myself by saying "well, I'm researching healthy recipes, so noshing on pretzels and hummus while I do it makes sense." Or --let's just try this for my husband, it's a bit more calorically than I want, but I'll have half a serving with a salad (then I have the half of serving, the leftovers, not too mention the bits I tasted on the way to dinner being ready).

So being a foodie is at once a good thing and a trigger for me at the same time.

And now -- I have started a business all based on food.

Which I thought would put my willpower to the test.

But it's had the opposite effect.

I'm preparing meals and recipes that require me to carefully consider and measure each ingredient, do repeated recipe tests, learn about food, about food culture, about finding fresh foods, etc. And it's what I have to do for a living.

So, after doing all of that and giving out dozens of meals to friends and family for testing, I get my "foodie" craving satisfied in a HUUUUUGGGEEE way. I get "full" on the meal development and find a light meal satisifies me -- often just one meal a day.

I'm so involved in food, that I find my "cravings" are being satisfied and, as a result, I have LOST FIVE POUNDS!!!

So, I'm going to keep doing what I am doing and up my exercise. But I am here and working "a plan" of sorts and sticking to that plan!

YAY! 215! Only 16 pounds from my first mini-goal.

Take care ladies!
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