Helping a vegetarian friend

  • What a week!

    I have this young friend, who although she is not underweight, she is not eatign healthy at all. Her mother told me that she was admitted to hospital and they discovered low iron.

    She is vegetarian and decided to go gluten free as well. She created a problem for me, because under doctor's orders she is nibbling on nuts constantly.

    My friends cannot be nibbling on nuts in my presence or it could hospitalize me. I break out in hives with contact of surfaces touched by others who have been touching nuts. I pass out if nuts are open in the room I am in for more than half an hour. We don't want me to eat a nut.

    Anyway, I was able to provide her with a few gluten free products that also happen to be vegan and nut free. I am going to go shopping later to see if I can find her a few other things. Her town is farther out of the city than mine, so they don't have the health stores available.
  • Seems like fresh fruit would be an option she can find in her town? My MIL used to get after her daughter saying "you can't call yourself a vegetarian if you don't eat vegetables". I suspect that the GF thing won't last long. It's really hard and if you don't have to be on it, pretty soon you won't be. There are some really good GF pretzels, although they can be expensive and some 1/2 decent crackers called N-ergy or something like that. For iron in an unexpected place you might recommend that she drink Mott's apple juice. Spinach is also fairly high in iron, as are prunes (depending on the brand). Good luck what a pain in the butt. Before you shop for her, do us a favor and make sure that your eppy pen is up to date and you have a back-up, alright? I would make her watch the video too, just in case she gives you an episode.
  • My epi is outdated, but the pharmicist assured me that it is still good for the close proximity to the hospital. When I go to camp this summer I will need at least 2 new ones, especially since our camp nurse may only have the basic first aid.

    Anyway, I see this girl every Tuesday and Thursday evening, spending 2 hours with her.