Motivational Thread starting 02/07

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Weight Goals This Week:

~ stick to my food plan, Tuesday 100%, Wednesday 95%, Thurs 100%, Friday 90%
~ get my walking in, Tues yes, Wed yes, Thurs no, Fri yes, Sat yes
~ get my weight training in Tues yes, Wed yes, Thus yes, Fri yes, Sat yes
~ to change activity instead of emotionally eating journal, read, have a bath, knit whatever: Tues yes, Wed yes, Thurs yes, Fri yes
~ to journal my food, mood, & get support here DAILY to 'stay' & get the support i need. Wed yes, Thurs yes, Fri food yes
Personal Goals:

~ not to beat myself up for letting some weight creep back on. give myself credit for catching before it got to out of control: ~ working on this one being real with people that i work with that i need to watch what i'm eating. I also was truthful with boyfriend that I need to watch what i eat for awhile. He doesn't think I need to loose weight I think I do, but I need his support. I was also truth with boyfriend what my weight is to often I hide it & just pretend its not there.

twinner ~ my guy is a great guy !!!!!

Cassie ~ i'm so doing this for me & i know it. we talked about it yesterday & he even said though he thinks i'm the hottest thing walking on the planet he totally supports me & will eat more healthy with me & exercise.

mike ~ good luck on the run. the mole skin should help with the rubbing.

i'm thinking what my goals for next week will be & i think my non weight related goals will be: put more effort every day into what i wear. it's not that i dress like a slob, but i can jazz up every outfit i just haven't been lately & do a basic 5 min face with makeup. things i do all the time when my weight is lighter, but why should i only do that when i'm lighter. my other non weight goal next week will be to not break promises to myself.

going to go for my walk & do my weights, have a bath & then head up to edmonton. we get to see a new puppy & then i get to go shopping at victoria's secret sooooo boy friend might be getting a valentines pressie. that is if i can find something not to expensive.
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Hi, everyone. I'm back! Switching between 5-15pound club and this thread. I think I'd better settle on one or the other so I'm not spending so much time at the computer. Computers can be such a time suck

I'm excited that I've made progress this week! I've met my dietary goals, and most of my workout goals (exc cardio bcs I had a cold/fever). And working in my studio happened this week, too. Even if just assessing "jobs."

I knew my weight was on the verge of dropping, and voila! this morning it did!

So good luck to everyone--and Mike, good luck on your half-marathon. Sounds like fun.

Diet/Fitness goals
1) 1600 cal/day, under 30% fat (M/yes! 1362, 27%)(T/yes 1300, 20%)(W/990, 15%)(Th/1133, 37%)(F/1300, 14%)
2) 400-600 calorie deficit through exercise alone by doing: (M/no)(T/220)(W/280)(Th/249)(F/668)
a) cardio 5X/week (one half-hearted--sick)
b) weights, 2X/week-full body (Yes)(yes)
4) 8+ glasses of water (yes)(T/yes)(W/yes)(T/yes)(F/yes)

Personal Project Goals:
1) Spend more time in my studio--4 days/wk minimum (M/no--worked all day)(T/no)(W/yes--finished a painting, did framing jobs)T/yes!--framing & painting)(F/no, but did art-related stuff)

Height: 5'4.5" (and shrinking!)
Start Weight 1/1: 135
Today's weight: 129
Goal 2/17: 129
Ultimate Goal 4/1: still 125!!!
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Congrats, Sandi! Seems like you've had a great week. I saw your site from the link in the other thread. You do gorgeous work.

Mike, good luck on the half marathon. Let us know how it went. Enjoy your time with family and the big, nasty lasagne!

Stacey, you couldn't ask for a more supportive partner, and it's a lot easier to do when someone's got your back. My hubby's always been very supportive, but it's only been the past 3 weeks or so that he's made his own changes, and it does make a big difference.

Enjoy a lovely Saturday, everyone!!
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Originally Posted by NB-PEmom View Post
Feel better soon! When you're not feeling 100%, it's so easy to fall into the carb trap looking for some quick energy. I think I'm the only one I know who can still eat while going through a bout of stomach flu. You're absolutely right - tomorrow is another day. Take care of yourself!
Michelle, thanks for your encouragement. I am the same way - I am eating my way through my stomach flu too! Well, maybe it will give me the strength to get better faster!

mhibdon and cassie, thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it.
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My Goals for the week... Some to continue, some new.

1. Eat at least 3 fruit and 2 vegetable servings a day. no, no, no, no, no
2. Limit bread to one serving a day. yes, yes (0), yes, yes (0), no
3. Carry a water bottle with me at all times. yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
4. Walk 30-45 minutes daily. (Wimpy compared to normal, I know.) yes, yes, yes (Did laps around a "big box" store! ), no, yes
5. Take multi-vitamin daily. yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
6. Continue with "weight-loss mode", changing calorie intake due to lower activity level. yes, yes, yep- doing great!, great week, no
7. Limit calories to 1200. yes, yes, yes, yes, NO 1700... CURSE YOU PIZZA HUT!!!!!!!

To Do List:

1. Get tax info ready for accountant. TOP PRIORITY! no, getting motivated, DONE!!!, meeting with accountant today and then good riddance! Done until next year!
2. Continue with positive attitude and energy regarding injury. yep, another good day Tuesday, meh..., had a great day, FEELING AWESOME!
3. Do something nice and/or unexpected for someone each day. I did, yes, yes, yep, yep- gave someone money they were short in a checkout line.
4. Help daughter with NHS and college entrance letters. No, working on teacher recommendations, a work in progress, moving on to phase 2

I keep reading about people having trouble with their income tax this year... now it has happened to me, too. I figured nothing had changed on my return but did I get a surprise! Did you know that the year your child turns 17 you can no longer claim the $1000/child tax credit??? So, she'll be living here one more year during her Senior year, but I can't claim her. What a joke! So I lost $1000 this year! UGH!
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Fighting with my SO today. Really takes the wind out of a girl's sails.

1. Drink water: Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes (Almost 3L!!!), Yes (<1L but I'm still working on it!)

1. Clean apartment: No, No, No, Tried, Enough for D&D night!!, Just stared at the piles of stuff.
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Quinn, sorry to hear about your nasty surprise on the taxes. Easy come, easy go, I guess. It makes no sense.

mhibdon, hang in there. Focus on you and your goals for yourself. You can do it!

Saturday's status:

1. Calorie deficit of 250-300, because I keep slipping and can't get back to my pre-holiday weight/body fat % Yes, Yes but barely, Yes, Yes, No, but I stayed at maintenance, Yes
2. Balance the pie chart, carbs no more than 45% Yes-45, Yes-45, Yes-43 (somehow, success on my meatless day this week), Yes-45, No-49, Yes-45
3. Exercise 7X's (daily, or double up) Doubled up today (weights and intervals), Yes (3 mile run), Yes (hour of yoga), yes (cardio with weights for an hour), No (cashing in credit for Monday's double), Yes-4 mile run
4. Sleep at least seven hours a night. Fail, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
5. Get in three of my water bottles daily (I'm pretty regular about 2) Yes, Just finishing, No, Yes, Yes, Still working; 1/2 of one to go
6. Stay off the scale this week Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

7. One organizational office task per day (at least a small one) Not today-but I helped set up the Scholastic Book Fair at school, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
8. Finish painting stair trim and spindles by end of weekend Spindles are done; trim & moulding Sunday
9. Try a new healthy recipe or make over an old one Yes-chocolate cupcakes; they came out great and only 139 calories!
10. Complete the family financial summit with hubby We made progress; will finish next weekend when doing the taxes

I am bound and determined to get through this weekend without running off the rails. It's happened so often these past couple months; I've just taken one day and blown all my progress. I am putting this up to be accountable; it will not happen this weekend .

We are going out for frozen yogurt tomorrow after the district band concert. It's nonfat and has a good amount of protein, but it's also self-serve and the toppings bar has 40 items ranging from candy to crushed cookies to granola . Fortunately you pay by weight, so I know exactly how much is in my cup. I'm going to log it in first thing and plan the rest of the day intelligently...hopefully .
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Friday & Saturday Report Card

Health and fitness goals:

1. Keep calories to 1,500 weekdays and 2,000 weekends. NO 2,123, NO 2,069, NO 2,291, NO 1,972 YES, 1,935, YES 1,787
2. Workout 6 hours. YES 90 min, YES 36 min, YES 1:08, YES 52 min, YES 35 min, YES 62 min (Total 5:42) Looks like I need 18 minutes worth on Sunday!
3. Drink 96oz water. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES
4. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week (average 500/day). -399, -317, -404, -410, -420, -461 (total 2,491)
5. Limit grain based carbs to 2 servings/day or less. NO 5, YES 2, YES 2, YES 2, NO 3, YES 2
6. Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day. NO 4, YES 6, YES 6, YES 8, YES 5, YES 5
7. Take measurements! YES

Non-fitness goals:

8. Make treats for Valentines party and bake sale. YES, YES, YES, YES
9. Average 6 items/day from the "LIST". NO, YES 6, NO, NO 2, NO, NO (Daily ave 8/6= Way behind)
10. Clean out one small area of the basement. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, Maybe on Sunday
11. Clean out car. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
12. Get DH and DD's Valentines. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
13. Get 2 pieces of DD's bloomer dress finished!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO but bonnet is cut out and cloak has been measured!
14. Call Grandma. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
15. Register for race and call SIL about same. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO

Friday and Saturday could have been something of a nightmare. On Friday the kids wanted to make some chocolates, and since I was prepping for the chocolate class on Saturday, all the stuff was out. So they made chocolates and then "gave" me a platter full for Valentine's Day. Wow, that was a bit of a binge. And then on Saturday the girls had an away swim meet, thank heavens I packed a chum bag, that snack bar was a sugar laden, fat dripping, heart attack waiting to happen!

As soon as we got home from the swim meet I had leave to to teach last of my Valentine chocolate classes. There is some leftover chocolate in the warmers, so we'll probably use that up today and take treats in to school tomorrow. Both the oldest DD's have afternoon Valentine parties, so today and tomorrow are going to be difficult on the calorie front as well. The good news is that both Friday and Sat, I got up early and got in a fabulous workout. I might have some flabby bits left, but I did 98% of Bob Harper's inside out cardio rev up yesterday, and have no pain from it today. I'm thinking I'm going to see if I can find some more of his videos.

Quinn on the tax issue, you can't claim DD, but she can claim herself. And let's face it, if she has $1,000, then she won't ask you for it, right?

Cassie, I'm loving your goal of not going off the rails over the weekend. I'm trying to do that myself. The only trouble I have is Sunday's are my day off from working out, so I don't have nearly the deficit I can get the rest of the week, and I also like to go out to eat for Sunday brunch. I guess I just need to find something on the menu that works with my calorie budget.

mhibidon, sorry to hear that you and SO are having a rough day. DH has been really grouchy here, so I feel your pain. I'm in forgiveness mode because he's gone off a bunch of meds recently, most of them for hypertension. But a girl only has to take so much before she starts to grouch back. Thanks for the advice on taking my own snacks for the party, I'll try that for Monday. I've done it before (at the movies), and you're right it works really well.

Stacey, I like the idea of putting more effort into your appearance. Maybe next week I'll add "mascara" to my non-fitness goals. This SAHM business can make you a frump - in a hurry.

rubypeanut, sorry to hear that you're under the weather, feeling a bit ick myself this morning. Keep your fluid intake up there, and just take it a little easy. I think sometimes that although I feel better than I have in ages, this dieting thing can make your body a little more prone to catching a nasty bug than usual. Generally speaking I can eat through the flu also, but it depends on the flu.

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Hi Everyone,

I was trying to catch up on the thread as I was out all day yesterday and there are just so many posts it's pretty incredible.

Weekends certainly are more of a challenge. It's so much harder to stay at 1500 calories when anything social is in the works. Today I have a brunch to attend but this morning I am going out for a 10K hike in the snow!

Sandi, welcome back!

Mike, good luck on the half marathon!! Keep us posted on how it went and enjoy your family dinner!

Almeeker, I just don't know how you do it! You seem to do so many activities with your children and is it me, or is there something you have to bake every week? The temptation would be so hard for me. How do you do it?

Cassie, that frozen yogurt place you describe sounds an awful lot like my favorite place in NYC for frozen yogurt. It's called 16 Handles and all of the yogurt is fat free but it's self serve and that toppings buffet is a killer! I've seen people get to the cash and spend $12 on a single serving of frozen yogurt! It really is delicious though.

Rubypeanut hope you feel better!

All in all I didn't do too badly this week. Yesterday I attended an all-day information session on foster parenting which is something I am looking into. We were served pizza for lunch and I ate 2 small slices but incorporated that into my daily intake which I ended up only going over by 8 calories. What amazed me though is the effect that pizza had on me! I had not consumed ANY white flour, yeast or simple carbohydrate in at least a month and last night I was really hungry even after a high protein dinner. It really amazed me how much hungrier I was. I finally caved in and had a small serving of cottage cheese with pineapple to satisfy my carb craving. I guess it's true that consuming simple carbs really makes you crave more of them!

My goals for this week:
1. Do the 30 Day Shred every morning NO / YES / YES / No / YES / YES
2. Weigh in, only on Tuesday YES / YES / YES / YES / YES / YES
3. Eat between 1300-1550 calories per day. YES (1290) / YES (1399) / YES (1402) / No (1567) / YES (1274) / BARELY OVER (1558)
4. Keep carbs under 40% YES (17%) / YES 25% / YES 38% / YES 35% / YES 37% / YES 38%
5. Drink 10 big glasses of water per day. DONE! / YES! / YES / YES / YES / YES
6. Join the Y. Not yet... / Not yet...

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Default Go mike!!!

Mike is kicking ass in New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon right now!

And taking pics along the way, lol!

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