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I will try to alternate the calories I eat, I like that idea. I'll also try to search for protein ideas. I was thinking about getting some protein powder to add to my oatmeal and other things. I am wondering if I need to mix up my activities more? I do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and zumba, sometimes spin.
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you are doing so good this is called a hump and we all will go threw it it just means that your body has found a nice place and would like to stay there for a while, the same thing happens in weight lifting you just have to mix it up and make your body jump start again can do this by changing the food you are eating or the excersize that you are doing and after a week or two you can go back to the same diet and excersize that you are doing right now then change it up every other week or so ...hope this helps and just remember you have lost as much as a watermellon so way to go
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You are correct - I mis-stated that fat magically transforms to muscle. However, if you are losing fat and doing more exercise than you used to, you still might be getting smaller (waist, arms, etc.) without losing body weight if a greater amount of you is muscle than before. That 2-3 lbs is an estimate and could be greater for a person transforming from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. Just sayin'.
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I don't disagree that more of you may becoming muscle, but I do disagree that the additional weight of muscle is what is keeping your weight the same. Fat loss happens more quickly than muscle building, and generally in order to build muscle at a rate of, say, half a pound a week (and that's for guys, who have the hormones to do it), I believe you also actually have to increase calories and especially protein.

I do strength training pretty seriously and progressively and my weight stays the same...muscles get stronger, but building them mass-wise and weight-wise is a really slow process. Additionally, the OP mentions Zumba and the 30-Day Shred as her exercises...unless she is doing the Shred with 10-pound dumbbells, it's not likely to be putting on a lot of muscle.

Although I would seriously recommend, if you want to bust through that plateau, that you incorporate some strength training into your routine. Muscle does burn a bit more metabolically than fat, as it is active tissue. I can eat more calories now than I did before started strength training, and the only difference is going from a body fat percentage of probably about 26% when I started to about 18-19% now.
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