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rubypeanut 01-18-2011 12:48 AM

Feeling SUPER accomplished!!!
Even though I have not been counting calories and am a bit higher on my weight, I had a very busy and productive weekend!

- church friends' son's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese
- watched a really good movie, "Exit through the gift shop", about Banksy

- took daughter to swim class
- ran 4.5 miles on indoor track
- husband doctor appt
- oil change
- cleaned house for SIX hours (washed baseboards, under all furniture, vents, blinds, took apart the beds, scrubbed floors on hands and knees, etc.)
- did 6-7 loads of laundry
- went to a new resale shop and bought daughter boots and winter coat for next year

- liturgist at church
- taught sunday school class
- husband read news article about toxic blacktop sealant and so he went to Home Depot to buy materials to test our driveway, which turns out to be dangerously toxic, oh great! and then sent proposal to association regarding re-sealing
- took daughter to an indoor "treehouse" at the mall, bought her socks, went to LEGO play store
- had lunch at mall with friend (had BIG salad and 2 breadsticks! didn't need the breadsticks, oh well!)
- did a kickboxing DVD
- library
- went over to the friend's house to watch football and eat dinner and hang out (stopped at Trader Joe's to buy pizza and hummus and guacamole on the day, probably overate again w cheese and pita chips and guac)

- showed clips of "I have a dream" speech to daughter (age 4) and explained importance of Dr MLK Jr
- another exercise movie
- made homemade granola (YUM)
- did MORE cleaning and laundry
- call from Realtor, had a last-minute home showing, can you believe it? In winter?
- did mega monthly grocery shop at ALDI and bakery thrift store
- bagged up items for donation and for consignment
- went to Salvation Army half-off sale to kill time during showing, bought plates and a 50 cent T-shirt
- half-watched Dr. Seuss and Dr. Dolittle w daughter
- cleaned out the fridge
- made salmon steaks w spinach for lunch
- cooked turkey dinner w roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes
- made martha stewart whole-wheat-olive-oil-rosemary chocolate cake

And then, scattered throughout the 3 days, I read 2 investing books, we read, painted, made bead neckalaces, played dollhouse and town, made paper dolls, played and played, took a nap somewhere in there!

I think putzing around, cooking, cleaning have got to burn some of those extra calories I've been eating, right? Next week I'll focus again on calorie restriction but for now I am proud of being so productive!

RunbikeSki 01-18-2011 04:01 AM

When did you sleep???

Lizards13 01-18-2011 06:33 AM

I was exhausted just reading this but well done, you should be proud of the way you are living your life, and you must have felt good after all that activity

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