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Originally Posted by abigailrosina View Post
Hi, Im following a type of atkins diet, where i am allowed 30g of carbs per day. I have been following the book religiously, eating all and only the foods they suggest, and i am meant to be seeing dramatic weight loss in the first two 'strict weeks' but i am seeing none. I have stepped up my exercise, walking briskly for 30 mins a day, and am drinking 8 glasses of water a day. All the food i eat is natural and fresh. I just don't understand why it isnt working, i am feeling so down beacuse i really felt that this time would be different and i would change myself and have honestly 100% stuck to it. It just feels like im wasting my time at the moment. Any tips or advice would be helpful, thanks so much!
whats your weight and height, and how much do you want to lose?
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I had a great start to the week and am so glad to be back! You all are amazing, thanks for being so positive. I feel very motivated!

1.Eat 1550 calories per day or less. YES (1515)
2.Do the 30 Day Shred workout every morning. YES
3.Drink 10 glasses of water per day. DONE
4.Keep carbs to 45% or less. YUP (33%)

4.Work on my proposal. Not yet
5.Finish knitting my scarf. Worked on it!

Have a super Tuesday, Everyone!
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Default can't believe how active this thread is!

4 pages worth of postings and it's Tuesday at 6AM. Welcome, Mike. You may want to start a similar thread in the men's section (especially when we start talking about girl things!).
Darlean (and Rose, and probably many others!) I have been struggling for a while, and am afraid I've gotten into "dieting" behavior, where I tell myself I'll "be good" but then blow it. Yesterday started out great, but by the end of the day I started eating and couldn't stop. Disgusted with myself this morning. It's embarrassing to write this, but I am trying to learn from my mistakes. It's not hormonal, I had a typical day at work, and I got plenty of sleep the night before. I think what did me in was stopping by my sister's house after work. She keeps a LOT of junk around, and I helped myself to a few chips. It set off a feeling like I needed to keep eating and never felt "full".

I felt like "dropping out" but reading all the posts has motivated me to continue.

1. Limit calories to 1500 per day, except for SundayNO
2. Eat 5 frts/veggies per dayNO
3. Multivitamin dailyNo
4. Exercies intensely at least 45 minutes, 4 days minimum.No
5. Drink at least 72 ounces water per day.Yes!

6. Go through the paperwork clutter that's taking over.Starting this morning
7. Deep clean the kitchen.not yet
8. Play with the kids every day.yes

Have a good day everyone!
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Default To abigailrosina

"I just don't understand why it isnt working, i am feeling so down beacuse i really felt that this time would be different and i would change myself and have honestly 100% stuck to it. It just feels like im wasting my time at the moment. Any tips or advice would be helpful, thanks so much!"

Hi abiagailrosina,

I have no experience with the Atkins diet but I did have trouble losing weight in the beginning of my plan. Basically there were many factors contributing to my body's inability to lose. Namely lack of sleep (I was having major problems with that) and I had just been through a rather traumatic experience, losing my dad, and being there with him while it happened. My therapist told me that my body had basically gone into emergency mode and was hanging on to every bit of fat that it could, much to my dismay of course. But after a few weeks of being diligent and exercising more, I started to change shape, before anything showed on the scale, and then eventually my weight started to go down.

I have to say, for myself - but everyone is different - I don't think I could stick to Atkins for any substantial amount of time, therefore it wouldn't work for me. In my case, any drastic decrease in a particular food group (30g of carbs is extremely low) will cause a rebound effect when I try to incorporate carbs back into my daily diet. Of course this is just my experience and like cjohnson said, you should post your question in the diet thread as well because perhaps other Atkins fans will have a very different experience from mine.

What I love about Fitday is that you can find people who are experiencing the same effects as yourself and get great advice from them. I remember when I was very discouraged about the pounds not coming off for me, I read a post (and I wish I remember who wrote it) that described the same problem I was having. The poster's wife had not lost a single pound for the first 2 months of her nutritional and exercise plan, but she stuck with it, because she had taken her measurements and they were going down and she could see the benefits of exercise. She eventually reached her goal weight and that was so encouraging to me. I felt like I wasn't the only one.

Sometimes your body retains water and it may not seem like you are losing weight but take your measurements because those are the results that matter most.

Hope this helps! Good luck and stick with your commitment, it will pay off!

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Default Up and at 'em!

I did very well yesterday until about 4 pm, then went to the storage room in the basement and noticed it was flooding with the melting snow runoff from the driveway. Ugh! Did as much damage control as possible and then had a couple of "toddies" to calm down before hubby came home. Then the night was a binge fest.
abiagailrosina: I did Atkins about 10 years ago. The first two weeks were hell, but after that I did very well. Got into the best shape I'd ever been. Then I remarried and started living a "normal" life and put everything back on plus some. I probably didn't do it correctly, because I got to be very paranoid about any carbs entering my system.
Now I try to eat healthy and balanced, but I know that I eat too much and for the wrong reasons. Being sensible is what my goal is now.
Have a great day everyone!
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Report for Monday:

1. Drink at least 80 oz of water daily-No
2. Keep calories 1500-1700-1750
3. Exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes-NO
4. Clean my kitchen and living room-No
5. Catch up my laundry-1/2

While I didnt get up yesterday and exercise, Mondays are always so hard! Especially since I worked all weekend. I was supposed to have Monday off but I decided to take two half days off so I could go to my DD's games. I am feeling it not having a day off. I did manage to drag myself out of bed this morning a exercise. Oh it was so close but I came back here yesterday to get motivation and guess what, it worked!!

Today is going to be a good day!!!
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I wasn't going to do this for this week because everything seems to be falling apart: health, family, work but you all are so supportive and I relate to so much of what is said that I am going to try to pull myself out of this horrible funk which is effecting my family (and me) in such a negative way. So I'm starting late but still starting:

1) 1500 calories or below
2) 8 glasses of water (at least to start)
3) exercise at least 3 times, even if it's at home
Something is making my blood pressure too high so
4) be mindful of sodium intake
5) meditate
6) taper off Lyrica
7) stop relying on pain meds
8) do not use Benadryl to sleep

Good luck everyone! Welcome Mike! Good to have you here!

Current weight:141 (I started in April at 139)
short term goal: 138 by 1/31
long term goal: 118-125 lbs by 1/31/12 if not sooner

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My Goals For The Week-

1. Eat at least 3 fruit and 2 vegetable servings a day. no, sick
2. Re-eliminate bread! 1 piece
3. Carry a water bottle with me at all times. yes
4. Get snowshoes and gear ready for season. no
5. Take multi-vitamin daily. yes
6. Move from "healthy eating mode" to "weight loss mode" to shed holiday pounds. yes

Non-Food Related Goals-

1. Make appointment for physical and mammo. no
2. Be patient and supportive of daughter during finals week. (She's a bear!) yes
3. Schedule "me" time each day. Give myself permission to do nothing, for even a
few minutes, every day. yes
4. Say or do something nice or unexpected for someone each day. yes

Started off Monday a little rough. Snowed in today so it looks like the perfect "me" day... Isn't it funny how sometimes you get exactly what you need in an unexpected way? =) Going to enjoy a quiet day of reading and resting.

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Is it okay to join a day late? I love lists! Lists make me do things, because I love check marks!

I'm just starting, but here's what I want to do this week

1) Stop weighing myself every day - only Mondays and Fridays (this is going to be so hard for me) --> Weighed myself this morning, but not again until Friday!!
2) Keep daily cals under 1600 (1300-1600 seems to be a good range for me - under 1500 would be ideal, but some days are hungrier than others) --> Was 1,379 yesterday
3) Ankle strengthening exercises every morning (no excuses!) --> 15 minutes this morning
4) Exercise on Wednesday and Friday (I'm easing in due to an ankle injury) --> Pumped for tomorrow!
5) Drink more water - 8 servings a day --> Only 6 servings yesterday.
6) Take my measurements --> Not done yet.
7) Get 8 hours of good sleep a night --> Only 6.5 hours last night, and I definitely feel it today.

Non-weight life sorts of things!
1) Make daily check-mark lists for work so as not to get behind task -->Starting one right now!
2) Donate old clothes (mostly socks and out-of-style shirts) to charity --> Not yet.
3) Try one new recipe (Getting over a cooking phobia ) --> Not yet, but I might try one Friday night.
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Hello all. Trying to get in the grove of losing. I like that you guys do this once a week, should make it easier for me to met my goals. LOL Goals for the week are...

Report from Monday...

1. Eat better, start counting calories. Major Fail
2. Clean out the room with the exercise equip in it and start to use it. T[hat's tonight. eh.[/COLOR]
3. Get my hubby on board! Work in progress.
4. Get up earlier so I can exercise daily. nope, 5:15 is already early, working on it.
5. Set aside some time in the evening for exercise too. Not yet
6. Log everything on Fitday! Doing that today!

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