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  • The weekend is here and for once I am not putting things on hold until Monday as I have the distinct feeling that I am getting bigger again and I AM NOT GOING THERE. had a small glass of wine, just one, with a pretty healthy dinner this evening.
    I only see my partner every 6-8 weeks and usually I'm ok with that, we talk every day on the phone, but at the moment I'm feeling lonely and I think that's one of the reasons I've been indulging myself with garbage. I have friends that I could go out with or have over this weekend but then I end up eating and drinking too much so I'm sort of hiding from the social side of my life at present but of course that just makes me even lonelier. So many reasons that we overeat or eat all the wrong things and even knowing the reasons doesn't
    always help.
    It's only two weeks until I see him again and I don't want to have put weight on again. We will only have 3 days together and my mum and sis and BIL will be there but at least he won't be working!!!.
    Let's make this a good weekend.
  • Ok so far so good today. Went out for coffee with Mum, avoided the muffins and the stem ginger cookies. We went shopping and I tried another dress on, yes another one, but I didn't like the fit, I think Mum is overjoyed that I now posess at least 4 dresses and she has seen me wear 2 so far. We were talking about my childhood and she told me that before my sister arrived when I was 4, she spent a lot of her wages on clothes for me, I was kept like a little doll in frilly dresses etc and she thinks that's why I have an aversion to pretty girly things now. My mother is always well dressed, she would not dream of leaving the house without looking her best and my sister is the same. I must say I admire that especially as Mum is 82 and so many women of that age would have given up worrying about how they look.
  • I need to eat an afternoon snack or I end up eating way too much when I get home. What works well for me are nuts. I can either buy individual bags in the grocery store or pack some in baggies at home ukash
  • Hi Ukash, we all have our coping mechanisms and it's great to share them with each other so we can try new ways to manage. My problem is mostly weekends, starts on fri eve when I crack open the wine, I end up eating all the wrong things and usually finish off the evening by roaming the kitchen nibbling on anything. When I started this journey I decided that I wasn't going to deprive myself too much and my goal was only 1lb per week, that worked well until Xmas and since then I seem to have lost all focus and motivation, generally I am in a dip at present, not sleeping well, having morose thoughts constantly, worrying about everything and just not terribly happy. I am hoping that I can get a grip soon and get back to losing I think that might help me. Tomorrow is the start of the rest of my life nd I need to wake up and take ownership of my health.
  • I have set out this weeks goals and kept them very simple, stay under 1200 per day, 30min brisk walk x 5 this week and no alcohol until I go to Palma on the 28th.
    My computer in work is still down and it was another frustrating day but hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed.
    I am on a redeye flight on we'd and back home that evening late and I will be with 4 men with large appetites who will want to eat somewhere that serves large portions of not very healthy food but I will do my best.
    My sister had given my mother a new vacuum that she had bought but didn't like and which had a problem with the catch release. We took it to a repair shop and the guy fixed it and It was working perfectly on Sunday. This evening mum tells me that it wouldn't release again and so she had gone back to the shop and given the guy a piece of her mind and told him her daughter would be bringing it back to be fixed and she didn't expect to have to pay over again. I took the cleaner out and it opened easily first time, Mum had been pushing at the wrong end!! I feel for that poor man in the shop.
  • Completely forgot that one of my colleagues is leaving tomorrow so we went out for tea with her this evening. There was an early bird menu that everyone went for, two courses and well priced but I stuck to just a main course and passed on the wine - so hard!
    Have counted it up and I will just be under the1200 for today.
    I am in bed and it's just gone 20:00 but I have to be up at 04:30 to catch a flight tomorrow. Will be away just for the day and home late, I'm beginning to regret telling my friend that I will go out with her to see a friend play a gig on Thursday eve as I think I will be shattered after the past few days.however I am off work on Friday so I can lie in if I need to' I'm not getting any younger you know.
    As you may be aware I haven't lost any weight since before Xmas but today one of the guys I see fairly regularly says to me "you've lost weight haven't you?" now does he think I've lost more weight and I looked slimmer today or is he only noticing now that I've lost around 21 lbs??? And he said it as if he wasn't sure if I had or not, strange.
    Ok I've got to try and get some sleep or I will be the one on the plane drooling on some poor guy next to me.
  • My stomach growled all thought the night, I think it's strawberries that sets it off but they are so delicious I'll just put up with the gurgling. Up at an u holy hour to fly to England, long drive at other end then incessant meetings, plane delayed on way back so late home and very tired.
    The plane was late arriving and then there was a drunk woman on board who had been told that she would not be allowed to fly and must get off but she was having none of it. She argued with the staff, accused them of ethnic discrimination, swore at them and was finally escorted off the flight. The pilot came on to apologise for the delay and he didn't mince his words, he informed those at the back of the plane that there had been an obnoxious drunk woman on board at the front but they'd kicked her off and now we could leave.
    My food choices today were very limited but I managed well at lunchtime with salad and fruit. My dinner had been planned out but because of the delay we decided to eat at the airport and the guys with me all charged to the burger bar. However I ended up with a baked goats cheese round on a half a bun with salad. Bad point though I gave in to peer pressure and joined them in a small glass of wine. However I did a lot of walking between sites today so I got some exercise in at least.
  • I am up and getting ready for work. Tonight I'm off out with my SF ( skinny friend) to watch a performance by a singer we know socially. I'm meeting her straight after work and we will eat somewhere first. I am going to suggest the a tapas bar where I can make good choices and if we order the spicy wedges I can let her eat most of them ( and she will) I am determined not to have more than one glass of wine with the meal and then onto water or diet coke for the rest of the evening. I should be ok for a walk at lunchtime as well and I'm taking fruit into work for my break, peach, pear and tiny oranges and one very thin slice of ham for my proteins sake. Guess I'd better jump in that shower and go earn a crust. Enjoy your day and stay good, well try your best.
  • Had a lovely evening and we did have tapas. We chose 5 dishes - chicken with lemon, cinnamon lamb and a goats cheese salad. The other two were naughty, breads and spicy potatoes. However the portions are really for one and we shared everything so it didn't work out so bad. The singer is a guy my friend has known for years and he is just back from the states where he has been supporting some big artists. He told us that he just got word that one of his songs - trick of the moonlight- is going to be used in the last episode of House. He's already had ones used on Cougar Town and One Tree Hill.
    Next weekend I'm hoping to see the sun again and feel some heat so my prep has started.
    Now maybe you are one of those fastidious ladies who is always perfectly coiffured and made up and SMOOTH ( if you catch my drift). Unfortunately in the winter time I am rather lax about de-fuzzing and at times I resemble a Yeti so it may take a few gos before I attain the " fit to be seen out in public without thick tights on" look.
    I'm being a good Auntie tomorrow and taking my two great nieces to a fun interactive facility and then out for tea, I've already decided that I will not eat with them but wait until I get home as it will be too early for me and I run the risk of craving nibbles later in the evening.
  • We had a fun day with the girls ( my mum came too). I started the day with a 30 min brisk walk before breakfast then shower and some work before picking up the girls. Took them out for tea but I just had coffee as it was too early for me. Came home, had the remains of my pizza from fri with salad and then just vegged for the rest of the evening.
    This morning I got my 30 mins in again and am now off to clean the house. I need to pop out to get some groceries later.
    It's nearly time to drag out the summer clothes, I will need some tops for next weekend as I'm hopeful we will get some sun and high temperatures in Palma. One of my problem areas are my arms, I never have them uncovered, I like 3/4 length sleeves or wear a shrug or cardigan. I bought a beautiful dress once that had a fabulous crossover strapped back with embroidery on the straps and then realised no one would ever see this as it would be covered by my shrug, what a shame.