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Lizards13 01-15-2011 04:58 PM

Bad day yesterday, all the things I should not have- Chinese food, beers, wine, and chocolate. No highs yesterday only lows.
Today has been good and I will be well within my allowance so damage limitation I hope.

babby218 01-16-2011 04:34 PM

back on the band wagon
Lizzie, don't focus on your diet mis-step, just pick up where you left off. After a few weeks of success with your new dietary changes it will become habit and then it will be much harder to fall victim to that dastardly Chinese food.

This week I have been successful; I won the challenge with my boy-toy. Thank goodness because after all the trash-talking I was doing I am sure I would have never heard the end of my loss. I took off 4.4 pounds (he took off 2.9). To celebrate we are going to eat Indian food. Which for me means tandoori chicken, salads and maybe a little chicken tika masala. (No naan or rice or pakoras, boo hiss).

I've discovered I like cottage cheese with blackberries, pumpkin seed and just a little bit of granola for crunch and sweetness. Its filling and filled with protein and antioxidants.

Ok, time to hit the shower. Have a good Sunday!

Lizards13 01-17-2011 06:55 PM

Well done you, I redeemed myself yesterday and today, but the proof will come tomorrow when I get on the scales. I will be ok until Friday, during the week I can be really disciplined but come the weekend.... Especially if I'm going out with my friend. This Friday we are meeting up and I'm determined not to choose badly, I know the restaurant and they do a lovely salmon dish, but she will order potato wedges with chilli sour cream and expect us to share them, oh the temptation.

Lizards13 01-18-2011 06:39 AM

I'm happy. It may be only one lb but I really thought that I'd blown it this week. Feeling more positive and now want to up my exercise ( shouldn't be hard as I have been so lazy, anything will be an improvement) I have a mini goal of 168 for 04 feb and it IS going to happen. I am also beginning to lose that overstuffed sausage feeling when I put on my clothes, and when I take them off the welts around my waist aren't so deep lol.

babby218 01-19-2011 12:21 PM

Zumba anyone?
Hi there! I decided to quit hibernating in this frozen world and get outside (if only to start my car and drive to the local elementary school). I signed up for a "Zumba" class. It sounds like fun; group dancing to latin rhythms.

My eating is back on target after a few nights of binging with the boy-toy. Can't wait until Sunday's weigh in. I don't dare hop on the scale until then; I always end up too preoccupied with my weight when I do that. Too emotionally draining.

I am hoping I meet some new friends and community members. I moved to my house two years ago and still don't have any friends here. Of course, my large extended family keeps me busy and entertained, but none the less, I need to focus on cultivating some friendships.

Hope you have a good day!

Lizzycritter 01-19-2011 03:03 PM

I keep seeing the title of this thread and thinking "I didn't post that"... ;) Another Lizzie here at your service. Glad to have you.

Lizards13 01-19-2011 07:28 PM

Zumba sounds great, and maybe you will make some friends there. I've just seen an advert for a Bollywood dance class, and I was deciding if I should go, now you've helped me make up my mind. Today was a good day, foodwise, my mother's homemade vegetable soup for dinner, hot and healthy and surprisingly filling. Just one bit of badness - a currant square, tried to work out the calories but couldn't find it anywhere so just added 350, hope that's enough.

To the other Lizzie, hi thanks for the welcome.

babby218 01-20-2011 12:42 PM

What's for lunch?
Zumba was good. Lots of women with different body types; none of them the stick-figure-lean-muscle type! The instructor even had a belly roll! At first I thought she might be pregnant and just starting to show but decided by the end of the class it was just the middle age bulge starting in. I feel a little sore this morning so I know I must have worked some muscles! The instructor was less than inspiring, definitely not a born dancer, but I did meet some women and will go back again next week. Maybe I can encourage some of the women there to hoop and holler a little bit. I think that would make it more fun.

I think today I am going to have tuna salad and celery sticks for lunch with an apple and some nuts. I am starting to tire of my green salads for lunch. I saw a recipe for a green salad that used roasted acorn squash that I think I will try this weekend. It looked really yummy and I like squash. Maybe tonight I will pick up the makings for some mango salsa and grill some shrimp to go with it. If I can't travel to the tropics, at least I can eat like I am IN the tropics!

Bollywood dancing sounds so fun! Do it! do it! Then you can burn off that scone ;) Well, I need to do some toning exercises and then get ready for work. Have a great day and just remember the only way to eat a sandwhich (or salad in my case) is one bite at a time. (I think that is my mantra for many things in my life)

Lizards13 01-20-2011 07:12 PM

Too cold for salad
In the summer I love salad but when it's cold I need hot warming food. I am impressed with all the exercise people are doing, my motivation to work out comes in waves and at the moment I am in a trough.
Today I stayed within my calorie allowance but I can't say that I had a good food day.......
Breakfast - not bad, wholewheat toast with a little benecol spread and black coffee.
Lunch- really bad - work colleague brought in cream buns - had one for lunch
Snack - banana
Dinner - scrambled egg with 2 slices bacon and more wholewheat toast.
Then more black coffee with 2 gorgeous chocolates from my Christmas stash.
Tomorrow evening I'm out with my friend so going to save up my cals for the evening, if only I lived on a desert island with no temptations and no social obligations, but then would I care about being healthy and slim?

Lizards13 01-22-2011 02:38 PM

I love weekends but they are like diet ninjas, hiding in the shadows ready to sabotage me. Yesterday I was doing pretty well, right up until I had the cocktail on an empty stomach and then it all went downhill. But today is another day and hopefully I can make up for last night. Seems like my pattern, good all week trying to limit the damage of the weekend, so I never really move forward. Got to break out of this habit, today is fine so far and I'm off to plan this evening's meal, no alcohol tonight and no mini magnums.

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