22 lbs by June Monday (01/10/11) Weigh-In

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Default 22 lbs by June Monday (01/10/11) Weigh-In

I saw a half-pound loss when I got on the scale this am. Same amount of weight lost as last week so at least I am losing but it sure is at a slow rate. Thought I would do better because I feel like I lost although I still could be eating less if I want to lose more quickly.

One thing I am frustrated about is the slow change in my waist measurements. I seem to have smaller arm and thigh measurements at my current weight than I have at other times when I have weighed a similar amount. But I am almost an inch thicker around my middle. I thought since my younger child is nearly one year old now I would see more of this ab flab disappear.

Hope everyone had a good week. Look forward to hearing from you.

Current Weight: 140.5
Goal Weight (15 Mar 2011): 130
Starting Weight (21 Nov 2010): 144
Height: 5'6
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Hello Everyone,

Made morning weigh-in goal of 128.4. So I am happy about that. This week I really had to work for it. As I suspected losing the first few pounds were easy just by really changing the diet to heavy fruit/veggies and low bread/rice carbs...I'm mostly vegetarian so the meat is out and I have really cut back on the cheese...especially the cheesy pasta meals. So, the first couple of weeks I lost about 5 pounds,I joked that I was "living off the fat of the land". I suspected that my weight loss would slow by the 3rd to 4th week as our bodies like "homeostasis" not dramatic change. So this week I continued to eat fairly well, (I've gotten into that routine) but I actually worked out 6 out of the 7 days this week. Granted it was not a lot...20-30 minutes each day of cardio Zumba. It's more the need to get my routine going. So I am happy about making my wieght goal, but there is a tiny part of me that thinks, "more should have come off since I was really good this week!!" Still, I mean, I set a goal of a pound a week which I think is fine since you still need to maintain that discipline but is an achievable goal. I think it will be more challenging as the weeks go on because it is SO easy to gain and so difficult to lose. Therefore, I am off to do my cardio right now.

Dawn, as for the waist: For me, it is the first place to gain and the last place to lose. I lose inches in reverse order of which it has come on. I can tell that my face looks thinner, and that was the last place to look "fuller" (in photos, etc.) I have gone down a couple of inches in the waist, but I mostly see it in the face and my arms right now. I suspect, if I continue to do well, I will begin to lose that fold around the bra line of my back and eventually lose the waist. I have a hard time believing that when I was my mid-twenties, I had a 24-inch waist. (Now 40 years old) At my heaviest in November, I was hovering around the 36-inches. I mean, that's 12 extra inches in girth. Sometimes, I just can't believe that there's that much extra there. Oh well. I'm just going to keep plugging away and eventually it has to get better, right?

Have you ever had the disappointing experience of going clothes shopping, seeing something on the rack, thinking, "I don't think this will fit, it looks pretty big", only to find it fits you small!!???!! Well, I figure, if I hit my weight goal, I get to buy myself some new clothes and should have a pleasant experience, which would be the first in a LONG time.

Have a great week everyone. I'm sure I will check in before the next weigh-in.
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Ugh. I regret stepping on the scale this morning actually. It read 176.0 lbs. I promised I would post and there it is. However, I told myself I would give myself a week to get back into the routine and I haven't even done that.

I'm thinking that the number isn't all that acurate. I'm just coming off my period. I also had an allergic reaction (I don't know what from - I suspect make-up) last week that left my face red and itchy and puffy, and then it dried out and flaked. I also still feel rather bloated despite being past that time of the month.


So I already feel crappy and seeing that number today was a kick in the pants. I suppose there's nothing left to do but get back on the wagon and persevere.

Oh and my boyfriend bought me Wii Active Sports 2. I've still yet to crack it open (trying to catch up in report writing - due Friday!) but when I do I think it will make me feel worlds better.
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I'm back . . . for the second time this morning! This week it looks like I'm very successful at losing my posts but not my pounds! Please forgive me if my other post is here but I don't see it.

As I said . . .
ZERO pounds lost this week!
Start Jan. 1 - 135
Today - 135

I saw 133 and 134.5 all the way up to two days ago. My exercise routine is great with hard, moderate and easy days. Rest day is actually active rest (yoga, tennis, etc).

Caloric intake is probably the problem, somewhere between 1600-1700 a day. Used to work when I was younger, but must concede to age here. I will try to maintain 1500 a day this week--I'm vegetarian and can eat a ton of food for 1500! I have successfully eliminated most "junk" food, but still enjoy something daily.

As for measurements, i didn't even bother since there's no weight loss. I do suspect there might be some positive results since I've been doing weights. Dawn, I know what you mean about the waist measurement. I remember having the 24" waist after having children, and now it's around 30"! The big irritation is the roll above my navel now!

So I'll check in again (maybe 2 or 3 times with my posting success rate!) next Monday. Please, all, bear with me through my apparent slow learning curve! Good luck to all!
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149 this morning. It's a bit annoying when I hardly gained weight eating almost twice as much and then lose nothing when I'm eating well and exercising. I do think I look a little better though than when I was off the wagon over the holidays. Hopefully the exercise is working! Anyways, I'll just keep chugging along. Good luck everyone!

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