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MischaKitty 12-20-2010 11:26 AM

22 lbs by June Monday (12/20/10) Weigh-In
I could not wait! I decided to start the thread!

I'm now at 169.8 lbs this morning :) FINALLY in the 169's! Woohooo!

My BMI is .08 away from ticking onto the side of Overweight rather than Obese. Yes!

Overall, last week wasn't too bad. It looked like Monday and Friday were heavy days for me on the scale but the trend is definitely a downward one.

Only worked out last night, and when I tried it was terrible. I was following a workout on the wii game EA Active Sports Personal Trainer but it called for a lot of lunges and squats, jump lunges, and jump squats. Normally I am the queen of squats (and somewhat lunges) but I could not do it last night! My left knee felt funny, I may have pulled something in there on Friday so I couldn't complete a full lunge and my form was terrible. After that workout ended I still wasn't satisfied so I grabbed my dumbells and worked my shoulders, chest, and arms for about 15 mins until my arms felt like jello.

Well I hope everyone gets to feel some small victory today and I hope to hear from you soon.

PS. Any tips for the holidays? I'm travelling back home to visit with my family for two weeks so I'm a little paranoid that it will be enough of a change to throw me off course.

etlosenow 12-20-2010 01:24 PM

Thanks for starting the thread this week.

I did not do so well this weekend, still not as bad as it could have been. For last week's weigh in, I was at 130.2, this morning I was 132.0, so yes, I gained this weekend.
I had a potluck brunch Saturday morning and a choir party last night. Hardly time to work the food down between last night and this morning so I was sort of dreading the scale today.

I can still hit my December 29th goal of 130.4, I think, especially since I plan to bring my workout back this week. I didn't all last week. Shame, Shame.

These couple of weeks will probably be challenging for me as well. I plan to have a salad at home before I go anywhere so that I am not munching as much at the social gatherings and then look for the fruit/veggies before I indulge in the pastry/sweets.

Hopefully, by doing this, I can still enjoy the parties without being disappointed in myself afterward.

Have a wonderful week. I will try to be good about my food log so that I can behave myself more and not kid myself about how much I am consuming.

MischaKitty 12-20-2010 03:44 PM

Hey well I just wanted to say that I had a heavy day last Monday and again on Friday and I was thinking that it might be just retaining more water from one week to the next. Because the times I dropped 2lbs or so in a week I thought "no, I did not create the calorie deficit to do that" so it was probably just water that came off.

Although I am happy to say that it's a great feeling to move past doubting the scale (is it water? is it not?) and see the downward trend. I can't wait till I'm in the 130s like you. :)

Anyways I seem to be at a pace of about 0.5 lbs/week with diet alone. I'm going to try to get to the 1lbs/week with exercise. I have expectations in my head that it should take a certain amount of time to reach my ultimate goal; 18-24 months if I go at 0.5lbs/week and only 12-18 months if I can get to 1 lbs/week. I think, this isn't such a bad deal considering it took me 4 years to put on 50+ lbs.

I can get the 22lbs if I got at 1lbs/week but not without exercising regularly (because I don't want to restrict my calories too much at once). I will try to do exercise for 12-15 mins each day, twice a day! A small goal but I think will accomplish a lot over the holidays. And I will try to do this at a high intensity with jumping jacks, squats, and burpees - no equipement required - to get my heart rate up during that small amount of time! I will use an online timer so that I will work hard for a few seconds, then rest, then go at it again, until the time runs out.

Heh, I'm obviously in a good mood today. Seeing that 169 number has proven to me that I have taken off some weight and not just water. I was worried I was doing it wrong all this time. Now I've just got to trust in the plan and I'll get there eventually.

angel_nie13 12-21-2010 12:05 AM

Hi all!

First, congrats MischaKitty! That's exciting news!

Sorry I didn't post last week. It was a rough one. I did weigh in, at 147.6, which was where I expected to get back to. Then I was sick last week, and my grandmother passed away so we had to do some driving and I was not in the mood to cook, count, or calculate anything. Two dinners in a row of fast food, holiday treats when I got back to work, and a weekend of another fast food meal, pizza and alcohol to send a friend off who's moving to Minnesota. Oh and I stared my period Friday. I expected horrible things on the scale this morning but was quite surprised to see it was the same as last week- 147.6. I got on it again just to double check. I'm thinking it may climb a bit this week because of my bad eating last week (and only 1 trip to the gym!) I'm secretly hoping my body just didn't notice those indiscretions and I can keep moving down ;)

One trick I've tried to avoid eating too much at a party is to eat a can of light progresso soup before I go. The Vegetable Noodle or there's an Italian Style something rather (sorry can't think of the name) are really good and only about 120 calories for the can. They fill you up so you won't have as much room for the more calorific food at the party/festivity/gathering.

etlosenow 12-21-2010 02:14 PM

Angel Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Things like that can easily through off your mood and your schedule.

I know I've been in a funk for the last few days. I miss the rest of my family (parents and siblings) since they all live in CA but I live in WI. Yesterday was my dad's 86th B-day and they had a big celebration for him on Sunday. Around the holidays, it just gets a little hard. Add the baking and making tamales, and it really gets hard to stay true to your goals. Yesterday, when I weighed in I was a little high probably because of the party on Sunday night (for my choir in WI), but today I am at 130.8, I'm hoping to reach 130.4 by our next weigh-in so I really need to get the exercise going because I have a feeling Christmas will be a challenge.

etlosenow 12-23-2010 01:22 PM

Weighed myself today, just to see if I did much damage yesterday since I was baking and the tamales have been made....129.8, so I'm happy about that. Still, I am getting together with friends for dinner tonight. I will try to be good because I don't want to be disappointed tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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