7 Day Motivational 12/19-12/26

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1) Eat no more than 2000kcal (am exclusively bfeedin a 3month-old) yes 1819
2) Burn at least 2500kcal every day no 2380
3) Do 16km on my bike every 2nd day yes 3times 16km
4) Do 30 min DVD on the non-bike days no just once
5) Shout less on my kids and DH yes but only slightly

average calorie deficit 561kcal wow this was a good week
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1. Limit calories to 1600 (except for Christmas day)almost - 1635yesnoyesNo - went to CB in Paradise, and had a Sangria, French fries, and Chocolate nachos! Enjoyed every bite!
2. Take multivitamin dailyyesyesyesyesyes
3. exercise 4 days/45 minutes each.noyesyesyesyes
4. Drink at least 72 oz. wateryesyesnoyesyes
5. Do something for someone else every day.yesyesyesyesyes
6. Continue to log everything.yesyesyesyesnope
7. 5 fruits.veg's per day.yesyesnoyesnope

I consider yesterday a planned failure. I am not feeling bad because I really enjoyed myself, and know that if I didn't enjoy the good stuff, I'd have resentment, which would lead to a future binge. I've really gotten a handle on eating better, thanks to Fitday. Planning to be one of those "naturally thin" people once the last few pounds are gone.
Shermaine - please don't be too hard on yourself. Eat well, and give yourself permission to have seasonal favorites.
Kaitlin, glad you're here, keep posting
Hope - always interested to read what you're writing.
MunaAmin - snuggle that baby!
Merry Christmas!
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Report for Friday:

1) Go to the gym every alternate day for 20 minutes of burst training. No No
2) Continue with the stair climbing routine everyday to the office and to home. Yes No
3) Maintain at 1100 calorie intake. YesNo
4) Start with weights training on days not doing burst training. No No
5) Continue to drink 70oz of water everyday. No but close! 61oz Yes, 71oz (phew!)

Oh god, today is christmas eve and I totally slipped up! Nonetheless I enjoyed myself indulging in Japanese food and few rounds of pool. What's the plan for everyone's Christmas? I'm planning to go for a 4.5km jog and then rest at home!

I have finally done my weigh-in. lost 1.5lbs, being my current weight 136.5lbs. Woohooo. Gotta get myself back on track
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Report for Thursday:

1. Eat 1500 calories Mon-Wed; Thursday-Saturday-Enjoy the food but not over stuff!!, NO, No, Close 1600-1700, no
2. Drink 128 oz water EVERY DAY!!!, Yes, Yes, No, no
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily, Yes, Yes, Yes, yes
4. Most important: DO NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT, So far, so good, still no gain!!, up .4

Well last nights prime rib and red velvet cake did it for me!! It was so good though. We have another big dinner tonight with family so I am sure I will over do it. I love Christmas but I am ready for all this food to be gone!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone!!!
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This week I will:
1) exercise 3x this week minimum: yes/yes and I worked hard!!!/at home abs and legs/yes gym/home abs and legs/no/no
2) drink 64 oz water daily minimum: 56/96 yow!/104/"]52[/color] didn't measure but I know it wasn't more than 50 or so for the past three days3) meditate: yes/yes/yes/yes/yes/no/no
4) write: yes/yes but not enough/yes, tried something new/yes but not seriously/ [COLOR="red"]eh/eh/no[COLOR="red"[/COLOR]][/COLOR]
5) do my trope chanting: yes/yes/yes/[color="green"]no[ /COLOR]yes/no/no[/COLOR]
6) try to eat under 1500 calories (with one day off):1795/1439/1179/1447/"]2048/980/who knows? off the charts

MY father in law was here, he always takes us out: I always overeat. I'm still sufferign form last night's binge. So I didn't take my own advice aobut eating less!!! Plus it's just been a stressful season. I don't want to be a Scrooge but I will be happy when New Years is over and we can get back to "normal." Too much pressure to have fun! Though it was great to see friends and enjoy cheer, etc.

How did you all do? Ready for a new week?

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BY: Lucy_Escobar -Ready to start again everyone?

This week I will:
1) exercise 3x this week minimum
2) drink 64 oz water daily minimum
3) meditate (I find this a challenge) Will do my best!
4) write
5) Be kind to myself
6) Eat Clean

And yours?[ The first wealth is health ]

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