Had a horrible dream last night..

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Default Had a horrible dream last night..

I actually woke up crying and couldnt stop so I went for a walk this morning to clear my head. It helped a little and friend of mine said that writing it down would help more. My dream started with me looking in the mirror at my dream body! I was so happy and excitied. I was dancing around my bedroom just filled with this sense of accomplishment. Then my hubby walks in and starts yelling at me telling me he cant believe I actually went ahead with my diet. Hes mad as hell and it scares me to death. Not that my hubby is even a yeller cause hes not. I bascaially got this wave of hate from him that just made me double over in pain. I hear him telling me that he hopes Im happy..now I can have any guy I want..that I can finally leave him. Now I have never aid this in real life. I told my friend all about it and she says its just my subconisous not wanting to hurt my hubby even with something so small as losing some weight. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had crazy dreams like this and has some advice for me.
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Hi Deb...the first thing I thought of was your other post, when you said your hubby wasn't really supportive. Maybe this is related to that, and here's how:

Typically, dreams can be thought of as little messages from the unconscious that our conscious brain usually keeps from our awareness (it's a theory, not proven, though). But the notion is that your defenses are down when you sleep, so your brain has free rein. My thought is that your brain had a worry in the back of it about your husband's lack of support, then twisted that into the horrible incident of your dream. Dreams are usually way more bizarre than real life; things tend to go to extremes.

However, a lot of men do feel threatened when their wives, girlfriends, partners, whatever, lose weight, and a lot of what is behind that is the fact that they perceive their wives to be more attractive to other men, and that sets off their own insecurities. I don't know if that's the case with you and your spouse or not, but taking a look at WHY he isn't supportive could be very interesting. Who knows, it may not even be something he can put his finger on...could be his subconscious working, too!

At any rate, given your situation, I think that dream is perfectly logical to have. Could you maybe use it as a way to open the discussion between you and your husband about his lack of support?

Good luck, and glad you are starting to regroup. A horrible dream can shake you up all day long!
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