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change in body shape (or lack of)?


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Default change in body shape (or lack of)?

So over the past year I've lost weight through calorie counting and exercise, but really, I feel like most of it is in my boobs. I've gone from a C cup to a AA!

In the meantime, I don't think my waist has changed much, def not my hips and thighs. I've dropped clothing sizes in terms of clothes I buy new, but I don't know if that's pretty much b/c of my smaller chest AND b/c of the prevalence of "vanity sizes" b/c I still have my same clothes from years ago and they still fit me.

Does anyone else have this issue of radically smaller boobs? Is the only way to get bigger boobs again to gain a lot of weight again?!

Does anyone else wonder if they dropped sizes just b/c of size inflation?

Does anyone else look in the mirror and realize that they are still basically the same shape? For example, even though I'm much more fit and athletic and fast at running, I feel like my arms are just as blobby and flabby and my back still have the same inches of fat and my hips are just as big!

I suppose ideally I would have had my body fast tested a year ago and now. Maybe I should buy some of those calipers?
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The size 6's I have now are most definitely not the same size as the size 6's I wore 10 years ago. And all my bras are way too big, my gut is still an issue but at least I can hide it now. My shape is the same, but it is smaller. The boob loss doesn't bother me too much, I just wish I could put them back where they used to be. Implants would probably help a lot but I'm not doing that, I'll just go back to buying Victoria's Secret bras with the boobs already in them like I used to back in college when i weighed 125.

But no, it's not just you.
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