By the end of the day I lose it!


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Default By the end of the day I lose it!

I don't want to lose much. Breakfast and lunch are no problem. Then I lose it. I set a goal for to lose a mere 5 lbs. in November. Here it is the 28th and I've failed.

It depressing.
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Maybe you are just hungr after a whole day of not eating much.
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Default I can relate!

Hi BlueJay,
I do this many days - get up all motivated do well until the evening comes along. For me it mostly has to do with time structure. During the day (I work outside of the house full time) my time is pretty well planned out. Breakfast is pretty quick so I can get off to work. I only have a set amount of time for lunch, and although it is possible for me to nibble during the day, I can usually resist because I have lots of stuff going on.

Then the evening comes along and my time is less structured - which is actually a really good thing - but it makes it so much easier to have a drink before dinner, nibble a little before supper is served, eat a little more than planned, etc, etc, etc. And mealtime is a really important time for our family (well, just the DH and me), so I don't want to short change that.

I don't know that I have any answers, but it certainly seems that when I have a project going on, sewing, painting a room, even cleaning out a closet, I am better able to stay diciplined. So I try to have some sort of evening goal aside from dinner and TV. Doesn't always work, but it helps.

Oh! One other thing, don't let this perfectly human tendency get you down. Work with it and around it. Don't let it defeat you!
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I drink a lot of flavored teas to help control late night hunger. They're calorie and sugar free and the extra water intake is good for me. Plus they taste really good and help fill me up so I don't go running for the fridge. Maybe you could try buying a few boxes of different flavors? Sip on them when you're inactive or feeling hungry between meals to help control cravings.
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Evening projects, meditation, tons of celery and go to bed early. For me, those are the things that work.
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