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KimmyRocks 01-24-2010 02:57 PM

Strong Women
One thing has changed my body over the years for the better - and it's not dieting or counting fat grams or cutting carbs or starving myself - and trust me, I've done all of that (and more.)

It's weight training.

The combination of strength training a few times per week, regular aerobic exercise, and watching what I eat -does it for me. In fact, when I'm in the groove, I don't have to be that careful with food.

Weight training just two times per week increases your lean body mass - and not just your muscles. It builds bone density, too. It ramps up your resting metabolism. It improves the quality of life and keeps you from feeling the negative effects of aging. (This is not just my opinion.)

My first experience with this was joining a Nautilus fitness club. Within a few months, my body was several inches smaller and my body fat was noticably decreased. I only went to the club three days per week - every other day. (I only did about 20 minutes of aerobic activity on those visits.)

After my daughter was born, I couldn't afford the club, either in money or in time. I picked up Dr. Miriam Nelson's book: Strong Women Stay Young and let me tell you: Weight training is my friend.

I believe it should be your friend, too. :p

Nothing changes a body the way weight training does. Dr. Nelson's approach is teaching real women how to improve their health and their lives - she doesn't expect us to be size 0 supermodels with nothing else to do.

She's also published: Strong Women Stay Slim and I see she now has a Strong Women - Weight Loss DVD for under $20. I'll probably pick that up, too.

If you aren't lifting weights as part of your lifestyle/weight loss plans, I hope you'll change your mind. It really does make a difference.

sunrosa 01-24-2010 10:45 PM

I am weight training in addition to cardio, and I love it. Used to long time ago, love the feeling of ease in my own body that strength gives me.

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