gals with 70 lbs-ish to go

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Hi everyone.

i have about 70ish pounds to lose to get myself to normal weight standing, so at 140 lbs.

i'd love to get there some day. i don't want to lose so much weight so quick cuz i'm worried i'd just put it all back on. i've already lost some weight and i have all 3 pairs of jeans slipping that i'm at the point where i have to hold them up (and stretchy just don'est have any belt loops)
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I was wondering if I can join? I actually have 90ish to go and I really want to do it this year. I am so down about my weight and I really want to do something about it.
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Hi, Saw your post and thought I would share a little bit with you. I work part-time in supportive employment here in Seattle. I work as a supervisor with a group of 5 DD adults who work in the community. I support a couple of guys who have Downs but are high functioning. After my time in this field I noticed that most, not all but most folks with Downs are over weight. One of my guys Randy, who is just an awesome guy so full of energy and willing to give anything a try was talking to me about his weight. I noticed that Randy was drinking about 4 to 6 20 ounce bottles of regular soda pop a day. His group home bought whatever he wanted, so it was Coke.
I made a bet with Randy back in April of this past year, that if he switched to Diet pops he would lose weight. We shook on it, and it was lunch at the ball park (Mariners) if he didn't lose any weight. Well, Randy took to it like a fish to water, he lost over 50 pounds and his group home started buying him his diet pop and then complained that they had to take him shopping every month for new pants because he was losing weight so fast. As of our last Seahawks game on December 19th, Randy is now at 65 pounds lost.

Not that this is the cure of everyone, but I have learned with my own struggles with weight and reading, and talking with nutrition experts here in Seattle. One small change can make a huge impact. I myself cut out HFC (High Fruitoce Corn Syrup) over a year ago, and that chang alone to my diet was a 15 pound loss.

I am also looking to hear what works and share what works for me. Hope you and your daughter can find what works for you both, so that you both have a happy and healthy long life.

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Hi Everyone! Just started today and hope having support here will help! I have more than a hundred pound to lose! Even if I'm only 21 I've been on many diets and know about gaining all the weight back!! Right now I'm pretty motivated and confident!
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