7 Day Motivational Thread-11/8/10

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Goals this week:
1. Eat 1200 daily M-F ss 1250 Yes, No - 1350 (Tues)
2. get more protein in - No - Drank yesterday in celeb for a project completed
3. Take Vitamins - No
4. Stop procrastinating and get all my assignments done on time....keep working until time for bed (no naps) YES YES (No choice really) lol
5. Meditate (3-4) times a week YES YES
6. Go to gym 4-5 times a week weight train at least 2wice a week (YES)
7. Be more grateful in general (hehe trying to work on mind too!) (YES)

Keep up the good work ladies
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This Week for Julie:
- Walk every day for lunch as long as it's not raining - no excuses!
- Eat ~1700 calories/day
- Don't eat when I'm not hungry!!! (that one is so hard)
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I had a pretty good day but I could have done better on the exercise. I cleaned my apartment instead.

Here's my report card...

1. Eat 1400-1600 calories per day. NO for Monday, 1505, 1534
2. Run 5k 3 times No Yes No
3. Do the 30 Day Shred 2 times No No No
4. Take my multivitamin Yes Yes Yes
5. Drink 2 litres of water per day Yes Yes Yes
6. Sleep at least 7 hours per night Yes Yes Yes

I hope you all had a great day!
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Rose, I'm glad you had a better day!

I was at work from 7:15 AM to 9:15 PM today...in addition to my "3 meals," I drank 3 diet pops, 5 Halloween chocolates, and a cup Ramen (although I did pour the water in, then drain it, and add fresh boiling water--that might have a flushed out 1-2 grams of salt and fat, right?!! :P). I am so exhausted! Tomorrow is supposed to be a low calorie day in my attempt to calorie cycle...not sure if I can do it after my tiring day. Maybe I'll try to load up on tea and broth, etc.
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1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Drink 2 1/2 - 3 big blue water bottles a day. No, Yes, Yes
3. Take vitamins. Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Get at least 25 g fiber in per day. Yes-34, Yes-33, Yes-35
5. Floss nightly. Yes, Yes, Yes
6. Stay on the exercise schedule (two days tennis, two runs, two strength days). Yes, Yes, Yes
7. At least five fruit and veggie servings daily. Yes, Yes, Yes
8. Work on the billing I've been putting off. Yes, None today, Not today either

I'm also glad you had a better day, Rose. I was thinking of you and your 5K while I was on the treadmill tonight. I'm still so impressed . I will be doing one on Thanksgiving if I can work out the logistics; if not, my first one will be the second week in December. It's intimidating and exciting at the same time!

cubbyprincess, I went to a seminar once on the physiology of emotion and the presenter stated that gratitude is the one emotion that actually produces positive physical changes in the brain...so your goal is right on target!

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Wednesday Report Card

1. Keep calories to 1,500 M-F, 1,800 SS. 2,199, 1,560, 1,701
2. Drink 96 oz of water. YES, YES, YES
3. Get to the pool 2 times. YES, NO, NO
4. Cardio or aerobics 4 hours. 45 min, 60 min, 57 min
5. Weightlifting 2 times 15 min, 15 min, No
6. Clean out my closet NO, NO, 1/2 way done!!!
7. Take a load of stuff to Goodwill NO, NO, NO
8. Call dad and see if he can weld the elliptical back together. NO, NO, I called dad but forgot to talk to him about the elliptical, but I will see him tonight with pieces in hand, maybe he can fix the coat rack too....

You ladies weren't kidding about this stomach bug, it's clearly traveling along cyber lines. Now I have it, thanks for sharing - NOT! I was in complete misery last night, I feel a little better this morning but now I'm afraid to eat breakfast, which is so unusual for me that I almost feel like I should call 911. "Hello 911, I have an emergency, I'm afraid to eat, so can you guys come out, because I'm certain that lack of appetite means I'm knocking at death's door" Yeah, they'll take that seriously.

Wednesday's Challenge: Donate something to charity. It could be anything, a couple of bucks to the Boy Scout selling popcorn, an on-line donation to your favorite charity, or a bag of goods dropped off at Goodwill or some such. I'm going to fill my SUV and drive it out to Goodwill and a church charity program. And then I'm going to take a couple of bags of canned/boxed food and hygiene items to Love Inc.

Oh and for those of you faced with children selling stuff, like the Scouts, marching band, etc etc. I've found a great way to still support them, without the extra calories, instead of buying the "stuff", just make a small cash donation to their organization. Tuesday there was the cutest little Cub Scout selling those huge boxes of popcorn at $10-$25 each. So instead of buying one I asked his mom how much money they made on each sale, and she said like $1.00-$1.50 depending on the size. So I handed him $3 and said that was a donation to his troop, and it was like I'd bought 2 of the big boxes. And after looking over the nutritional information, that was a seriously genius move on my part.

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Report card for Wednesday

1. Calories at 1500-BIG FAT NO-about 2,000, 1719, 2019
2. 128 oz of water-YES, Yes, Yes
3. Exercise 1 hour-YES,Yes, Yes
4. Do not get on any scales!!!!-Check, Tuesday-well lets just say DH didnt hide them!
5. Stay positive and motivated-YES, YES, Yes, I didnt want to walk last night, BIDIA!

Of course I havent stayed off the scale, the darn thing is still in the bathroom. I could have reminded my DH but then he would have felt bad because he forgot. But this week it has been looking good so far. I have started adding a 30 minute walk on the treadmill each night in addition to my morning workout. I think next week I will only walk on the nights that I do the 30 day shred in the am. I would love to see 200 by Christmas.
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Checking in:

1. Eat 1200 daily M-F ss 1250 Yes, No - 1350, yes
2. get more protein in - YES, No, YES
3. Take Vitamins - No, YES, YES
4. Stop procrastinating and get all my assignments done on time....keep working until time for bed (no naps) YES YES, Yes
5. Meditate (3-4) times a week YES YES, NO
6. Go to gym 4-5 times a week weight train at least 2wice a week Yes, Yes, Yes
7. Be more grateful in general (hehe trying to work on mind too!) Yes, Yes, Yes

@ CJohnson, Yes, that's the plan!
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Hi Ladies, I am just catching up on all the posts. I too have been sick since Monday; kind of weird that we all live in different places but are sharing similar illness. Anyway, I have been back and forth between no appetite and craving junk food since I got sick, so I am not reporting on anything for the last few days. Hopefully today will be better.

1. 96 oz of water a day.
2. Workout (alt. cardio/weights) 5 days.
3. No dessert food!
4. Veggies at lunch and dinner.
5. Extra abs.I am really trying to attack my middle

almeeker, you asked a few pages ago if I have celiac. I haven't been tested for it. I just know that I get an upset stomach, bloating, and so emotional and irritable if I eat it that I need to stay away from it. That is interesting how your daughter grew out of it. I didn't develop it until after one of my pregnancies.

Taking up Cassie's challenge a few days late:
1. I don't hold grudges and can forgive easily. (necessary with a house full
2. I have big blue eyes.
3. Set a goal to run a 10k before I turned 40 and did it the day before my birthday in 90 something degree heat, often uphill. Hardest thing I've ever done (besides unmedicated childbirth LOL)
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I've been slowly accumulating a big pile of things to donate. Today I biked to Salvation Army and bought lots of pants b/c some of my old pants are too loose! Hooray!
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