7-Day Motivational Thread - 11/1/10

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Well I still eat my sugar free Jello pudding cups, which help. And I love fruit but try not to eat a ton of that since I want to eat more veggies. I know I can't get rid of it all together since there are going to be situations where you have to eat it. But I seriously feel better when I just give it up all together and then not have to worry about it. So just going to try that and see how it goes.

Had my daughter a year ago and now the doc is saying that my thyroid is messed up. The levels aren't right and I am sure that probably aided in my crappy eating last week. And even though I usually eat totally healthy and have been for months now...at least 95% of the time, my cholesterol still is higher than it should be.

So I am at the point where I really need to be in the 130's and see if that will be enough to keep my cholesterol down so where I don't have to take meds for them like everyone else is my family at an early age. At least I am still in the 140's, but barely after this week!

I'll just keep plugging along and sticking with it and hope this time I can stay strong enough to meet my goal by the end of the year.
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First of all, between canary and almeeker, I don't know when I have laughed so hard reading posts! Thanks ladies for starting my morning off on a happy note.

To all of you who are struggling this week. Don't give up. It happens to all of us. This is about long term lifestyle changes, so don't let a week (or two or three) put you in despair. I also struggle with sugar. If I eat it at all it sends me binging. I think that is a common area of addiction.

My report from yesterday:

1. 96 oz of water each day. YES,YES,YES
2. Stay out of the candy! YES,YES,YES
3. Exercise 5 days this week plus extra ab work. YES,NO (to abs),NO(to abs)
4. No processed foods. SORT OF,YES,NO(choc. chip cookies did me in )
5. Clean the junk out of the bedroom that hubby moved there while he started a project in another room.NO, NO,NO (thinking about just moving myself into a different bedroom so that I don't have to look at the junk)
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Mambo, I am so stoked to see you staying out of the candy!!! With 5 kids, that has got to be a huge challenge ! Well done!
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Report Card

1. Keep calories to 1,500 M-F, and 1,800 SS. 1,595, 2,296, 2,320 two words "Cherry Crisp" nuff said.
2. Drink 96 oz water everyday. Yes, Yes, Yes
3. Exercise M-T-W-Th-S-S, 30 cardio, 15 shoulder, 15 stretching minimum. Yes-1/2-Yes, no-no-no, YES-YES-YES dragged out some of my old aerobics videos since elliptical is broken,
4. CLEAN THIS MESSY MESSY HOUSE!!! Cleaned part of one bedroom, Yes, cleaned part of the front porch, Yes - worked on the kitchen, or at least I think it's the kitchen - the junk in there is still so deep I can't say for sure...
5. Plan and prepare healthy dinners. No, fend for yourself night, Yes, chuck roast, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, Yes, sloppy-joes on whole wheat slim buns with diced beets and leftover sweet potatoes,
6. Get to the pool 2x. Not yet, No, YES, YES!!! (at 6:30am with all three kids no less!!! Look at me, I'm crazy super wacko mom!!!
7. Order the parts for my broken elliptical. No, No, No, NOOOOOOO!!!
8. Work very hard toward being a non-nibbler. Med, Bad, Very Very BAD - ugh.

I was doing so well yesterday, seriously I got up on time, felt rested and energetic, did an hour of aerobics, took the youngest DD to the pool for a morning swim, had a low cal breakfast and lunch. Then something very bad happened. The freezer defrosting earlier this week defrosted 10 pounds of black cherries, 8-9 pounds went to make low-sugar cherry jam, which is BTW divine, and I set aside 1 1/2 pounds to make a batch of cherry crisp. Normally I'm not really into crisp because oatmeal is the fastest route for turning me into a toilet hostage. But low and behold AF is eminent and I'm experiencing some um, we'll call it irregularity. And something about the smell of oatmeal to my constipated brain, cut something loose and I ate (no lie here) 2 1/2 pieces of the stuff. At the time I didn't think it was so bad, the pieces were like 3"x 3", and I had about 1/2 of one while cooking, one for afternoon snack and then another one after dinner. Then I figured out they were like 400 calories EACH!!! I went to bed fit to be tied I tell you, but I suppose that's to be expected no matter what. Seriously there is only so much happy in a body that is pooping out golf balls.

And all I can say to that last post from canary: I'm so happy to not be her DD's English teacher it almost makes me want to produce a golf ball. Fore....

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This seems like such a fun thread! Today is my first day on FitDay. This seems like a really motivational group!..I HAVE to do a one-day-at-a-time type of thing or I feel overwhelmed and just give up before I get started! Looking forward to getting some great support and tips!

My goals: 1500 Cals a day
40 mins of Cardio
1 hour of house cleaning/organizing closets
1 hour of family time
Add a new fruit or veggie to my daily menu

Starting weight: 11/4/10 220#
Goal Weight: 5/30/11 135#
Mini Goal: 12/31/10 (My anniversary!) Under 200#
First Day so no weight loss yet!
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Default Hello everyone!

This week has kind of gotten away from me. I haven't even had a lot of time to log my food or exercise time, but am trying to stay with it as best I can. We ended our 12 week fitness challenge at work. As competing groups, we were trying to lower our percentage of body fat. I lost 3.1% of body fat. I was really excited about that. Only lost a handful of pounds, but we were gauging the body fat. Another woman on my team lost three times the weight, but a lot less fat. I know with insulin resistance I have to try a lot harder to do half as much, so I'm feeling like a success. Tomorrow morning I weigh, and we'll see what this week did. Thank you all so much for the support and guidance. I couldn't have done it without you all. I am in no way stopping here, though. I plan to keep going because it is a life process. Won't know for a couple of weeks how all the fitness teams ended up and who is the real winning team, but I will keep you posted.
almeeker, I'm proud of you for only having as much cherry crisp as you did. Love the stuff and if one helping will taste good, three or four will taste better, right? Don't beat yourself up, though. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. You never fail if you get back up once you fall. If you ever don't feel like getting back up, let us know here. We'll drag you up if we have to.
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I at least made my workout goal (run 2x and videos 2x) this week, despite having a cold! I also reduced the amount of diet pop and coffee I drank if not eliminated.
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Thanks for welcoming me back with open arms. It's been a really rough week for me personally, emotionally, and physically. I am feeling pretty low but I just have to pick myself up and start over. I will weigh next Sunday after I've been at it for over a week.

My goals for tomorrow:
Run 3 miles
Drink 1 gallon of water
Stay under 1200 calories, 100 carbs
Stay positive...
Get off caffeine (I'm addicted to 5 hour energy drinks! Ugh!)

Good luck everyone. It's great to be back!
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Hey, Commit, glad to see you back! After all, this is a motivational thread, not a you-have-to-meet-all-your-goals thread! There is always another day and your FitDay log is blank each morning when you log on.

Here's my day:

1. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. No,Yes, Yes, No
2. Drink 2.5 -3 of my big blue bottles of water daily.Yes, Yes, No, Yes
3. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily.Yes, Yes, Yes, No
4. Stay 200 calories under what I burn each day this week, to regroup after the past two weekends of being way over.Yes, No (horribly no), Yes, Yes
5. Stay on my regular exercise schedule.Yes*, No, Yes, Yes
6. Get in at least 25 g fiber each day.Yes-29, Yes-41, Yes-30, Yes-34
7. Take my vitamins.Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Hopefully I can stay on track tomorrow; I'm having lunch out with a friend. Putting it up here to be accountable.

Almost the weekend everyone...'tis a double-edged sword
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Good morning, Everyone!

I had another good day yesterday and I am so glad that I have joined this thread. It is such a great way to stay accountable. As Cassie mentioned, the weekend is coming up and it is such a challenge. This weekend I have both a brunch and a dinner party. Gotta squeeze in as much exercise as I can and have a plan before attending these events.

Confession time:

This past Monday, I had some friends over so I baked an apple pie. I promised myself that I wouldn't have any. I worked all day Monday, rushed home and because my friends have a little son, they came over quite early and I didn't have time to eat dinner. I scarfed down 2 pieces of light cheese and 2 slices of lean turkey. Over the course of the evening I started to get hungry. Inevitably I caved in and ate some pie. The worst thing is after my friends left, I ate more pie! What started out as a commitment to stay away from the pie all together, devolved into an all-out pie binge. Of course I went to bed feeling like a big failure. The next morning I woke up and weighed myself. I was up 2 pounds. Since then I have been exercising, eating well and still those 2 pounds are on the scale. I weigh myself every single morning and every morning I try not to. I even talk to my scale, calling it names when it doesn't give me the results that I want and complimenting it when it does. Am I addicted to the scale? Am I insane because I talk to it? Cassie, maybe you can share your professional opinion, don't mince words, if you think I need to be institutionalized, just tell me. I know it's stupid to weigh myself every single morning but I can't seem to resist.

In other news, I had a very good second day of my 7-day motivational challenge. Here's my report card.

1. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Yes Yes
2. Drink 2 litres of water daily. Yes Yes
3. Eat between 1300-1600 calories per day. 1580 1571
4. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Yes Yes
5. Take my vitamins. Yes Yes
7. Renew my iron prescription. (I'm anemic.) Not yet
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