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xarinn 10-31-2010 08:30 PM

Hey Guys

I have been to busy this week to post daily my achievements from my goals but I wanted to do a week end update. I have managed to achieve all of my goals with the exception of finding something to do with that frozen shrimp in my freezer ( I guess that will be on next weeks list again and why did I buy it in the first place????) and I didn't meet my weight goal I only managed to lose 1.5 pounds but that 1.5 pound lost has now placed me at a BMI of 24.9 and I am now in the healthy weight range for my height and that in itself is a major accomplishment for me because in the last 3-5 years I have always been hovering somewhere between 10-30 pounds above it, just enough to make me think close enough or I could lose that if I wanted to. Well now I have set my mind to it and I will never been out of the healthy range again. Not that I am slowing down my weight loss journey at all, at me height (5'11) the healthy weight range is about 45 pounds so there is still a ways to go before I am truely happy with my weight ( about 28 pounds, I really think that 130 is too small for someone of my height so I have aimed for 150)

Thanks for listening


almeeker 11-01-2010 12:25 AM

Report card:

1. Keep calories at 1,500/day and no more, 2,455, 1,459, 1,495, 1,621, 2,371, 1,892, 2,079
2. Keep my protein intake near 40%, 50%, 47%, 50%, 51%, 53%, 58%, 44%
3. Keep my afternoon snack to 200 calories or less, 350, 261, 190, 300, 576, IDK, IDK
4. Spend 30 min/day cleaning, yes, no, NO, NO!!!, NO, NO, YES!!!
5. Exercise 30 min cardio, 15 min shoulder rehab, 15 min stretching no-no-no, 60-no-yes, 60-yes-yes, 13-yes-yes, NO-yes-NO, NO-NO-NO, YES-NO-YES
6. Drink 96 oz of water yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no
7. Plan healthy dinners for the week and stick to the plan! yes chili, yes grilled chicken, yes, spaghetti squash with meat sauce yes (leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce), yes, leftover chili, yes - chuck roast, yes - bar-b-q sandwiches on whole wheat

I was sort of good over Halloween, not monumentally fabulous, but I did behave to some extent. I ate a few pieces of candy, more than I'd planned, but fewer than I normally would have, and a ton fewer than opportunity presented. I was sort of motivated by the fact that the scale was down a bit for me this morning. So all in all not too shabby, I didn't fall off the wagon, and I didn't turn into a food natzi. I had one really good moment, the oldest DD said to me "isn't candy pretty much sugar and fat?" And when I said "yep", she dumped a whole bunch of her candy bucket into the bowl we were giving away at the door. Then later she says to me, "if candy is so bad for you, why is everybody giving kids so much of it?". I just smiled at her and said "now that's a very very good question Sweet pea".

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