What my husband did . . .

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xarinn, I can so feel your pain, but my gripe is exercise not calories. My DH worksout twice a week, I workout almost every day. He can run 5K in like 18-20 minutes and hardly break a sweat, it takes me 10-15 minutes longer and I'm purple, gasping and dripping head to toe.
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Hello all
I have been on fitday for a long time but never really realized there were forums to post. I read through this one and found some of the discussions fascinating. Can't remember names, but the roommate issue was scary. Glad you got moved. I love my DH dearly and we don't really have issues, just a lingering problem. I had breast cancer in 2007, and after getting through all the treatments, my sex drive is gone. I mean really gone. And it is not like I want to have sex with someone else, if I had any drive at all, I would spend it on my husband, there is just none. He teases me about it, there are no fights about it, but I feel bad. Not really looking for answers, just wondering if I am the only one.
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I'm sorry to hear about your medical problems, but I think that loss of labido as we get older can be normal. I know I'm hardly ever in the mood anymore, but just making the effort for the hubby can be really rewarding. Hang in there and just rememeber that you sexy, sexy, sexy in his eyes no matter what.
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Stand up for yourself NOW. Take the exercise time where you can find it, buy the food you want to eat (you work and earn your own money, right?) Do not wait for his help or cooperation; it is NOT coming. You may love this guy but he is not a helpmate. Pleasing him instead of helping yourself will make you angry over time. I've been married 36 years and I know that if you do not start out sticking up for yourself, you will always regret it until you do, so don't wait, do it now. I'm sending you good thoughts. Hey look at Ang I think she would agree.
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How right you are. I'm trying to be stronger and more assertive. I lived so many years by myself with only "me" to accommodate, and it takes some real getting used to having someone so "bossy" around. I can do it, though. Thanks for the pick me up.
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