5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In for 10/5/2010

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Default 5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In for 10/5/2010

Hi Everyone! How was the week? ? ? ? ?
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Hi Cassie! Thanks for doing this week after week after week!!

This week has been good for me. I've been making it a point to write my daily process goals down each morning, recording what I eat/drink when I eat/drink it, recording exercise and "it" seems to be working. Haven't eaten ANY crap this past week (defined as no nutritional value), back to eating a serving of protein & carb and drinking 2 c water every 2/3 hours, and keeping workouts challenging and interesting. Weight? About the same--121-123 depending on time of day.

These next few weeks may be challenging since hubby's traveling the next 3 weeks. So my goal will be to stay the course!

Looking forward to reading how everyone else's week is going
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Week is going well. Had a terrible time last week eating healthy so down 2 pounds in the last two days by getting back on track. Will be running 5 miles tonight and have been logging in everything I have been eating, which I get lazy doing half the time. Feeling great though and can't wait for the rest of the weight I gained last week comes off this week by being back on track again!
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Not a good week. The fridge went out, yesterday was terrible food-wise, I have a surgical consult coming up as a result of my mammogram, and I just found out my sister is back with her no-good, drug-dealing baby daddy

Despite it all, I was down a pound this morning. Today is all mapped out, 1550 calories and a ton of fruits and veggies, and with a little luck I can hit the gym tomorrow. I just gotta get up one time more than I'm knocked down.
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Hey, all

Way to put it out there, Beth; great start to the check-ins! You can do it with hubby gone! Love the idea of daily goals.

Ann, glad to hear you're back on it. Feels a lot better than being off, right? So why don't I always remember that? Congrats!

Lizzy, wow, everything's hitting you at once, girl! Looks like you have a plan to take care of yourself; that's the best thing you can do. Glad to hear it! Hope all goes well with the doctor.

I've had a fair week overall, but had one slip and one landslide (Sat. night). It was an eat-everything-that-isn't-nailed-down kind of night . But I did jump right back on and have been on plan since, which is good. I hurt my upper back somehow Sunday night, sleeping funny on something that was aggravated to begin with, and could hardly move it yesterday. I panicked for a bit but eventually just took a brisk hour walk to get some exercise in (Monday is usually a jogging day for me). Missed cardio tennis due to court this morning, so I need to compensate for that also. I keep reminding myself that it's all about being flexible (no pun intended).

My smallest pair of dress pants was too tight this AM, but my new jeans still fit fine and are even a little roomy, so I have to not overcatastrophize, cause that will lead to me eating senselessly. Water, move, eat really clean, weigh in after TTOM, and focus on what matters.
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Hi Everyone, I'm not weighing in today due to ttom, and my jeans are snug in the waist again after having a bad week of emotional eating, but things are back on track since yesterday. I am making drinking more water my main goal this week (besides not eating junk food) I came to a conclusion that this whole weight loss thing is HARD!
Congratulations to all of you who are still moving in the direction they want to go. I hope to jump on the train soon!
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Hi Ladies,
I went to WW tonight and lost 3.6 pounds! weee!! I'm now at 129.4 for my evening weight. I'm very happy.
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Beth, sounds like you continue to do great! You rock!

Ann, well done getting back on track and being rewarded for it!!

Lizzy, that's the right attitude, girl! Hope all goes well with the doctor.

Cassie, I admire your determination to make up for missed workouts. Finding ways to compensate is definetly something I need to work on...

Mambogirl, keep at it! You can do it!!!

Julia, I'm so glad for you! 3.6 lbs down is AWESOME!!

I've come to realize that I don't handle deviation from my routine very well. I was away on vacation and unfortunately stopped working out and eating clean the minute I left my house. Why do I use every possible oportunity as an excuse to let go of my fitness and diet regimen?! Why?? What is it that keeps me from staying focused? I'm currently trying to get a good deal on a gym membership, which I know is a step into the right direction, so hopefully I can revive some of my early determination to lose this weight.
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Hi All - Congratulations on all of your successes. I am especially inspired by how so many of you are able to get back on the horse again after a rough time - you know what you need to do and you do it! I need to know how to do this! Tomorrow morning I head out for a 10 day trip and I am so worried about losing it. When I traveled this summer, I didn't have much access to e-mail so, without Fit Day, I just started to lose it and ended up gaining 9 lbs. This time, I'll have e-mail on and off, so I've been thinking of using my notebook and getting back on the WW points. Anyway, I can relate to losing it when you get out of your normal routine. I just want to be able to not just throw in the towel for the rest of the trip if I have a few times when I don't follow my plan...

BTW, this week I lost a tiny bit - from 115.6 to 115.2, so I feel pretty good about this.

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Default Back home and still making progress

This is my first log in since before Yom Kippur--three weeks ago. Despite almost a month of holidays (two big meals a day, visiting with friends--at the table, of course) and being out of the country visiting kids and grandkids, I lost another two pounds! Walking at a 2-3 year old's pace does count as exercise, I guess.

Current weight: 134 pounds
Just 2 more pounds to go!

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