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I bought a pair of size UK18 (US14?) 3/4 gym pants yesterday and they fit like a dream. It's the first time I've not looked like an elephant in spandex since I started. Me likey.

Oh and it's a bit random, but I'm starting to like my legs. When I tense them they feel like Roman pillars.
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Not sure whats going on. if its because i'm not drinking 650 calorie coffee drinks 6-7 times a week or what but i've already lost 8 pounds in 3 days. i know i'm sick so i'm not eating normal meals mostly soups and eggs they go down easy (no pun intented)
even though i'm sick i feel great! i've been doing streaches since i don't want to make my self any sicker and i can FEEL the tension i guess you could say. i can FEEL my muscles not sore but there if that makes sense.

i did my measurements last night and i cant believe some of them seriously 40 waist : i obviously was not paying attention to that or a scale. its been hidden. but the waist i mean i've had the same pants for almost a year and havnt noticed it going up! oi must be muffin top and don't even know it.
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Originally Posted by almeeker
SE Pennsylvania should be fairly comparable to MI climate. We're farther north, but have the warming effects of the lakes, so those suggestions I made should work in your region, well at least to some extent, local soil conditions also play into the mix, here in MI we can grow some serious zucchini, but have less luck with sweet potatoes and lima beans. I'm chuckling over your "crash at 9:30", I always say that at 9:15pm, I'm feeling every minute of my 40+ years and I'M DONE!

I take One a Day for Women. The only reason is because I need the higher iron content it offers, and it closely matched the pre-natal vitamins I took for most of the 7-8 years I spent pregnant and/or nursing. My body was used to that formula and I didn't have any trouble switching over to the OAD after I decided we were definitely DONE having babies. Have you considered taking a vitamin E capsule? I take it in the winter to help with my dry skin.
I thought about just taking vitamin E capsules, but the centrum seems to help other things that i'm lacking. I try to fulfill my dietary needs first, but the vitamin can't hurt, can it?
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Hi can I join your forum please I am located in Swansea UK .

I am 60 26th December and 231lbs, when I turned 50 I was 140lbs in the interim ,I have given up work,stopped smoking and nearly (I hope) gone through the menopause.

Every time I go out to buy new clothes I have to get a size larger , I have so many that I have not worn I could start a charity shop.

I will be taking my winter vacation from mid December till mid March in Cyprus and I would really love to lose 14lbs at least before then.

Whilst in Cyprus we are more active and seem to eat healthier anyway.

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Welcome to all of our newcomers! It's great to see so many people enjoying the 100+ ladies club... it really is a super bunch! =)

To those of you who have had awesome losses this week, CONGRATS!
To those of you who are stationary, or had some mild gains, KEEP GOING!

One day, even one week, off the wagon will not hinder your progress in the long run. As long as you keep thinking about what you're doing and don't give up, that's all it takes. One day, one meal, at a time. WE CAN DO IT!

As for me, I'm feeling more and more confident that my healthier lifestyle is here to stay. I don't feel deprived, I am not beating myself up when I stray to a higher calorie food choice or larger portion than I should have. I just accept it and adapt to whatever I need to do to correct it.

The one thing I am noticing that I'm slacking on, however, is my food log. I was religiously entering everything, everyday, for two solid months -- and it seems, since I took ill with that flu bug, I got out of the habit. Logging what you eat is so very important, so I'm trying to get back on track with that.

These tools are so valuable. Use them!

Ok, I'm done preaching for today (grin)... just happy to be here with you all, as always, and share in your successes & struggles.

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So I’m thrilled – today I am down to 218.8, which was my first “mental” goal – to get below 220. I have amped up the exercise using things that WORKED BEFORE FOR ME!!! That is so important. One of the reasons that I got out of control is that I started listening to what others said. Things like “you need to have some treats in your diet, you need to do 90 minutes plus of CARDIO and not so much weight training, you won’t lose weight if you keep weight training so hard, you look great the way you are, you can have a BIT of this or that now—you’ve got it under control, etc.” . I must do what works for ME.

And for me – that is some serious weight training. I found four of my favorite “FIRM” videos on DVD and they just came in. Did one last night and it wasn’t half as bad as I thought – which is good and bad.

I am muscular. And when I lost my weight, I was seriously strong. You don’t necessarily LOSE that completely as you pack the pounds back on. So, beneath the fat is some unused muscle, but also some strong muscle. It’s a double edged sword, I think. As I build muscle, I will struggle some to burn ENOUGH fat to counteract the heaviness of the muscle PLUS, as I already have a foundation of strength, my metabolism will have to be pushed REALLY HARD to get it into the overdrive I need to be burning fat while I’m going about my daily tasks.

But this is my lot, and I have to live in it, so I am not going to let it get me down. In fact, I am thinking of myself as a superhero as much as possible so that I can just have a mentality that when I am back in the 150’s, I WILL be so outrageously strong that I can kick butt all over the world.

One thing we did talk about a LOT on my old support thread was the concept of “BIDIA” – which is short for “but I did it anyway”. It’s amazingly empowering to think: “Last night I didn’t want to do my entire hour long Firm and AMOST QUIT after 45 minutes – but I did it anyway!!!” It’s fun and empowering for all of us so . . .

What, recently, on this weight loss journey did you NOT want to do, BUT YOU DID IT ANYWAY?

Tell us -- BIDIA!!!

So now, some personal replies:

NRU – Good for you for your kitchen forays and also for admitting being “pretty spoiled”. I too am a spoiled child and know that part of this is why I struggle with weight loss. I have an overdeveloped “reward mentality” with an inner child who says I can have anything I want. I don’t know if this is a problem for you – but if so, you might check out Dr. Stephen Gullo’s “Thin taste Better” book. There are several places in that book that help you deal with that.

ALMEEKER – Working in a garden is one of those things that I WISH I loved, but don’t. Sigh – just was outside and have to tackle some necessary issues TODAY because I have company coming. Thank goodness we are having unseasonably cool weather in Florida and I can do it. I will try and look at it as bonus exercise. And I’m struggling a bit with calories myself. I did between 1500 and 1700 the first time I lost the weight. I’m doing 1300-1500 these days, but am not losing as fast as I’d like. I may try and go to 1500-1700 that worked before and see what happens. And good for you for adjusting and correcting after what must have been a horrid night. That “just do it” attitude and “regroup” mentality is so important so you don’t continue down a path when you “slip”.

GAMEGAL – Good for you for getting past the “hiccup” with such a positive attitude. As for your lapse -- isn’t it the WORST when a “friend” invites you to a Country Buffet. Now, I know that food-pushers don’t INTENTIONALLY mean to harm you, but I have to say WTheck??? She has to know you’ve lost 60+ pounds and she asks you to a Country Buffet? I’m kind of upset with her. Nothing makes me crazier than people who (and this may not be your friend, but I’m wondering) try and sabotage your success to make them feel better about their lack of success. I truly experienced this with my “2D ‘friends’ “ the first time I succeeded, then started losing my way on my weight loss journey. They were practically GLEEFUL when I started slipping. And again, this may not be your girlfriend, but I can’t help thinking that she’s a little jealous of your losses. That said, it’s up to you to not put yourself in those situations if you can possibly avoid them. I’m not saying I’m perfect about it either – this is not a judgment, just a reminder that we all have to take responsibility for ourselves and STAND UP for ourselves. I bet part of you didn’t want to let your friend down, rock the boat, be difficult and all of those other reasons that overweight women tend to put others first to our own detriment. It’s so hard to balance not being the “b&tch” from being true to yourself. I want you to know that anytime you do and if it has adverse reactions, come here and get support from those of us that are trying to do the same thing – stand up for our own health!

ZOOTNARF – Double calories in the rain – bwhahaha – that’s fantastic! Wouldn’t it be nice if, when we do something and overcome an obstacle we got a 500-calories-burned bonus?

WLBoo – “me likey” – Do you watch SATC? I picture the Dolce and Gabanna guy (an actor I love, but can’t think of his name) saying “me likey” and “trot, trot, trot over to the exercise machine on those Roman pillars of yours, darling.” And if you know the episode, you’ll know what I mean and if not – I’ll just echo “me likey, too” for you!

MLCOOLI – The first week or so of any plan, you may lose more than the normal 2 pounds/week. Your metabolism is going WOAH – we can free ourselves to burn fat, not excess food and storing that food. Then it will level off but . . . 7x650= 4550. That is 1.5 pounds per week (it takes 3500 cals burned to lose a pound) you should lose for a while just by cutting those out. Be happy – and be happy when/if you level off to about 2 pounds a week. You and I have similar goals. I’m 5’10” so I’m shooting for 155. 163 is the lowest I have been as an adult and was VERY close to being at a perfect weight for ME. We can be wl buddies!

PAMDISH – Welcome! My Husband is from London via a childhood in Liverpool. And I so get you about certain places where being healthier is easier. When I am in New York – it is soooo much easier to eat healthy because I can shop daily – not for the week and even the tiniest bodega has a fresh veg and fruit stand in front of it so the freshest, best food is cheap and accessible. Plus, I walk EVERYWHERE. Good luck with kicking off your new lifestyle in Cyprus and WELCOME!

SMOOSH!!! – I love your “preaching” – I do the same thing and it’s because if I “preach” to the choir, I’m just feeding my on soul in so many ways!!! Preach away, sister!!!! Preach away. I needed to hear EXACTLY what you said today.

Hugs to you all.

WEIGHING IN AT 218.8 today! And starting to feel like this time it’s going to keep going down, down, down!

Maintenance weight – 155-60
CURRENT WEIGHT – 218.8!! (-4!) almost at new microwave goal.
5’10, current size 18/16, goal size 10-12 tops & dresses, 8-10 skirts and pants (I’m built like a boy so my shoulders will never be an eight, but I got as low as a 6 in a few items on the bottom)
FIRST GIFT FOR 5 lbs down: New RED Microwave (Mine died and I’d spend $39 now on a cheap one, but I really want the $69 red one so I’m making it an incentive! I don’t micro much – but it is convenient when I make and freeze crock pot meals not to have to reheat them on stove or in oven)
2nd GIFT FOR 10 lbs. down: Red French Press
3rd GIFT FOR 15 lbs down: Red Electric Teakettle
4th GIFT FOR 20 lbs down: 3-5 new clothing Items OR, if some “old-new” clothes fit again, then a new fantastic KNIFE to start a set
5th Gift FOR 25 Pounds Down: Food Processor
__________________________________________________ ___________________________
TODAY'S CALS: 1400-1500 total
TODAY'S EXERCISE: 45-60 mins cardio
TODAY'S WATER: 100 oz.
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Afternoon ladies, I'm having a very good day calorie-wise. Yesterday I was pretty good although had a few slips during afternoon snack time, no biggy I put in an extra workout last night, I lapped the field while the oldest DD had soccer practice. Got up early this morning to get my workout in, because DD wanted to do 20 min on the elliptical too. She told me yesterday that in gym class it took her 12 1/2 minutes to run a mile, which was almost the slowest time in the class. The only kid slower than her has asthma, and that all her classmates laughed at her. She of course told me this through sobbing tears, I felt so bad for her. So we talked about the fact that you can become faster with practice, but that her strength might be endurance. So she got up this morning and worked out on the elliptical, and tonight we're going down to the park to run a mile and time it. We both decided that it will be fine if she's never fast, and wouldn't it be cool if a very slow 4th grade girl and her equally slow mother competed in a 5K this spring?

brandismom, congrats on sticking to your guns. I forget to do that myself sometimes and I always end up regretting it later. And thank you for the lovely long post. I just love a good read. I used to hate gardening too, but I've changed over the years, it's almost therapy for me these days. And I completely agree that the "re-group", "just do it" mentality is crucial. I think that's the only difference between this journey and every other diet I've ever been on. I've decided that it's a lot like raising children, you have to get up every morning and love them no matter what they did the day before. So every day I get up and start my diet again, no matter what happened the day before. I don't know for sure but I think the "me likey" guy your thinking of is the Rock, can't think of his name either. Oh and you're not alone in the muscular arena, and now that I'm leaner it's not really all that hidden anymore. Oh well, some girls are slim and delicate, and some girls are gorillas.

smoosh, log dammit log!! There, now I've preached to you...

pamsdish, I'm cracking up over your "second-hand clothing shop". I think I could open one too, between me and the girls, this house is over-loaded with clothing. The crazy part is I've given away everything size 16 and larger, and still there are bushels of clothing in this house! Actually as you self-melt, you won't have to go shopping all the time for smaller stuff, just open up the closet and shop at home. I've also found that it's very liberating to get rid of all those clothes that are too big. I say to myself "there is no reason to keep that stuff because I am NEVER going to wear that size again". And so far that mentality has worked really well, and my closet has never looked cleaner and more organized!

Well I have to get going, Mt. Washmore is beckoning (that's what I call the heaping huge pile of dirty laundry in the basement).

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Originally Posted by brandismom1990
WLBoo – “me likey” – Do you watch SATC? I picture the Dolce and Gabanna guy (an actor I love, but can’t think of his name) saying “me likey” and “trot, trot, trot over to the exercise machine on those Roman pillars of yours, darling.” And if you know the episode, you’ll know what I mean and if not – I’ll just echo “me likey, too” for you!
Haha, yes I got it from Sex and the City and it kinda stuck. (The same as Trey's 'Alrighty'.)
Well done on getting past your first mental goal! You're doing really awesome and with your BIDIA mentally you are set for success.
My BIDIA is probably making myself eat breakfast everyday. I'm not a fan of eating first thing. That time of the morning used to be reserved for slobbing in bed with a cup of tea and some bad tv. xxx
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What an amazing group this is. So glad I found it. I know I already posted here about my weight a few days ago, but I hit my first milestone this morning - 199.6 pounds! I'm finally below 200 lbs. I'm so excited!! I celebrated by going out to lunch with my husband today, and didn't throw my calorie count off at all doing it. It's amazing how many restaurants now post their nutrition information on their websites so you can check the layout before ever stepping foot in the door. Of course, my dinner tonight will have to be a bit lighter than normal, but it's just like I switched my lunch and dinner around so I know I can do it. And, it was nice to get out of the office for an hour or so during the middle of the day.
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Good afternoon ladies. I read some of your post at work and I just sit here and laugh. What a good group of women!

I weighed on Monday and I had lost 6lbs since joining FitDay, which is about 2weeks ago. I thought it was great but then this morning 2 of those lbs are back!!

I definately need to up my workout. And I think I need to do some tweaking on my meals. I seem to eat about 900 cals before dinner. Based on my calculations here I should eat around 1316 per day. So that leaves around 400 for dinner. Is that good, or should I eat less during the day. I have been going to bed with my stomach growling some nights so I feel that I may not be getting enough, or it could just be in my mind!

So whats for dinner tonight. I have no idea what I am cooking. DH has been cooking the last few nights, but its my turn tonight.
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