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Originally Posted by gmantych
Does anyone know how to eat Chinese food healthy?
As a matter of fact, I make a fairly decent sweet & sour myself. I usually make it with boneless skinless chicken breast or lean pork loin. I usually serve it with white rice, bad I know but I limit it to 1/2 cup serving, which is like 125 calories, but I've also made it with brown rice. Take a pound of meat, dice it up into bite sized pieces, and brown it in a deep frying pan with a little bit of cooking spray. While that's working, finely chop a green onion, core seed and slice 1-2 belle peppers and pull the top off a can of pineapple chunks, do not drain the pineapples. Once the meat is browned on all sides, add in the pineapple chunks, juice and all, the green peppers, green onions and 1-2 cups broccoli (optional), 1-3 Tablespoons of reduced sodium soy sauce, and maybe 2-4 Tablespoons of brown sugar. This makes like 6 servings, so you get 1 teaspoon of brown sugar per serving, which is maybe 16 calories? Anyway, stir it all together over medium heat, if you want a thicker sauce, remove 1/2 cup of the liquid from the pan, stir 1-2 Tablespoons of corn starch into the hot liquid and add it back into the pan. It will thicken rapidly, so stir it with enthusiasm. I sometimes add in a little fresh or ground ginger just for kicks, but that's optional. Once your rice is ready, it's time to eat. I make my plate with 1/2 cup prepared rice, and 3/4 - 1 cup of meat and veg mixture. I want to say that it works out to about 350 calories/serving give or take. On occasion I've found that the juice in the pineapples isn't enough for a whole batch so I add in 1/2 cup or so of apple juice or cider.

If you're not really into sweet & sour, you might try stir fry, you can use just about any sort of vegetables, you can even buy them in the frozen aisle all chopped and ready to go, some are even marked "Asian Mix" or some such. I usually make it with a spritz of cooking spray, a splash of low sodium soy sauce and a few Tablespoons of prepared Chinese sauce or fat free Italian dressing, or low fat Asian sesame dressing. That's it, now go get crazy in the kitchen.

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Originally Posted by nru1286
I have never wanted comfort so much in my life as I do right now. I am so stressed with life right now that it is weighing me down, and all I want to do is cry. So I went for a short walk at lunch, only a mile or so, and on the way I passed a Cosi, which is one of my fav. restaurants. I really wanted a piece of their Etruscan Whole Grain Bread. I wanted to have it so bad, and for that tiny moment I didn't want to diet or watch my weight or health anymore...BIDIA.

So I kept walking, and I decided that I really wanted a piece of bread to go with my tuna salad and spinach for lunch today. So I stopped in this small deli/corner store place called Old Nelson's. The line for food was so long, I didn't even look at the bread. Instead, I found a refrigerator full of yogurt! Not only that, but they had the Fage Greek Yogurt that I didn't have time to pack for breakfast this morning. So I got that, then ran across the street and got some strawberries from the Salad Bar, and came back to work and thoroughly enjoyed my yogurt and fruit.

Am I still stressed? Very much so. Do I want to cry? You betcha. Am I taking off from work tomorrow to regroup and see my therapist? Yes indeed. But I just made a tiny step toward better health, mainly by not giving in to my desire for something that would totally mess me up for the day. And for that, I am very proud of myself.

And now? Back to work.
I'm very proud of you too, especially given your elevated stress level. In the stress department I'm right there with you this week, so we'll hang tight together and maybe next week will be easier. One can only hope, right?
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I wanted to post that the BIDIA idea really grabbed me the first time I saw it in this thread too. I dont know who started, but over the last week I have, numerous times said to myself I didnt want to do something and then I thought.. but i did it anyway... self improvement is about doing that which we didnt want to do before.

So me too.. thank you thank you thank you to all those that inspire me every day with their BIDIA posts and words of inspiration.
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Originally Posted by almeeker
I'm very proud of you too, especially given your elevated stress level. In the stress department I'm right there with you this week, so we'll hang tight together and maybe next week will be easier. One can only hope, right?
NRU -- Add my "attagirl" to Almeekers kudos. Fantastic and here is a big hug for you for some girlfriend comfort. And here -- with all my workouts, my shoulder is getting so strong you can probably rest your head on it virtually -- so lean away.


(Who didn't want to eat right at home today after difficult therapy session -- wanted to throw down some bad fast food, BIDIA!!)
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Default Need to talk

Hi All,

I have been with fitday on and off since June. I haven't posted much, but I have tried to keep up with this thread as much as I can. I decided today that I need to post at least weekly. I have hit a plateau and need to do something new for motivation.

So if you don't mind, I'll give a brief history. I started my diet the second week of June. I lost 25 pounds in the first 12 weeks. At that point I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds over and over. I haven't accomplished anything. I am so upset and depressed over it. But it would be a terrible shame if I give up and end up gaining back the 25 or even more. I need to nip this in the bud right now.

Along my journey, I have been encouraged to participate in racing. Something I never dreamed possible. I have never been a runner. I actually, still don't run, I walk the races as fast as I can. I just completed my 3rd race. I'd say that is a huge accomlishment for me. I have also been off pop for 4 months now. Another accomplishment.

I need to quit beating myself up, and realize I have had accomplishments. But I also need to work on something else now.... keep that scale going down.

Thank you so much for listening.

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I think BIDIA is my most used word at the moment!

I didn't want to get out of bed today, BIDIA.
I didn't want to eat breakfast, BIDIA.
I didn't want to go to my early morning Spin Class, BIDIA.
I didn't want to spend £29 on protein powder, BIDIA.

I'll probably be adding to that list by the end of the day aswell.

Really don't have any enthusiasm or drive at the moment, and it's so annoying!!!
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Default New to this thread.

Hi, I am new here on FitDay but have been doing the WW program since late May. I have lost a total of 31.2 lbs but wanted to analyze my nutritional choices in a little more detail. I used FitDay back in 2007 and remembered how much info it gave you so I am back. I want to get down to a healthy weight which would equal a 100 lb loss. So when I saw your thread I thought that this may be the place to learn some new information to help me get there. Nice to meet you all.
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It's been about 10 days since i last posted/paid any attention to my intake. i was on vacation is all i can say. I didn't gain it all back but some which i knew i would after being sick for 2 weeks and than finally eating again. i work the next 2 weeks on overnight shift not looking forward to it that is what encouraged my sickness to get worse last time and it really throws my body off. i really need to focus again and prepare my meals ahead of time so i'm not tempted to eat food that i shouldn't.

back on the wagon.
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Welcome to the newbies!!

I LOVE BIDIA! Having a rough week (TOM) with no energy and lots of headaches. I have not been able to do my full walks, etc. but I am at least doing a little bit. I even went for a walk during my break at work. I didn;t really want to, BIDIA!!

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Good Morning Ladies!

love the BIDIA trend. . .especially since I didn't want to get up and go to the gym this morning BIDIA!

I'm very excited with my progress thus far but sometimes it feels like it's going to take forever to lose all the weight. It's like I'm at the first base camp of a very high and steep mountain and I can't even see the top.

I did make a virtual before and after of myself which helps a little bit but it's not me it's a virtual model with my height weight so it still is hard to picture.

Well, only 66lbs to go.
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