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My dietician said PB is fine. And she said it doesnt really have to be the low fat one either since they just has more icing sugar to make it a little sweeter.

I wanted to maybe let some people know what my dietician said and if you are in the same boat as me then maybe they can use this info.

I am 5'6, 235 Female with a big frame wanting to get down to 140 and I workout 5 days a week for 45 mins.

I was put on a 1600 cal diet and I was told I would lose 2 pounds a week. I am losing it so that is good and I am so happy. I asked her what weight I should be and she said she doesnt work that way. She said your Ideal weight is a weight you feel healthy at, look healthy at, have good counts for the doctor and that you can maintain. She said if you can not maintain the number you want then it is not your ideal weight. She told me that she has a feeling I will end up settling around the 170's.

She gave me a huge chart and on it it has all the food groups including some foods I like and then on the other side it has what I eat so for breakfast it would be 2 starches/grains, 1 fruit, 1 fat, 1 meat alt (1 tbsp PB is 1 meat alt and 1 fat).

Anyway I hope someone will be able to use this info for themselves. I never thought I would be told I was not eatting enough lol, but I was told that.

I weighted myself this morning and I am up 1.5 pounds (now 235) but last week I could not workout at all and we went to Mont Tremblant for my DH conference with free food and booze lol.
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Feel like a complete elephant today. Was feeling a bit stroppy, flopped a bit too hard on my bed and snapped the support that holds the slats to one of the side panels. I was a bit mortified at first, but now I'm just laughing about it.
I guess it'll teach me not to literally throw my weight about when I'm having a hissy fit!!!
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NRU and GMAN – welcome . . .
I’ve been with this group a week and found them to be some of the most intelligent, thoughtful and driven women I’ve ever ‘met’ online. So this is a great place. (and while I’m typing that – I think about how INTERESTING it is that this group is so intelligent and articulate – is it our intelligence and drive that sometimes makes us put our physical health last? – Hmmm . . thoughts to ponder).

GMAN – you have asked for ideas for food and I am YOUR GIRL!!! I love to cook and I love to cook foods that are easy, healthy, that no one KNOWs are “good for you” and have all the qualities of food “snob-dom” that I want. My therapist asked – after looking at my fitday logs “when do you cheat?” And I didn’t realize it until I left but, when cooking really incredibly FLAVORED food with fresh ingredients and lots of interesting veggies, spices, etc., AND HAVING THAT FOOD EASILY AVAILABLE (THE KEY!!!), I don’t really NEED to cheat.

So here is my best advice – buy a crock pot. A big one. I have found crock pot cooking to make my life easier. I learned this when, in the past year, I had to be somewhat of a caregiver for my father after my mother passed away – but he lives three hours away. So I would go to visit him, cook three or four meals in the crockpot, pack them in tupperware (or tupper-ware like pieces) in single servings and label them. He just has to thaw, reheat and add a salad to the staples I have learned to make. And those staples are all calorically balanced with tons of veggies. I highly recommend “” – they have TONS of recipes from COOKING LIGHT that are slow-cooker recipes. I’m pressed for time right now, but will post some of my faves soon for you! But if you do this, your lunch will be in the freezer always – and if you “put up” a few different recipes, you’ll have different flavors all the time.

LAURA also says it best – you have to PLAN and make the extra time to do this. And I know it sounds clichéd but you have to make your health a priority.

As for the goodies around -- having a family who doesn’t struggle with weight makes it harder. I recommend reading “thin tastes better” by Dr. Stephen Gullo. He helps you ID foods that are trigger foods and decide if they are going to be “not your food” which allows you to eliminate them if you need to or “box in” how you eat them (making rules like: I’m allowed to have a single serving of Doritos once a week while sitting in front of my favorite TV program, I’m allowed a decadent dessert in a restaurant and I share it with DD or DH). This may help you deal with the other “goodies” that are around. And maybe DH doesn’t struggle with weight – but is he eating foods that aren’t good for ANYONE?

PAM also has great advice. USE this thread when you feel challenged to get support, balance and put things in perspective. I did that yesterday and it CHANGED MY WHOLE DAY. These ladies are super supportive.

BTW – NRU, I love your honesty – we have to “face our fat” but now tell us more about the REAL YOU – because you are not just your addiction or your fat. We’d love to get to know you more.

ALMEEKER – Ouch. One thing I found (and this is speaking from my successful Weight Loss days – that I am trying to re implement) is that a “craving” can be “boxed in.” I struggle with PB cravings as well, and I can’t have a JAR In my house EVER or I eat the whole thing. But I have a friend from a hospital and she brings me single serve PBs. I keep them at the back of my freezer and, when a craving comes, I take ONE out. PB is so good for you in moderation – but when we have food issues, sometimes elimination or “boxing in” of food can help (not for everyone, but it works/worked effectively for me). SO I SOOO RELATE. I think you can find single serve PBs at Sam’s if you don’t have a friend in the hospital . Also, people suggested to me that almond or soy nut butter gives you the satisfaction without triggering the cravings. I have never tried this, but maybe . . .? (OH – I SEE NRU gave you this advice. Yay NRU!)

WELCOME ANN!!! Tell us more about you.

SUSAN – I am pressed for time still – so remind me to tell you one day about “speaking to the manager” – a technique I’ve learned that probably works much like your “food doesn’t control me.” Great words.

CHRISTINE -- your dietician sounds like a wise woman.

WLBoo – BWAHAHAA – thanks for sharing!! And GOOD FOR YOU for laughing and rebounding.
Thanks again to all for yesterday’s support!!!

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Good morning all. Thank you all sooo much for the warm welcome! It really is great to have others to talk to that face the same challenges that I do.

Well I think I have gotten off to a good start this morning. I exercised before work to the two mile Walk away the Pounds DVD. So far I have only had about 400 calories and drank about 36 oz of water. I brought a few healthy items to work with me. I have definately got to go to the store soon. DH went yesterday and his version of healthy is slightly different than me!

So I have heard alot about the 30 day shred DVD. What do yall think about that. Yeh I am from NC and I use yall alot!!
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Default New here...

Hello ladies!

I have been reading the forums for a while now and finally found this group. I hope I can find my way back to it!

I am 45 years old, married and the mom of three. I have been packing on the pounds since the birth of my second child. I had a hysterectomy at 31 and then my weight really got out of control. I cannot blame the hormones, or lack thereof, I guess I just ate...unhealthy large quantities.

I am not really sure what the catalyst was to finally get me motivated but I now live in fear of falling of the wagon. My oldest daughter will be getting married next October and maybe that played a part in it. My Aunt recently died and I almost skipped the funeral as I was so embarrassed to see family and friends that I have not seen in 20 years. I did go and I could see the shock on their faces. I felt like running and hiding. One of my cousins was less kind about it and I was beyond embarrassed.

I am sure that a familiar statement is that I have no idea how I got here. But here I am. I started on Fitday July 9. I have 170 lb. to lose (that is such a tough thing to write) and I have lost 42 of it so far.

I also live n fear of success as I am afraid to see just how much excess skin this body of mine will have on it. Surgery scares me to an abnormal degree so I cannot imagine exercising that option.

I am following no weight loss plan other than just counting calories and exercising. That has been the hard part for me - I have never really been into exercise. I love to swim but I live in Mass and it is getting really cold. I have still not defrosted form today's swim and I fear I will have to cover the pool this weekend. I have stared walking...about 2 miles - three times a week. Oh how I hate that. I also bought a wiifit balance board and a few games last week and I am starting to enjoy that so hopefully that will replace the swimming. I know I could join a Y or some other such club but there is no way I am putting on a bathing suit in public.

I did start a group on Facebook for my friends and I - so we could lose weight together -but I seem to be the only one left in the group! None of them had anywhere near the weight to lose that I do anyway. I have been using the Fitday food and exercise log faithfully and then I was so pleased when I saw there was a forum!

I tend to ramble so I will end here (too late..I already rambled hmm?)
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Originally Posted by nru1286
Have you tried any other "butter" spreads? Soynut, almond, cashew, pumpkin, apple, etc.? Some of them are really spectacular, and a bit easier on the caloric intake. It might be worth a try.
Thanks, today so far has been better. Thanks for the heads up on the other nut butters. I've seen them at the store, but the only one I've tried was Nutella, and well if a pb fall was bad, a Nutella fall would be much much worse. We actually refer to Nutella as "PMS cure in a can" around here.

Originally Posted by ann8665
Hello ladies, I am so excited to join this program. I currently weigh a whopping 200 lbs. I would love to be back to my previous weight 5 years ago-118. Anybody here live in Michigan and want to exercise together? It would be a great motivation ! Good luck everyone. I can't wait to get started.
I live in MI, mid palm.

Originally Posted by Susan8Less
I'm starting to believe that it IS possible to lose the weight and be healthy.
Now that's the spirit sister, actually I think "believing" is half the battle.

Originally Posted by christineval
She gave me a huge chart and on it it has all the food groups including some foods I like and then on the other side it has what I eat so for breakfast it would be 2 starches/grains, 1 fruit, 1 fat, 1 meat alt (1 tbsp PB is 1 meat alt and 1 fat).
I wish you could take a shot of this chart and post it here, I'm so interested it's not even funny.

Originally Posted by WeightlossBoo
Feel like a complete elephant today. Was feeling a bit stroppy, flopped a bit too hard on my bed and snapped the support that holds the slats to one of the side panels. I was a bit mortified at first, but now I'm just laughing about it.
I guess it'll teach me not to literally throw my weight about when I'm having a hissy fit!!!
LOL, I broke a toilet seat once, now that was embarrassing.

brandismom, looking forward to some crock pot recipes, I love my crock pot!

Originally Posted by gmantych
So I have heard alot about the 30 day shred DVD. What do yall think about that. Yeh I am from NC and I use yall alot!!
I like the 30 Day Shred, but it's killer the first couple of times you do it. So I would recommend that you don't do it the day before a hot date or a job interview.

Anybody watching "Mike & Molly"? DH and I were laughing our butts off last night. When the Molly character was totally strung up on cold medicine DH said it was like being on a first date with me all over again. Wish I had her dimples...
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WeightlossBoo, if only you could see my bed. I have a tendency to "throw my weight around" a bit too harsh, and a bit to literally. I actually had to turn my bed around so I wasn't slipping off it.
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Default A bit more about me...

Okay, so, as was suggested, I suppose it would be a great idea to tell more about the "more-than-fat" me.

I hail from Philadelphia. I'm single, and still live with my parents. To be fair, I'm 23 and still getting on my own two feet, so I will probably still be here for a while.

I have a degree in Music, but I have a job as a typist clerk for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I don't mind my job, but I am often bored. I've come to spend a lot of my day at work on fitday.

I have not let my music fall by the way side, though! I am a member of the Philadelphia Singers, and I will be performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra in May. I am very excited about this.

I think that's enough about me for now.

Today was a pretty good day. I think I'm concerned about losing water weight at this point, since my ankles and legs get really swollen by the end of the day. I drank a lot more water today than I have in any given day in a long time, so that is good.
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My friend got me almond butter last Christmas when she realized I didnt want candy LOL! It was very good, (I liked it better than PB) better for you, and I think it might be about the same price but I am not sure about that part.

Almeeker, I believe the chart is the 'exchange' program and I am betting you can either go online and get a copy or ask your doctors office. If all else fails, I am sure the library has it.

If you can not find it anywhere, I have a little book with the charts as well as the plan * how many starches, fruit , meat etc per meal and I could probably send it to you.

Glad to see all the new ppl and returning ppl.. you found a great group!
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Hooray for new people! Welcome to all of you.
Not much goin' on here, just saying 'howdy.'
To the person asking about 30 Day Shred - Almeeker's totally right - you will feel that workout all over your body the next day when you first do it, so you may want to ease into it. To be honest, I can't do that workout more often than every other day, but everyone is different. With that said, I do actually like it and it goes by super fast. I'm just a grunting mess at the end of it, hahahaha...
I'll add that to my fitness goals - to not be a grunting mess at the end of the 30 Day Shred routine (level 1). Oh, and then I'll go to level 2 and be a grunting mess all over again.... Hooray!
Ah, my lovely husband should be home any minute now; must sign off. Happy hump-day to you all.

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