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Originally Posted by almeeker
Oh and on a sadder note, it just occurred to me that I'm not going to make goal by my birthday. Which I'm totally okay with, if someone had told me on my last birthday that I would be like 90 pounds lighter by this one I would have hurt myself snorting. So I've decided to change my goal to January 1st, 2011.
I'm glad your still positive about reaching your goal, even if it'll be a bit further away. Though in the process you've probably given yourself the chance to celebrate a lot more birthdays. And that's the greatest gift you could've possibly given yourself and your family. x
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I hear you loud and clear almeeker. I do not drink water much. Is this why my weight loss could be slow - since I am exercising and watching calories etc?

I have ONE cup of water with lemon first thing in the morning, then 2 cups of coffee and sip on ONE cup of water the rest of the day. SO, I am gathering that THAT is NOT enough. (cheesy grin) What is the norm?

Congrats on your new goal date - takes the stress off. Carren
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Hello! I finally figured out I'm really in this group.

I had both a good week with no results on the scale. (ToM) I stuck with my food plan, although I've added some more complex carbs, but I"m still eating around 50 grams of carbs a day. BUT I've stuck with the exercise and weight lifting. So even though the scale isn't moving, my shirts and bras are looser and the pants are fitting better.

Also, I not only upped some weight on what I lift, but yesterday I stuck completely to the free weights. And it IS more of a challenge.

I also talked to a friend who told me that the first month she started lifting weights, she didn't lose anything. Then, suddenly, the scale responded. So I'm being hopeful here.

And yep, need to drink that water! I do better on weight lifting days, but I need to work on the days off.

Starting weight : 263.5lbs (8-28-10)
Current weight : 260.0lbs (9-17-10)
Mini goal weight: 242 lbs (12-24-10)
GOAL WEIGHT : 165-170 lbs (12-31-11?)
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Water works magic! I gladly accept your challenge Almeeker. Ladies, if you aren't drinking your water -- JUST DO IT! It makes a world of difference and is so good for your body. I used to hate the taste of water, literally detested it. I started the transition slowly by drinking tea and flavored waters (the ones I could tolerate, some are just too sweet). And over time, I acquired a taste for it. Now, when I go out to eat or am having dinner with friends, I actually ask for water because that is what I desire!

@Almeeker - You have had an amazing year! All that you have achieved is not only fantastic for you, but has impacted so many others. Your success inspires us! Adjusting goals isn't a sad thing, it's a practical and positive thing. Many people set a goal, and are so hard on themselves when they don't achieve it. Remember, a goal is just a mark to aim for -- it is not the 'end of the road' or a 'definition of failure/success'. So keep up the great work!

@Maddy & Cozy - Welcome to the best (I'm biased , hehe) thread on FitDay! Happy to have you with us and wishing you great success on your journey.

So, guess what ladies? I have hit my next mini-goal as of this morning! WOO HOO! 1 more pound down, 20 lbs. destroyed since 8/1/10 and a total of 49 pounds destroyed since my highest weight! I'm very excited, can't you tell? So my next goal will be added to my siggy - I'm shooting for 10 more pounds off by October 31st.

What is your next mini-goal?
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Morning all! Happy Friday!

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! Almeeker WTG!! 90 lbs is awesome! So what if you had to postpone the total goal for a couple months? It is still a goal and you havent given up! I am sooo proud of you!

Cozy - 50 grams carbs seems really low. I am a diabetic ( and have to limit carbs) and for me, the dietitian suggested 145 gms a day ( my doc had said 125). I realize it isnt the same for everyone, but if you dont have enough, your body will not function well ( nor let go of the weight.) Welcome to the group!

Smooch- YAYYYY on the mini goal! Thats great!

Good job to all who made goals, mini goals and inches lost!

As for the water I was doing well with drinking the Sam's Choice water ( carbonated) but the only flavor I liked was out of stock at all walmarts here within a 10 mile radius and so I found a reallllllyy good sale on diet soda and got that instead. Now, not only am I drinking less, but even though it is diet, I am sure it cant be good to be drinking it all the time. So my answer to the challenge is to make the rounds again to see if its back in stock ( and get it) or to find a Crystal Light or something I can drink.
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Oh I forgot to mention one other bit of good news... My hubby actually inquired yesterday about joining FitDay himself! When we started eating healthier, together, on August 1st... he was like, "Writing all that stuff down is a pain, I'm not interested." But during the course of the past month and a half, and him seeing how diligent I've been with logging and tracking, he actually wants to do it now himself! YAY .

Not sure if he'll go as far as participating in forums, but I think that's a very exciting step. Just wanted to share!

Have a great weekend all.
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You ladies are like a life ring to me right this moment. I'm having a stressful afternoon. First I had an extra boy today, he's a good kid, but still an extra kid is an extra kid. Then I was a few minutes late picking up the kids because the baby had this poopy diaper for the record books.... So when I get to school I notice that the middle DD is missing a chunk of her headband and her necklace, normally not an issue but today is PICTURE DAY and the necklace is MINE, and the chunk missing from the headband is smack dab in the middle of her head (so basically now the headband matches her toothless smile rather well). So I calmly ask where is all the stuff she's missing and she dashes back into the school. Meanwhile my oldest DD wants to go on a "play date" with a boy, also normally not an issue, but yesterday she went on a play date with a different boy . So while I'm getting everybody else loaded up, and denying the eldest DD's play date request, there is of course a squabble over every thing and by the time we get to the house one of the girls I watch is pretty much screaming her head off, again this is normal, so I just roll with it.

Then as we reach home I find out my middle DD didn't eat breakfast or lunch and her blood sugar has bottomed out and she's making "Sybil" look like a child sent straight down from heaven, and our youngest has started a hair pulling contest with screaming child. Again all of this is pretty normal, so I'm rolling with it. Only to arrive home and have both of my daughters tell me that they forgot to take their picture order envelope and payment in to school. So I can forget about all the missing pieces on our middle child because we didn't actually order any pictures.

And that's when the slope got slippery. I ate 4 1/2 Girl Scout cookies, Samoa's (my favorite) at 75 calories and a boat load of fat each, then I ate the better share of a honeydew melon. Okay melon is actually very good for you and it's on-plan for me, but a serving is 1/8 of a melon. I ate at least 4 times that much, maybe 5 and it was a rather large melon to boot. Before that fall I was sitting at 910 calories for the day and not really hungry, I did my slacker workout this morning, so I don't have a really high burn going. So I'm here on-line trying to keep myself from strangling any children or eating anymore cookies or melon. And all I want is a pitcher of beer.
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Put away the cookies. Melon isnt all that bad ( even if you ate the whole thing!) You can do a better work out in the morning... and the kids ( well most of them) will be going to their own homes to drive their parents to distraction soon!!

Meanwhile, keep repeating, you are accountable to others so DROP THE COOKIES!!!

As for the pictures, I do know from my own school days, that the photographers always make arrangements for kids that are sick or absent to get pics, so talk to the principal or whoever about getting them taken again.

You are doing so much better with kids than I could! I think all kids after the age of 4 should be put in a barrel, sealed. fed air and food through a straw and not let out until they are 30 and on their own!!
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Originally Posted by GameGal
AlmeekerYou are doing so much better with kids than I could! I think all kids after the age of 4 should be put in a barrel, sealed. fed air and food through a straw and not let out until they are 30 and on their own!!
I TOTALLY agree with you except I would add in the 0-4 year olds, too! Almeeker, if I had had your day, I would have said screw the melon and eaten the whole freaking box of cookies! Brush the day off and start again tomorrow. Start by putting those kids in a barrel if they give you any crap! And remember how SKINNY you are! You are ALMEEKER and you have lost NINETY POUNDS! Nothing can get you down for very long. You are too strong for that.
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Almeeker - Seriously... I felt my blood pressure go up when I read your post. I give you much credit for keeping it at 4.5 cookies and some fruit. That's some willpower. I know you're not feeling great about it, but you know in the big scheme of things it's not a big deal. I hope your day is much better tomorrow.
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