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klayr 08-30-2010 12:11 PM

Carb withdrawal
:( Hi, Need help here.
I need to lose around 50lb (probably more), and i know my main bugbear is Carbs, so i'm taking the bull by the horns so-to-speak, and cutting them out. My question my body going to go into mega withdrawal symptoms? I'm a vegetarian so Atkins is out but hopefully i can find carb-less alternatives. Is there anyone doing the same? Hoping i'm doing the right thing, i just feel i need some sort of order in what i'm doing. All replies would be gratefully received :)
Thanks x

almeeker 08-30-2010 12:15 PM

Yes, chances are you will go through carb withdrawal. I still have days where I crave them, and it's especially hard to climb back on the wagon after I've over-indulged and the carb crash has hit. While I'm not a vegetarian, there is no way I could do Atkins for life. I do eat some grain based carbs, all low-fat, low-calorie and preferably whole grain, but I limit them to 1-2 servings/day. I also get carbs from fruits, vegetables, nuts and low-fat popcorn.

klayr 08-30-2010 12:29 PM

Brilliant! Thank you for your input, it helps to know...well done on your weight loss by the way..:) Feeling positive at the moment, but i know from any diet i have done will disperse, just need to keep motivated.. just trying to figure out how:confused: anyway..thanks again x

fletch8502 08-30-2010 02:33 PM

Oh, carb withdrawal, how I loathe thee.... =) My symptoms are hunger/cravings, headaches, and being a major crab, but some of that may be more psychological than physical. =) It will pass! You'll feel so much better once you're eating healthfully.

I'm vegetarian as well (not vegan), so I have a hard time cutting carbs and getting enough protein. I focus on getting my carbs from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I cut out simple carbs and keep the rest. I also try to get more protein from dairy sources, soy sources, and protein powder when needed.

Best of luck! You'll do great. =)

klayr 08-30-2010 03:37 PM

thank ye kindly fletch 8502 :) ooh! so-oo much to get through via carb withdrawal..thank you for your support too..means a lot :D. thanks also for the alternatives i can use..i was thinking blank mind (nothing unusual there though!)
will let you know how i do :rolleyes:

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