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  • Hi All! My husband and I started Fit Day 2 days ago--I know its really early! But already I feel different this time compared to other times that I have tried diets. We have done really well so far and are feeling good. The only issue is, it seems like my husband gets a lot more calories allotted to achieve his goal tha I do--he ends his day with still over 200 left in the day, and I barely make it! I have been feeling pretty hungry, is this normal? Will I get used to this?
  • dang you people are tough, no response??
  • Hey, ktennant, the boards kind of ebb and flow, depending on how busy people are. Depending on your goal, you may want to check out the specific threads organized by weight loss goals...there are 5-15 pounders, 10-20, 30, 50 and 100+, among others, so whatever is closest, jump in to one of those; people tend to check in with their regulars even if there's no time to read new posts.

    I hear you on the calories, though. I am a small person and what I maintain at and lose at is probably half of what the guys can eat. It's just the way it is; it's not fair, but nothing I can do will change that. Building up muscle will let you be able to burn a little more and therefore eat a little more. It is normal to be hungry at first; you will get used to it, I promise. In the meantime, try to fill up on veggies, fruit, whole grains...things that are bulky and filling but not high in calories. Hang in there...once you start seeing results, you will be more tolerant of feeling a little hungry .
  • Amen to what Cassie said. Fiber is your friend - those green vegetables can do a lot to keep you feeling full. And yes, it sucks, but men can eat more than women and lose weight - I'd estimate my husband eats anywhere from 500-1000 more calories than I do daily and yep, he's losing weight. But then, he's also a foot taller than me and has bigger muscles. It's the nature of the beast - don't be too hard on him, lol.
  • thanks! yeah, my husband is 6 foot 4 He should be allowed more. Still it seems like he ends up way under and feels fine! Its been 5 days now, and I am really starting to get the hang of this! Just need to exercise more, we have a five and a half month old so its tough to find time when we both work full time, but I know, NO EXCUSES! right? Part of the the weight is baby weight that I am still carrying around. We need to get a good scale because the one we have was really cheap and you can tell, it gives us really funky readings, so right now I don't really know where I stand, but when I started on Monday it said I weighed 154.4, this morning it read 152.4, twice so we will see. I wanna weigh 130 by Christmas...How do I add the stats on my signature on here?
  • Click on the User CP at the left on the blue bar above, then look over to the left and click on Edit Signature. You should be able to type in whatever you want. I agree, a good scale is a good thing to have. Awesome that you and your husband are doing this together; it helps to have a buddy and someone that can encourage you and whip you back on track if you need it.