5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-In for 8/24

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Default Just started today -- for 4th time! -- :)

Hello all --

I've been trying to get focused and committed for the last, oh 6 weeks or so. Fallen off the track many,many times -- house guests, boredom, PMS, you name it ---

Getting serious this time. Really. Maybe it's the weather -- after 3 weeks of 100+ temps, it's finally cooled off and I feel like going outside at last.

I mostly follow Jillian Michaels -- have the book, and the food combining (protein with "good" carbs, etc.) worked very well me in the past.

glad this forum is here. Wish me luck!


goal - 135
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wow! just now i noticed this thread! and i've been boring you with my story of how my weight changes in the regular 5-15 lb's thread! sorry ladies!!!!
well, i have been trying hard to keep up with my exercise and seems it is working too! i post in the other thread how shocked i was to see the number on the scale today! wow! 129.6 lbs!!!!
Cassie, i saw your number shows 111 lbs and i know it was 106 before, how does it feel to weigh so little? do you mind if i ask how you decided on that weight?
you see based on my height, i should be somewhere between 95 to 128 lbs and i have picked 125, don't know exactly why, but that's what i picked. i wonder what other factors should i consider to decide on my goal weight?
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Hi farah...well, it feels like a suck to weigh 111, since I'm rebounding from being on the couch with a cold, not exercising, and eating comfort foods. But other than that, the 105-106 I settled at before last weekend felt really good. I am short to begin with, so even though it seems low, it isn't, for my height. I had set my goal at 115 but once I hit that I was really juggling the maintenance and still lost a little; I guess I was afraid to put all those calories back in. I also changed my focus in exercise to include weights and had a goal of getting my body fat down another couple of percentage points (not focusing on the pounds as much) and just kind of settled into a new lower goal. Picking a goal weight was hard for me. I just landed on it because it was the lowest I had gotten before...when I was doing everything the wrong way! So I guess my thought would be to see how you feel at your goal and you can always make adjustments.

Michelle...mind over matter. You can do this. Focus, meditate, create a vision of yourself succeeding. You've got this.

Welcome, Ltrain! Come on over and join us in the regular 5-15 pound thread also .

Mambo, great to see you coming back. I wish there was a magic pill for self-acceptance. Stay off that scale and do things that make you feel good and strong. Take time to relax and focus on what you do feel good about with respect to yourself and what you are thankful for. Gratitude is an emotion with LOTS of benefits. Don't stress yourself and just go into a holding pattern (maintenance) with eating till you feel back on your game, maybe. Maybe your body and mind both need a break, then you can get a good burst when you start again.
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Thanks Cassie. I'm going to keep trying.

HI Ltrain and welcome. You have a good question there. I don't know what I should weigh in pounds, either. I am short and I remember waaaaay back when I was 18, I weighed 118 and it seemed perfect, but I had no muscle, never exercised. Now, I'm not sure where I will be happy at. I also don't want to obsess over it. I made my husband promise to tell me when I am losing too much. So far, he says I look good (smart man) but my looks aren't bothering him, yet. He is afraid my attempts will end up with me looking like a 12 year old boy, like the actresses today. I don't think that is possible for me. Even at 95 pounds, again way back when, I had size 3 hips, whereas my sister in law is 100 and is wearing 0's and some children's sizes. She is smaller framed, I think. Anyway, bottom line, I am focusing on the inches because I don't' know where the pounds are going to be on me. And I know that my stomach, thighs and hips could use some shedding.
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