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I am currently nixing breads. I know- Diets are bad- but to me it is all just words. The depending factor on any weight loss- which is what I am trying to achieve is sticking with it. Right now I am still really used to calling any change in my food intake for the purpose of lowering weight a diet.

I started this regime yesterday- which is pretty much atkins. I think my whole problem is more so with routine than anything. I get bored easy, and top that with writing and the stress of completion. Three kids and being home all the time and it is a recipe for disaster. At least for my type of personality.

On another issue. Anybody else think that the weight issue stems from childhood? I happen to believe mine is a different case of hoarding. I've read that there are cases of children in foster care/adoption who actually "steal food" and hide it in a safe place just so they will not run out. They have a fear of not having any food because of prior life without or scarce of it.

I was never in foster care, but I definitely should have been-though as a advocate for it and seeing what I see of the system I am glad I was not. Anyways, I do not have an issue, now, of never having any food. However, I never leave the table without cleaning my plate. That was something never taught to me, but that I think I must stay and do. The meals I fix are stupid huge. I base a lot of my life even what foods i choose to eat and how i serve them out, on what I saw growing up. Meaning, I stay away from serving a particular way or buying certain meats.

Anyway, I think i have a hoarding issue going on, with the finish plate even when im full thing.

Anyone else think their overeating was due to growing up? Good or bad? Or any story on when they think their food issue might have started?


My reason for weight loss: Healthier for my kids and myself. My personal image is a bit shattered at times, but not too often. I want to be athletic.

My most common excuses: Weekends are supposed to be fun, pig out days. I can't afford the gym. I'm too fat to run. I'm too fat to jump. Do these shorts make me look fat? I can't work out in front of folks if I look obese. It's way too hot. The sun burns. (I do get hives from the sun, but that only happens in the beggining of summer.) My favorite show is on. I'm too lazy to cook, let's grab pizza. I need to finish work on my book, so I can't get out of the house today.

Starting weight: 281
Current weight:275.8
Mini Goal Weight: 260
Dream Weight: 135...But I'd be more than happy with 150

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Hello- I know all about the excuses you had listed. Also, like you I get bored... I can't tell myself I can't have something because it's all I think about. I am trying to just cut down and plan my meals (kinda) using the calorie counter.

My food issue is a mix- 1 is boredom. My mom had the same problem, just watching TV means you should have a snack, and chips are easier to grab than fruit, veggies or even popcorn. But, my mom had gastric bypass and is 5 lbs lighter than me now.

#2 I grew up in a house that everynight was meat, potatoe and a veggie. We were expected to finish all our plate. Also, water was never around- we only drank water if we were playing outside and drinking out of the hose!!

Now, I try to leave some food on my plate, just 2 bites or so... just to get out of the habit of eating it all!! Also, I cut out all soda- if I go out to eat and dont want water I have tea- I am from the south, so I use 1 artificial sweetner.

It is difficult to change habits though. The calorie counting works for me... I will never eat a quarter pounder again!! Check out that calorie count- it took about 1/2 my day!
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