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  • Hello, I just joined fitday although I have been struggling with my weight for a while now. You probably don't want to hear my story but I'd like to hear yours. The truth is I was always healthy until I became pregnant with my daughter. I put on 60 pounds during my pregnancy and after I had my baby I put on some more. My daughter turns 2 in September, and I still haven't been able to lose the weight. I have lost a few pounds here and there but they've come back on.

    I have 120 pounds to get rid of, and I'm taking it in baby steps because I understand that's the only healthy way to lose it. My main priority now is to lose at least 40 pounds by December. I'm 20 years old, a mother, and a 2nd year psychology student at university. I need my life back.

    Truth is, I just wanted to introduce myself to the members here and get to know some people who understand what I'm going through. I am very optimistic about starting here, and am sure I'll get the support I need to get to my goal. I'd be happy to lend support to anyone else who needs it too.

  • Welcome Amy.
    Everyone has their own story here, and their own reasons for losing weight. (I've just spent the last 10 years being a greedy cow and eating everything in sight.)
    Since you're looking to lose over 100lbs, you should also post on the 100+ thread here on the ladies forum. Everyone on there is really friendly and helpful, and it's great to see the success of others on their journeys.
    Good luck losing weight!
  • I'm going to second that invitation to the 100+ thread, always nice to have another voice there. I hear you on gaining weight with your daughter, because I have THREE!!! I know EXACTLY where you are coming from, only I'm older and been fat for much much longer. Well I gotta go, it's time for a workout and I promised myself I wouldn't skip this morning even though I want to in the worst way...
  • Hi Amy, welcome!

    Today is a new day on your journey to get fit & healthy! CONGRATULATIONS! You're already taking actions to change your life for the better.

    These forums are invaluable and so encouraging, as well as the helpful tools at FitDay. Baby steps is the way to go. Each day is a new opportunity.
    Don't be shy to share your story, because you're still writing it and when you reach your ultimate goal, just think what a best-seller it's gonna be!

    Best regards,
  • Thanks
    Thanks to all the replies, I really appreciate the support. Thanks for the guidance, too, the site is new to me so I'm not sure where to be. I hope I'll get to know you more in the 100+ thread!
  • hey Amy,

    I liked reading your story, its so much like looking through a mirror bealive it or not. I too gained over 6olbs when l had my child and like you l am a full time accounting student.

    l had always considred myself to be a fit active person so dealing with the reality that lm a fat person now has been hard. I would still try and squeeze myself into my old clothes and refuse to go shopping because in my mind this was only temporary. I joined weightwatchers online and trying to balance that with full time school and taking care of baby just wasnt realistic (or it could be another excuse l dont know) but l suspect a lot of it has to do with until today lve been in denial about my situation. Im still in the mindset of that lm 120lbs and can eat whatver l want .

    At the insistence of someone well meaning l joined fitday today and hopefully l will get a handle on this once and for all and move on to other things.

    I would like very much to hear how your story ends and your progress.

    Good luck
  • Amy ~ welcome. there is great support here in the women's section i feel. your story is very close to mine. i lost 83 lbs in 2008 & recently gained 11 lbs back, but i'm here to shed that weight. you can do it & you'll feel so much better. you've already took a big step towards a more healthy you.
  • Welcome to the group Amy

    I too am a newbie, just joining yesterday. I love being able to enter my food for the day to see how my calories add up against my excercise program. Again - nice to hear from you and will be here to offer support!
  • lybilly ~ i like that too. i also like to go to the reports. fun to see all our hard work broken down in to pretty & useful