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mandies2happy 01-14-2010 09:02 PM

my son is hiding his stocking candy/ newbie
:) Out of fear my son has not hide his stocking candy from me. I'm glad he did it cuz he has a reese's pb cup in there that has been calling me. I just want a "little" bite LOL.

Well my name is mandie aka mandies2happy I've been using fitday for about 2 weeks now and just found the forums. here are my stats/goals

Age 31
start weight 237
goal weight 175 by the end of 2010
height 5"6

My josh (fiance) just proposed on christmas eve and we both decided that we were just too chubby to walk down the aisle or be happy with our pictures. WE are looking to get married next june 2011 so I really hope i can pass my goal weight by then.

I'm so happy to find this forum, i hope that this will be the kick that keeps me accountable to my diet. Well maybe if i don't stay on track you all can band together for an intervention and pull the chocolate out of my mouth :)
thanks all,

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