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KristynBond 07-06-2010 04:24 PM

Back on Track
So....the last two weeks I've been very unhealthy. My husband and I moved, so beginning June 18th I began eating whatever I wanted rationalizing that my dishes were in boxes, I couldn't make healthy meals, and so I should eat whatever I wanted. This resulted in a week of pizza, ice cream, cookies, etc. I figured once we made the move I'd get right back on track. But then I began vacation on 6/25. Then my rationalization was that I'd just get back on track when I went back to work and "enjoy" my vacation by continuing to eat whatever I wanted. So for two straight weeks I pigged out. I ate way more than I should have each day because "I might as well enjoy the bad food before I get back on track".
Today is my first day back at work, but I also had a wake up call yesterday (besides the 4-5 pounds of fat I've gained back the past two weeks...yuck!). My husband and I were coming home from eating pizza and ice cream. It was about 95 degrees outside, and I was standing at the front door waiting for my husband to get the keys to unlock it. I started feeling really dizzy and fainted. I hit my head on the bricks. Ouch! The scariest thing was that I've NEVER fainted in my life. Right before it happened I remember thinking that I was really hot and felt gross because of how much I ate. I'm not saying overeating had anything to do with it (it was much more likely the heat), but even having that thought in my head right before it happened has scared me back into shape. Today was my day to "get back on track" anyway, but now I'm getting back on track with more enthusiasm. While the meals and snacks the past couple of weeks were delicious, the way I felt was horrible. I need to lose this newly gained weight and keep working towards my goal of 135 pounds.
Has anyone else REALLY gotten off track like I did and been able to turn it around? Any tips/suggestions would be great.

changeisgood29 07-07-2010 06:14 AM

Hey Kristyn, sorry to hear about your fall - hope your head is okay!

I guess what I can tell you in regards to falling off track and getting back on is what I did once I decided for the umpteenth time this last go-round to get healthy. For me, it started with small changes and progressed from there. For instance, my husband and I went from each having our own pint of ice cream to splitting it. From there, we replaced processed, nearly-instant foods with stuff we would prepare. Later on, we replaced ice cream with a yogurt/fruit shake... I think you can see the pattern.

Exercise has been really important, too. In the beginning, well, exercise hurt! So initially we'd go every other day for 20min or so and have gradually increased the length of time and frequency over the weeks.

It sounds cheesy, but making one healthy choice does lead to other healthy choices, and makes making them that much easier. That's a lot of making. :)

I've been at this 'new lifestyle' for about 2 months, and I had been off the track for longer than I'd care to admit, lol - around 2 years, at least. So if I can get my chubby butt back on the tracks, anyone can.

I'm definitely in the 'see what works for you' camp, but hopefully that was of some service. Be patient with yourself, be consistent, and the rewards will be all yours. Good luck to you.

lauren401 12-09-2017 04:15 AM

Sorry to hear

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