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JenniferP1 07-03-2010 10:28 PM

Will it always be this hard?
Hi Ladies,

I have been back to fitday for a few weeks now. I am finally starting to see some success from my efforts. Probably because it is the 4th of July weekend and food seems to be everywhere but......

Will this ever get easier? I feel like I spend so much time thinking about what I am going to eat for the day, measuring what I eat then back to thinking about what I will be eating for the next day. If something happens and my meal plans have to change for the day, after I already planned the day out in the morning - I am really thrown for a loop. Will I ever just wake up in the morning and be able to eat sensible meals?

I know it may sound silly but I feel like I do nothing but think about carbs, fat, protein, calories -- eating isn't even enjoyable anymore -- which may be a good thing!!

Just needed to vent and also just wondering.

Thanks !

changeisgood29 07-04-2010 12:34 AM

Howdy, Jennifer... I definitely don't have the answer, but I definitely hear you loud and clear in the "will this ever be 'natural' or easier?" department... I think...hope... that after awhile the healthy choices will become easier and more natural to make. But I think that we'll always have to maintain a focus on eating choices, etc. in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. I've been at this (again) for about 2 months, and hey, it's easier to be healthy than it was 2 mos ago so I guess that's a good sign, yeah?

I think the enjoyment of food sorta changes in the creation of a long-term, healthy diet... For me, as of late, the enjoyment comes more from making a good choice as opposed from the food itself. Maybe that's not so good, but it's how I've been feeling about it. I like what I eat, don't get me wrong, but... I think you know what I mean.

Just wanted to give you a shout-out... I hear you on this one, for sure.

wannabefitgrl 07-04-2010 11:57 PM

I ask myself this all the time. I hope at some point that I'll stop counting calories and just be able to make smart choices, and not beat myself up about a glass of wine or piece of cake. Plus, I figure once I get to the maintenance stage, I can eat a few more calories since I won't be trying to lose that may make things easier. I just take it a week at a time and try not to get ahead of myself. It's a lifestyle change after all, right?

Wylie7 07-05-2010 01:36 PM

So far I'm going on 7 months and it is not easier, but it seems that I've been thinking this way for so long that I automatically think about the food I'm going to eat before I eat it. I'm on my way to stop counting since I've reached my goal weight, but if I stop all together, I gain. I also started out counting only calories, then looked at fat and protien a couple of months later. Otherwise I found it really overwhelming.

Do you give yourself a time to cheat (once a week, or once every couple of weeks)? It doesn't work for everyone, but I'm convinced it got me through the rough patches. I let my brain rest for a day and ate most of the stuff I craved. Then I got back on the wagon the next day. At the beginning it was a complete binge day. As time went on and my stomach couldn't handle as much, I just felt ill and didn't eat as much. Now I just cheat on a meal here and there, but I always think about it before hand.

Anyway, I think everyone is in the same boat here. It really is a conscious effort, but well worth it for the results!

JenniferP1 07-05-2010 02:50 PM

Thanks for your input ladies. I think I was starting to feel like I was doing something wrong. Thanks for your support!!

NessaSonic 07-05-2010 03:13 PM

it does get easier. I'm almost 5 months in and I've lost 40.5lbs, with about 60 left to go. Last night I went out to a party quite last minute. They had thai food there, a lot of it- it smelled delicious. Of course I wanted some, but I just had to remind myself (not even that severely) how much I wanted to make my 40lb mark. I made it this morning because I didn't eat the junk last night. It was so incredibly worth it :D

Some days will be easier than others- but once you've gotten a lot of the junk out of your system and you've lost a good chunk of weight, suddenly, that single night of junk (although it will still be tempting) won't be as important as how you want to feel the next morning.

wannabefitgrl 07-06-2010 11:54 PM

I attended a wedding over the holiday weekend and made a pact with my boyfriend that he could tell me (gently of course!) if I was eating too much or eating too poorly because sometimes I just want to binge. Overall though, I made a game plan. I had decided I'd leave the cheese and crackers and limit the wine, but load up on veggies and leaner proteins. We split a piece of cake (I have a "just two bites" rule that isn't hard to stick to when he's inhaling the food anyway). I did have a chocolate covered strawberry or two later in the night and one glass of wine, but overall felt great about myself. I had made sure to get in a workout or two early in the day before we left and planned super healthy meals/snacks for earlier in the day in case I went overboard later.

Yes, it's exhausting to have all that planning going on in my brain all the time and having to constantly keep myself in check...but it was so worth it when the boyfriend's mom came over to the table and said that so many wedding guests were saying that all her children and their dates were so good looking. It felt good to be included in that 'good looking bunch'. Plus I felt awesome in my dress and all the pictures looked so was all worth it and kept me accountable. (not to mention an old friend from high school commented on the photos posted online later and said I looked so great)

Just remember, if you won't do one will. It's worth the trouble and will help you stay healthy for the rest of your life. (Soak up the moments that make it all worth it!)

almeeker 07-07-2010 01:26 AM

As far as I can tell it doesn't really get easier. Getting healthy, fit and down to a healthy weight has sort of been like rearing children. The minute I ignore either one, I have regrets... I do think after 6 months some of it is starting to come more naturally. Today a friend stopped in with her lunch in hand. It was a take out salad, and off the cuff I asked her how many calories it had. She just shrugged and said "fewer than a double cheese burger with a super sized fry". And I was like "you're eating something and have no idea of the calories in it, why would you do that?". And then I had this moment bah-ha-ha-ha-hahahaha, cause I ate whatever I wanted to for years and never once bothered with the calories... Egad, I've turned into one of those women....

cjohnson728 07-07-2010 02:35 AM

LOL, almeeker, that reminds me of a tennis match I played a month or two ago. I checked my heart rate monitor afterward and told my opponent that it burned 547 calories (or whatever). She said, "What does that mean? I don't think in terms of calories." I remember being surprised that someone didn't think that way. But then again, she was pretty young and pretty tiny, and probably never had reason to. It's like a completely different mindset, in a way, and once you get it and really internalize it, it stays with you. Even if you're not thinking about it, you're thinking about thinking about it and it's always in the back of your head. But it does become more second nature than a conscious process. I believe that making the right choices gets easier because the healthier you are, the healthier you want to stay, so you are more likely to pass on short term gratification for long term gain.

reywas 07-10-2010 07:23 PM

If you find yourself obsessing, you may want to just figure out what foods you like that are good and low calorieŚlike many fruits & vegetables. As long as you are making a list anyway, when you are not hungry take just a few moments to create a general balanced diet/menu for a day or two and just eat whatever you want from the list you create. See if something like that works. It may be that the measuring and weighing is not the best track for you. Once you figure out what works for you, it will be easier. The trick is to let yourself decide. It's OK to listen to others' stories or miracle remedies or "how tos" but check in with your body and spirit. Remember you are changing your life, not just going on a diet.

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