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stamatiaa 07-02-2010 05:46 PM

I plan to track indefinitely- even for maintenance. I think its too easy slip back into old patters, at least for now. I also like confirming my RDAs are being met.

This week, I had success maintaining, by increasing daily calories only a hundred above my diet levels, and then going out one night to a nice dinner (a mini splurge Ė scallop ceviche with guacamole (shared with my husband), and roasted salmon over vegetable broth with fiddle-head ferns (all my own)). My exercise levels have stayed the same, though, Iíve been staying late at work - which doesnít help. Maybe you can incorporate a (mini) splurge day into your maintainance plan.

Otherwise, you might simply be bored with your food. For that, I'm sure there are new foods, seasonings, etc. that fit into your diet, that you can try.

Let us know.

cjohnson728 07-02-2010 06:01 PM

Wylie, what about experimenting for a week with not tracking, but jot everything down on paper...then at the end of the week, go back in and see how you did on your own? I know it will be a royal pain but maybe kind of like just taking one training wheel off.

The hundred cals at a time over where you were is what I did, too, but found I needed to add some more in as time went on.

I like to still track just to make sure the ratios are right...I feel like I know the right foods to eat and the right amount overall, but as far as making sure there's enough protein and fiber specifically, I still want the logs.

I realize I'm not going to be able to track while I'm on vacation and I also realize I'm going to splurge on foods I literally am only able to get once every three years or so, so we'll see how that goes at the end of the month :o. Everything in moderation, so if you can enjoy the foods you used to and not start a binge with them, then more power to you!

Wylie7 07-05-2010 01:45 PM

Stamatiaa, great idea! I have started a mini splurge with lunches out once a week, and so far so good. I use that to eat my burger and fries. I used to have a cheat day once a week to get me through my diet, but my weight loss diet has become such a habit that I don't even do that much anymore.

CJ, That's a good idea. I guess there is an in between, not an all or nothing. I'll try that this week.

stamatiaa 07-07-2010 10:32 PM

Thanks. So far, I find it easy to maintain by continuing my calorie deficit diet (+ 100-200 calories) and having a splurg day or meal-out. (Those meals-out must have a ton of hidden calories, because they seem to have more calorie effect on my weight than the fitday estimates.)

The only thing I am cautious about, is not alowing my cheat days / splurg to spoil my appetite for healthy food. I try to limit the cheat / splurg to stuff on more the healthy side / whole foods.

Probably like you, I havn't eaten-out much since going on my diet. Nice to have a way to incorporate that into my maintainance diet.

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