5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-in for 6/22/10

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Well I actually took a much needed day off from working out...actually ran outside or at the gym for 5 days in a row! But my legs were tired so had a relaxing night and snuck a Fiber One bar and an extra piece of fruit after dinner since I was still hungry. At least I picked somewhat good choices for snacks at the time...it could have been much worse!! Will be running 5 miles tonight and tomorrow and then will do light workouts at the gym Thursday, off Friday and then my 10k Saturday! Can't wait!

Diet has been in check since last Wednesday so really happy about that too! Overall feeling good and starting this week off on a good note. Hope you all are doing the same!

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I did manage to log the whole week last week (Yay!). This week's goal is to exercise at least 1 hour for 3 days. I hit the gym yesterday, first time since surgery #2. I've definitely lost some ground there. Then the hubs and I cleared out the brush in the yard for winter, so today I am sore. But ahead of the game on this week's goal.
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Nice job, ladies

Good luck on your 10K, Ann, and glad to hear you're bouncing back, Lizzy. Doesn't sore feel good, in a way? Reminds you of the hard work you've done.

I made it through the weekend without going hog wild...which has truly been an issue for me lately, Saturday nights especially. I'd feel good about that, but truth be told, I had a stomach bug Friday, so my appetite wasn't the greatest. Hopefully this weekend will be okay also. I will say, though, since becoming healthier, this virus was brief and mild, compared to how my husband and son and some other folks had it. Might be a coincidence, but might not.

My son brought up the Christmas cookie issue tonight...which ones to do...I don't know that I have the willpower to get through that. Better start formulating a plan!
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Starting to lose the wieght I gained during my 3 week lapse of attention. I hope I've learned my lesson by now--I don't need to be compulsive about diet & exercise, but I do need to pay attention.

starting weight (November, 2009): 155
goal weight: 130
today's weight: 137
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Hi beautiful women! I weighed 132.8 this morning....I am kind of stuck between 131-133, with mostly 131-2's...and a couple of 130's! Of course, I want to see the magic 129. But I'm feeling strong and centered with the weight thing right now. I agree, getting through the holidays is soooo hard! Any ideas would be really helpful, as they are coming on like gangbusters, whatever that is. Maybe we could duct tape our mouths shut? Have a great week, and be kind to yourselves! xxoo
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Hi Ladies, I know it's Thursday already, but I haven't been feeling well the last few days, so I didn't weigh in. Sometimes when I am sick I go back and forth between no appetite and then cravings for junk food when I get hungry. Anyway, my eating has not been great the last few days. I still am not feeling 100% today, but am trying to eat better.

Hunny-enjoy your 10k. I ran my first one this past summer in 90 something degree weather and I promised myself I would do them only in the fall from then on.

Any ideas for avoiding Christmas cookies would be helpful here too!
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