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changeisgood29 07-06-2010 02:48 AM

A bit of an update a few weeks later... I *did* manage to take measurements of myself on 6/12. I've posted elsewhere about the scale fear, and I guess I wanted to update people (whoever out there is reading that might be able to relate to not wanting or not being ready to know what you weigh after a long time since your last weigh-in). Well... the tape is in (haha), and I'm down 4" on my waist, as well as reduced numbers everywhere else... except for my forearms (up 1/2"), which is bizarre, lol. I don't mean to brag... Just an encouraging word to other folks who may not be ready to step on the scale just yet. I wholeheartedly love the measuring tape method - I am also able to now wear a couple pairs of pants and a bra that I couldn't even breathe in a month ago.

Thanks again to everyone here for your support and encouragement, and huzzah! for measuring tapes.

changeisgood29 07-06-2010 03:28 AM

Edit: Beginning measurements taken on 6/19 :)

myoutwardbeauty710 07-06-2010 05:14 AM

Hi Change... and yes, changeISgood! :) Congratulations for making the change! I am 5'3 and at my heaviest I was 239! Now I am at 213, so I know how you felt the last time you weighed. Don't ever give up, ANYTHING is possible!!! :)

myoutwardbeauty710 07-06-2010 05:21 AM

Originally Posted by Lizzycritter (Post 13891)
Someone on here measures progress in "sticks of butter", I like that one a lot. There's 4 sticks in a pound, so that gives me a really big emotionally satisfying number to track. Plus I can go to the grocery store and count out the butter packages to get a good visual idea of what I've lost so far.

Lizzy this is crazy funny as I thought I was the only one doing this!! I measure my weight loss in bags of sugar. Since 1 bag of sugar is 5 lbs, when I feel low about how "little" I have lost, I go to the store and pick up as many bags of sugar as I have lost (lol of course I make sure the aisle is empty haha). When I was in the process of losing my past 60 lbs, needless to say the sugar task got a little daunting (12 bags of sugar in my arms? HAHA a tad heavy) but it always made me feel good to "feel" how much I had actually lost! :) Butter idea is cute too! :p

dittoart 07-06-2010 01:16 PM

allot alike

Originally Posted by changeisgood29 (Post 13888)
Hello all, first, let me thank you all for typing out your fears, your woes, your obsessions, and your victories! I will confess that I am much more likely to "lurk" in forums and haven't actually posted on one since I was a Pearl Jam-obsessed teenager on music sites. But I digress. :)

Here's my thing... I am scared outta my mind to get on a scale. The last time I weighed myself was a little over a year ago, right before I got married, and it really derailed any notions I had of losing weight (for the record, at that time the scale read 225, and I am 5'4). It made me feel as if all was hopeless, and I was a lost cause, etc. etc. etc.

Well, fast forward a year or so later, and for the past month and a half or so, my husband and I have started consistently exercising and are eating waaay better than we used to. I feel much better, but it's hard to tell if I've made any progress because of my scale fear and because I have so far to go. I suppose I should mention that I've had a lifelong issue with my weight. The only time I was 'skinny' was as a teenager (a bit past the Pearl Jam stage, though :o) when I was anorexic and obsessively weighing myself every morning. I know daily weigh-ins are good for some folks, but I don't want to go back to that habit.

So, my friends, before I bite that proverbial bullet and buy a scale, I'm here asking you for your feedback about this issue. I want to keep track of my progress, but I'm afraid of what the numbers will read and what that would do to my mental state regarding weight loss, self-image, etc. As it is I am the heaviest I've been in my life and I wouldn't wish my self-hatred on anybody. To make matters worse, I think this is such a foolish fear but I need some help getting over it. Thanks for reading!

Hi change, it sounds like we have alot in common,me and my husband both turned 40 this year and we recently made a life changing commitments to ourselves and to our family that we are going to eat better ,exercise, and loose weight . I to had a fear of getting on the scale, I am sure alot of us do because , at least for me, it is a true reality of my lack of discipline and my failure to love myself. I just set it in my mind that no matter what the scale said I was going to loose the weight and I really needed to know where I was starting to know if I was loosing. It was shocking when I saw 210 ( I am 5"1") but I got over that depression in minutes because I knew I had made up my mind to start walking and eating right that day. I am down to 199 and still on my way to 135 and I know I will get there. I feel so much better mentally and physically, no more aches and pains getting up in the morning. I do get on the scale now every morning, but that is just how I have to do it, if I don't see 1/2 pound weight loss for the previous day's work, I work even harder that day and this seems to work for me. I wish you great success and I hope this helps in some kinda way.
Also, let me say, the fitday program really helps me and my husband keep on track with our life change:p

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