Just starting my diet, :\

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Smile Just starting my diet, :\

so far ive been one day eatching very healthy and eating all of the right foods, its pretty tough not going to lie. I no you guys are thinking its been one day? but to me, im pretty pleased.
i am 18 years old! and my height is 5'6
i weigh 195lbs.
and i am hoping to be 185lbs by the end of july.

my family is no help, they don't care what i eat, or if i am on a diet or not,
and just need some people to talk to through my diet, like a buddy?

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Hi Jess....everything starts with one day. You sound determined..good for you! We have a monthly discussion thread for women that have 100 pounds or more to lose..(and i realize you dont have that much to lose) but you are more then welcome to join us. You will get lots of support, encouragment, ideas and recipes there!
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hi jess...
welcome to fitday. i wish i would have taken initiative like you have at your age. good luck on your journey. everyone here is really nice.
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Hi Jess welcome to fitday!!
Once you start on the first day and feel good about how you have done this will continue to the next and the next, so well done and keep it up.
Im 25 now and i wish id have had access to fitday when i was 18 cos ive spent way too many years being miserable about my weight and like you nobody cared or took me seriously when i said i wanted to diet. Now its time to show all those that dont believe in us and get to our goal. I have the support i need now from my fiancee and fitday members and im determined now to get to 145lbs and be happy with the image staring back.
Good luck and keep going,it does get easier. Keep posted.

Starting weight-234lbs
Current weight- 169lbs
Goal weight-145lbs
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Hi Jess! And let me add my congrats. We would love to have you at the 100 pound corner as Patti suggested. Let me also suggest and I know the ladies get tired of hearing me say it, going to mypyramid.com. That is the government new guidelines and it will tell you exactly what to eat according to the food groups and the amount of calories you want to take in. Use that in conjuction with this site.

I assume you live at home and it is unfortunate that your family isn't more supportive, but they do go grocery shopping, don't they. Why don't you volunteer to go, when they do to help with groceries and once you have seen on that site what you need, ask or suggest that it be bought. You may have to cook or prepare it for yourself, but that's OK. I, myself, find that part of the enjoyment, now that I am three weeks in that I actually cook for myself. I am retired, so I didn't have to.

Also if you go through the groups, I think I saw a few people that mentioned they were about your age. Respond to all of them and suggest that you consolidate to one group and that you all become diet buddies. You might even want to set up some challenge or competition for weighloss by percentage of body weight loss or some exercise done. Make this fun for people your age.

Anyway, I hope this helps some for you, Jess and I wish for you all the best. Take it in small increments and don't think of it as a whole big number.
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hi jess, i joined yesterday and am determined to drop 30lb, ive already lost 26lb since april but i want to be back in a size 10. I need my confidence back. keep up the positive attitude and healthy eating and the weight will start droping off. all the best chez xx
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hey, we have similar stats and I thought we could encourage eachother throughout this process. I am 23, 5'7 and 200 lbs. I am aiming to be 170 lbs by December 17th. I am trying to go back into the military to help me pay for the rest of my education, and unfortunantly until I'm 170lbs., they won't even look at me. I just started runing a mile everyother day, today was day 2 runing the mile. It sucks to run while I'm doing it but I feel like it starts my day right and helps me to make better food choices throughout the day as to not ruin the progress I made for the day. I did feel a dose of endorphines kick in on the last lap today which was nice, it really seemed to clear my head for the last little bit and I started foccusing on finishing it and not so much how much my sides hurt.
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Roxy and Jess, blessings on your journey together. I spent seventeen years in the army until my disability--MSG.
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I'm glad you made it to fitday. No matter which forum you decide to join just remember there are people willing to listen, help, and willing to be your backbone when you need it. I'm just happy to see you made this first step into becoming a more active and healthy person.

Good luck.
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