I want to eat and eat and eat!!

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Default I want to eat and eat and eat!!

Hi Ladies,

I don't know how to beat these cravings at night. I want to eat right now!! I feel better when I eat. It calms me down and helps with anxiety. I have no idea what to do instead of eating. I don't know how to move past the craving without giving in to it. Is there any hope for me?

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YESS there is hope!
dont give in!.
continue your diet, in the long run, your going to appreciate these moment's when you dont eat, and dont give into your cravings!

try watching some tv, or go for a walk.
read a book!

drink water, because if you drink alot of water, it fills you up!

Good luck!

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there are at least 2 strangers that believe in you.
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Hi Susan...Remember each craving you resist makes you stronger so you can resist the next one. Very soon, you'll be in control of your cravings, they won't control you. The cravings will diminish as time goes on, but in the meantime, try to distract yourself with something else, a walk, gardening, reading, a tall cold glass of water. It's ok to give into your craving every now and then too, just make it a healthy choice. I have a mental list of 100 calorie snacks for just such emergencies. I use 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese a lot, and depending on what you are craving, that is what you add to it.

IMO, you may have to do some soul searching to find out why you are having these cravings, and discover some new ways to deal with anxiety. A great anxiety buster is exercise...lift weights if you want or a simple 20 minute walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

Be patient and kind to yourself.....you can do this....you're not alone, we've all been there.
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If you are logging your foods you might want to take a look at your calorie pie chart. I'm a carbaholic, so if I get a big pile of carbs at some point during the day, I will get really bad cravings as the carbs taper off. You might try replacing some of your carb calories early in the day with a source of protein, which fills you up for a longer stretch of time and doesn't have quite the drop off that carbs provide. Also get rid of the junkie snacks and fill your house with healthy foods, that way if you do snack it's still healthy and you're not derailed. Also over time as your body gets used to it's new healthy diet the cravings will taper off a bit. I had terrible cravings for maybe the first 6-8 weeks of doing this, but they have tapered off and are much more controllable these days. Although I will admit that if I do cheat and go way over my carb calorie budget, that I have bad cravings for a couple of days after. It's the carbs talking again, I'm sure of it. Do your best to wait it out, but if you need to snack find some protein to nosh on.
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Hiya Susan i know what its like to want to eat on a night. Im not bothered for food throughout the day cos im so busy but as soon as kids are in bed i just used to eat 8-11pm every night. This habit was really hard to break and there were many nights when food was on the brain until i went to bed. I had to learn to fit time in the day to eat 3 healthy sized meals and then i found i wasnt as interested on an evening to pig out as i felt more satisfied!!
This was extremely difficult as i always thought to lose weight i had to eat much less and be hungry all the time. Of course i know now that this isnt the case,its all about eating the right foods. I still eat quite alot of food but its all good and healthy stuff. I do still nibble on an evening but its now carrot sticks or an apple chopped in little bits.
You will get through it and it takes alot of willpower but just keep in your head the reasons you want to lose weight and stay focused on this. You dont need to be deprived-im always on the lookout for new and interesting foods to try while im dieting so i dont get bored.
Try and find ways to keep your mind off the food, log in to the forum or read some magazines. Good Luck and keep posted
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I've been on here this time three weeks and I had that same problem. I would be within my caloric intake and even saved a bowl of oatmeal and milk which was supposed to help with sleep later on, to eat. I was continuously overeating after that; although, it was healthy food, it would ruin my daily intake. This week is the first week since Monday, that I have had a full week of not only not cheating but no late night snacks. A couple factors have helped me 1) is that my son and I are in a weight loss competition and 2) I researched and a craving will go away in five or ten minutes and that pang you feel in your stomach will leave also. You may get more through the night but you have to ride them out. As others have said, drink water--mine is sitting right here and get sugarless gum if you have to.

You'll get through it and remember we all went through it so we can sympathize and empathize.

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I use to be the same way.

What I started doing was eating a Light & Fit Yogurt (50 calories) and then drink a tall glass of water. It helped me train my body not to eat late at night (after 7pm). I no longer need the yougurt but yeah it was tuff. If I can do it then anybody can do it.

Try it for a few days and see how it goes.
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I know what you mean.. I do really well for about 3-5 days.. then one evening I totally crash and eat 2 days worth of calories in like 2 hours... It is hard and I am trying to just ride it out.. also drinknig water and sugarless gum has really helped...
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