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KristynBond 06-16-2010 05:35 PM

Dizzy, I totally hear you. I feel like I've come to a standstill. I haven't lost anything in three weeks, and actually seem to be fluctuating between .5 and 1 pound over. It's SO frustrating. I feel like the first 20 came off real quick, the next 17 was like pulling teeth, and now...nothing. I know that's what happens with weight loss, and I'm still plugging away. But I do miss that feeling of seeing the scale move! :-)

mirage59 06-16-2010 06:28 PM

Thanks Ladies...its good to hear others having the same issue.

I've been at it since Nov 09, lost 62, have about 28 to go but I haven't seen the scale drop in about 2 months. I know it's going to get harder and harder the closer I get to my goal. I keep trying to tell myself this will pass eventually and I'll get back to seeing the scale drop down again. I'm so grateful for the 62 lost because it's changed my life for a million times better but I've never seen anything under 200 pounds that I can recall and I'm freaking 10 pounds away from that....I just wanna see it!!

Ok thanks for listening to the whining lol I'm going for a jog after work!

dizzy_44 06-16-2010 11:12 PM've already lost 4 pounds...good for you. That's 4 pounds less than you were 3 weeks ago....attagirl. Keep it up!

Patti & Cassie...Thank you for the words of means alot to know I can talk to people that are going through or have gone through the same things as I am.

Kristyn...I really miss seeing that scale move. Remember, it's easier to keep it off if you take it off slowly. I know that doesn't make it any less frustrating but just know you are not alone and come talk, vent, whine or scream whenever you have to. It's all about knowing you're not alone.

mirage...Celebrate that loss and take some time to embrace that new body. You will see it soon. Try really hard not to stress over it because stress causes your body to hold onto fat, especially around the middle (saw that on Dr. Oz. LOL). I was also stuck there, I desperately wanted to see the 199.9. Keep doing whatever it is you're's working.

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