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pattialbert 06-05-2010 04:35 AM

Jump in and join us June 100 plus ladies
Hey everyone,,,,had an accident today after pottery. I slipped in some mud outside *wearing crocs had some very nice firemen/women come to my aid. I popped my shoulder out of its socket...but managed to get it back in without realizing what was really going on. Very painful and going to keep my shoulder still for the weekend..typing with one hand here. Thank goodness for ibuprofen. Have a good weekend..Ill peek in but prob wont post much till better.

speedyfair 06-05-2010 03:11 PM

happy summer welcome june thread
thanks for the new thread and sorry to hear about your accident- hope your up and about in no time.

start of a great weekend- hit the next decade this morning - so excited. started cleaning closets and have a huge bag of clothes to give away- it was so refreshing and pumped me up to have a super day.

almeeker 06-05-2010 05:25 PM

So sorry to hear about the shoulder patti, mine is killing me too. Am I your voodoo doll or what? This neck/shoulder thing is the worst, I can't sleep, I can't sit, I can stand but it's making the rest of me achy too. Hopefully you can find a comfy way to sleep with it tonight and be better tomorrow or the next day. Actually it will probably be 4-6 weeks before you are perfect again.

Yesterday was a complete disaster for me. I went waaaayyy overboard on the calories. I'm much more in control today. That was sort of scary to me really because it's the first time I've done that really since I started this process. The middle child and I were baking birthday treats and having a good time with it, then one broke while we were getting it out of the pan and she and I gobbled it up before it hit the floor. We laughed and joked about it, but then we ate another broken one, and then we all went out to dinner. I ordered an okay meal, but pigged out on chips and salsa beforehand. It was a bad bad day for me calorie wise. But I vow today will be better. I got up early and went for a 70 minute walk and so far today I'm okay for calories, I've budgeted for cake, ice cream and pizza later, but when the day is over the pie chart will be completely out of whack. But it's workable and it's okay, every now and then these days happen. I'll just flat out eat more protein tomorrow and be back on track Monday for sure.

Jaybrodz 06-06-2010 12:33 AM

Sorry about the shoullders, you two and congrats on the drop to the new decade. It takes me awhile to figure out what you guys are talking about. I finally figured out this week who Aunt Flo was, duh. Never heard it called that.

I went overboard last night too. I do fine during the day but my medications that I take in the evening cause weight gain, it says, but what it does is stimulate the brain to want food. I have tried taking it later and then I just get up later and do it. It is driving me crazy. During the day and I know many people have said that my calorie count is normal when I log it without thinking about how many calories something has and eat to my satient level, but at night, it is like a demon or gremlin emerges from me and I lose control. On my appt at the end of a month I am going to see if I can be treated with a less appetite stimulating medication and since I have lost weight, maybe the dosage can be lowered.

Other than that, I am holding my own. Haven't tried my ab rocket again, yet. But I have been tearing out floor exercises to do once I am down there. I have the dreaded plank and others. I just have to get motivated to start doing them. Getting down and getting up is a big hassle for me. I will be so glad when my addition is done because it will have a fold up therapy table in it, so I can do them there. So as you can see, it is not that I am not thinking about it and core exercises are very important to help keep my walking stabilized.

While I am thinking about it in the Pork Recipe, in case you didn't see the last post in the May forum, drop the oregano to 1/2 to one T.

Jaybrodz 06-06-2010 04:26 AM

Hello again! I just got off the phone with my middle child; he is starting his diet on Monday and we are doing it together this time. For his wedding three years ago, we did it separately. Then we both had regained our weight by the time we went to my other son's house a year later and I was so miserable. His poor wife sat between on us on the plane. She must weigh 110-120 dripping wet with three rocks in her pocket. So there we were all big and tall in the outer seats with her stuck between up. She was more to my side as my son now outweighs me by 130lbs. He says it is his highest. We start Monday and we have a kitty going. The loser by percentage lost must make the other a healthful meal of his or her choice. We are going by months or four weeks; we haven't worked out all the details yet. I am just so happy that he is doing something again. He said he told his brother how good I looked because after my last time, I had maintained and at least not put it back on, so I think that was a major reason that he decided to do it with me this time and I told him I was in a forum before. It really does help and make a difference.

So, I am on cloud nine and I think I have a new found motivation and I am so glad for my son. He finds losing weight easy once he starts and the exercise, but he is derailed when there is a major eating event. They went to AZ to visit his brother and his family and my other son can burn. He ended up gaining so much that week of what he had lost that time and from there he just went up and up.

I found through research today that I have been doing a major faux pas. I misunderstood the old gov't pyramid. I thought when it said three servings of meat per say that it meant three, three ounce servings, llike the portion size most diets talk about. I did major reading on their site and got a full understanding of what they are talking about. So, I got the info for a 1600 cal diet and today, so far, unless I get my evening munchies again, I am on track. So, I am switching up, yet again, and counting servings of the food groups according to their measurements and still trying the IE plan. I found that even though I was eating well, I was still eating way too much for lack of understanding.

It finally made it up to 68 degrees here today. Back E where I am from it has been in the 90's so I feel all your pain for those that thought my stew was not timely. It is due to go back down to sixty though.

Hope you all are having a fine weekend and I am just so happy with my son. I try not to push him and I think my maintenance really impacted him because he told his brother how good I looked. That's what I have to be careful of is feeling comfortable at this weight. My daughter tells me I am not fat all the time and at my height I am not far from the overweight status. It is easier for me to walk at this weight than when I am forty or fifty pounds heavier and I have to keep reminding myself that at my goal weight how much easier everything will be for me. I look down and I don't see all the fat that I had on that plane trip and I have lost plenty of inches since then and actually; although for now, I am apple shape, have a waist. I have to keep reminding myself that I am eating this way for better health as I am sort of comfortable with the size I am now. I know that sounds weird. One thing I did was to buy myself something nice in sizes down so I would have something to shoot for because as I am comfortable with who I am, I can get complacent. Does that make any sense?

Lizzycritter 06-06-2010 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by Jaybrodz (Post 12722)
One thing I did was to buy myself something nice in sizes down so I would have something to shoot for because as I am comfortable with who I am, I can get complacent. Does that make any sense?

This makes perfect sense. I recently treated myself to a major shopping trip, and almost all of what I bought, I need to lose 5-10 lbs to be comfortable in. Aside from not wanting to waste money on clothes I'll out-shrink, I've been too complacent lately skipping workouts to make time for other appointments. So now I HAVE to get my butt to the gym to justify spending this money on myself.

blackrhino2 06-06-2010 01:55 PM

JayBrodz, It was great to read your post about you and your son. I hope this month goes well for you both and that you continue motivating him :)

Speedy, congrats on your new decade!! I know how great that feels.

Almeeker, i hope the shoulder improves. I've been having a rough time ever since Memorial Day weekend staying within my calorie goals. It's all about persistence so I think we'll come out stronger from this.

Patti, Sorry to hear about your slip, I hope you are feeling some improvement. I hope the firemen were attractive!!

I figured that since the title of this thread is "jump in" that I'd join you ladies. I love reading all your posts and find you all inspirational.

Jaybrodz 06-06-2010 03:17 PM

Julia, I guess you are new, if you are it is great to hear from you. I am rather new myself but I don't recall seeing you before. Yes it is wonderful about my son. I started raising him from the time he was about ten. My other two were used to well rounded healthful meals, but he expected dessert every night, which I didn't do and didn't care for many vegetables. I think now that he is grown, he has gotten into the habit of eating what he wants. I don't think he started blowing up until he was about 21 or 22. It seems like he was average size and then the next time I saw him, he wasn't. Of course that is not true, but the wonderful thing is that he and his wife have been together since high school. She went away to the Midwest to school for electrical engineering and even though he gained, they stayed together and were eventually married after eight or nine years. It was wonderful to dance as the mother of the groom, when truly, I am not his bio mother. I tease him and tell him he is the easiest birth I had with no pain. He and my other son are two months apart and I call them my two month apart twins, which is possible these days with one being delivered early due to some type of emergency. I love him to death and I think some times, he ponders why and how and can't understand why I don't differentiate between my other two and him.

But anyway, as you will find, I am truly longwinded, Julia.

Had my last hoorah last night, I think, before the even bigger weigh-in on Monday with my son. I ate almost a whole 8 serving bag of pistachios last night around eleven. Now you know that took some doing with shelling them. I paid for it this morning when I weighed myself and expected it. But on a good note, my IE during the day is going well. It's just the darn nights. I think also because of the construction, I can't sleep in my bed and I use a recliner here in the livingroom. There is no clear separation between the day and night time sleeping.

stitchergirl 06-06-2010 11:32 PM

Looking forward to joining you ladies this month.

Jaybrodz 06-07-2010 02:21 AM

Welcome, Stitchergirl. This is a wonderful group.

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