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Morning everyone...
Summer is here and its getting warmer here. I donít do warm weather very well...couldnt sleep last night. That was with two fans going...oh well.
I felt more in control this weekend and that was with pizza. On Saturday i was in a workshop all day and when I got home I didnít feel like cooking or going out...so we ordered a pizza. Since I ate lightly during the day I stayed under my calories. That is how you are supposed to do it!!!! *note to self*
I was going to start to walk again today but will be going home to a nap instead..I will start again tomorrow . I miss it.
Jay you know men lose weight so much faster then women...if its a challenge what about going by percentage lost instead of actual pounds. It would make it fair for you.? Just a thought. You donít blab on here by the way...we are all learning from each other. If we need to vent or cry or laugh..its all [email protected] Better then eating our feelings right?
Almeeker did I read that right on the weakend challenge>?you lost 3 pounds this weekend...nice going!!! And you were out of town too...very challenging.
Glad your feeling better Chris! I took a week off exercising last week as well..back to it tomorrow!
Speedy...your weight is melting off with the heat...oh i wish...hahah....very good!!! Nice loss
Off to get some work done here...lets have a great week ladies!!!
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Skinny – How dare you send that no-good aunt of ours over my way! And I agree with Jaynie…don’t let your mom steal the glory of your success. It’s yours, you own it, you work for it, and ain’t nobody goin’ to put you down!

Almeeker – Is that a new decade I spy? Congrats, Miss I’m-Just-Overweight!

Chris – How did your new workouts go? I remember I always saw some good gains (strength and stamina-wise) and losses (weight-wise) when DH and I would switch up our weightlifting routines, you know, back in the good old days when I spent 2 hours in the gym everyday.

Speedy – Congrats on another 2 pounds – you’re right about the melting away, you’re on a great losing streak!

Jaynie – Congrats on working out, sticking to plan, and seeing some loss! Just keep on truckin’!

Weekend update: Burned about a ga-zillion calories on Saturday planting about 500 plants at the wetlands. Very sore still from being on hands and knees most of the day. Was very hungry over the weekend due to extra calorie expenditure, and overdid it just a little with very healthy foods Saturday after the planting. We also got some Skinny Cow treats too, since both of us wanted ice cream really bad. So I felt justified in the treat because we chose something much healthier. As a result, I’m the same weight today as I was on Thursday (and I’m usually heavier after the weekend).

I have a challenging week ahead of me this week. I have work luncheons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Wednesday is our all-staff meeting which usually means an entire day of snacking and treats on tables. My motivation is that my weigh-in is on Thursday, so I have to keep it under control that day. Also, I just found out that my mom’s company is having a health fair/screening on Saturday, and family members are invited as well. Lots of good information, freebies, and I will get a free cholesterol screening, which at 27, I’ve never had before but I’m interested to see where I’m at and what I could work on. So that will also be my motivation for doing well this week!
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So sorry I haven't been back, seems I've been living at the hospital, Dr's offices and specalists. To make a long story short my little guy, he is 2 and half had a nasty fall and I heard a loud crunching noise. I took him to the ER after an 8 hour wait and x-rays, we find he has broken is collar bone really badly. They think they will do surgery later today to pin it. So needless to say my meal plan is out the window at the moment, I've been eating in hospital cafeteria’s and vending machines (very healthy I know), but I am getting lots of walking in (well pacing actually but I guess its the same thing). No weight loss last week for me, hopefully this week will be better.

Congratulations to all of you ladies you are truly inspiring.
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Stitchergirl, sorry to hear about your son. I'm happy he is finally getting the care he needs and hopefully he will be on the mend soon. Luckily little kids seem to heal up quickly, so hopefully he will be able to bounce back from this. I'll being thinking of you guys.

I had an 9.5 hour drive down to PA on Friday but luckily it only took us 8.5 to get back last night. It was a fantastic weekend. I loved where I went to undergrad so much, the people there are all so supportive and interesting. Kind of like all of you!

So yes, it was a great weekend and I was on track for all of Friday. Saturday was off track but I don't know how many calories I went over because I didn't have internet. I probably was over by 1000 cals. Sunday was okay, didn't eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies but I stayed within a reasonable calorie allowance. I got zero exercise this weekend other than laughing my a** off for a full 48 hours.

Today I had to get take-out for lunch because I drove to school from my boyfriends and he had nothing I could take in for lunch besides a can of beans. I bought this really delicious lamb souvlaki wrap (with all the veggies). I am not sure how bad it was for me but probably like 800 cals or something. I'm just having a salad for dinner to try and make up for my junky lunch.

I went to WW right before I left for PA and I found out that I had gained 0.2. so frustrating. I think it just made me make better choices over the weekend though. Aunt Flo came on Friday so I can just blame it on her. Thanks Erinn for sending her to my place early too!

Speedy, Almeeker, SkinnyErinn and Jay fantastic job on your weight loss!! You just keep it going ladies!!!

Chris and Patti, I hope you both enjoyed your walks. I'm off to take one of those tonight too. I was going to go to yoga but missed it--walking tonight should be nice though as it's only in the low 70's here...perfect for walks.
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Stitchergirl, so sorry to hear about your little one. I know you are very concerned but I go with what was said earlier and he will truly bounce back.

Thanks for all the praise, guys, but if you look closely it say negative eight. That means I gained. Buuuuut, because I was up from my previous week weigh-in when my son and I started, I did manage to edge him out by a whole one hundredth of a pound. his was .98 and mine was .99. He did lose four pounds but I think he was disappointed.

Up to ten hard, long mins of walking and those dog-gone knee lifts. I haven't lifted my knees that high since I have been disabled. I ususally just move minimally, to medium with her on the dvd. Added exercises and weight lifting. It's a traumatic experience. I only use three pound weights, only because I didn't have one or two pounds to start with, and whew. I am now up to one repetition of the six or seven different ones that I do.

Well, if this will get your goat, I don't know what will. One of my contractors is young and streamlined and I had taken my walker out on the uneven ground to see what it was looking like back there and I asked him how his day was earlier because he had mentioned on Friday that he wanted to play Saturday. This was later on Saturday after his "play" where he had biked 80 miles. He is built just like Lance Armstrong and I told him I couldn't even imagine how many cals that was. He said he had a new computer that does all that and hooks up with the satellites and it was 5000 calories. He thought that was a little low. I did too, but can you imagine 89 miles and then you come in the afternoon to do construction work. So anyway, I thought you might want to hear that and know that, hey, I may not touch, but I still like to look.

I almost made it to my garden today. I had pulled my wheelchair from the bathroom to use and everything. I was contacted by the VA Occupational Therapy about a tub lift they are providing and I couldnt' get an appt until the 29th of July or today. So I went today and when I got back, I was so tired. I have been having flu like symptoms. I think it is because I eat absolutely nothing that is not good for me, even if I over eat. I only have two things here that are bad and that is Bisquick and saltines because of transfat. My fat intake is low, but not so low that my food doesn't digest. I said all this to say either I am partially detoxing or I have a liver problem. I will know more when I get my labs this week. Some of my meds can affect that.

I won't know about Zoey, my dog, until her culture comes back tomorrow. Well that is about it for me over the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow, I will make it to the garden in the morning. I should have known I wouldn't today because I have to do things that I didslike early. I started it when I had nothing to do and I wanted to fill my days and get the other benefits but these days I am a little busier and I really suck at gardening, but anyway, I persevere because I know, I did it and there is something wonderful about knowing that you created something even if it is not as pretty as the beautiful flower gardens that your mom had, but it is blooming now. I just have a humongous amount of weeds.
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Stitchergirl - OMG I am so sorry to hear about your little buddy! My thoughts are with you, I am so protective of my guy... much more than his sister - what is that!? Ugh, I have more issues than TV guide.

So the weekend - was ok. I went over to friend's house on Friday and had dinner - carnitas (YUM) - without the tortilla (YAY!). And.... 3 glasses of wine (I promise not to freak out if I have a gain, it's all water weight and will come off). Well, there was no gain... YAHOO. Sunday was Bootcamp, which always makes me feel strong.

This exhaustion just isn't lifting, everything is still a struggle for me. I slept most of Saturday, then went to my great-nephew's birthday. When I got out of the car, my sister (his grandma) and my neice (his mom) both gasped, "Oh my god you have lost so much weight!" It made me feel good, especially when I flexed my calf while standing on tip-toe to tie the pinata up and my sister exclaimed loudly, "WHOA! Look at her calf!" I got to shine just a lil bit, it was nice. My mom sat on a distant park bench and never said a word. It makes me sad for HER - she must be so lonely. She looks bigger than the last time I saw her, and she is using the walker more than ever. I am so fearful of her losing more of her foot, but that's HER battle, not mine. My battle is to prevent myself from ever having diabetes.
Growing up, weight was never discussed. No one was allowed to mention it, major taboo... so now, I make it a joke wherever I go. I make it a point whenever possible to exclaim loudly, "DID YOU JUST CALL ME FAT!?" I especially like doing it in the plus sized section of department stores when my SO holds up something for me to consider. HILL-ARIOUS! I also refer to the Food Network as Pudge Porn. So, my 7 year old knows that it's ok to joke about Mamma's fat, because she's shrinking.
So, when my lower back was out, I asked the... little dear... to walk on my back. I laid on the floor and she walked. Not more than 2 steps later, she huffs, jumps off and says, "I just can't do it, you're too wobbly!" I start laughing hysterically, as she continues to nudge my belly with her foot saying, "wobble wobble wobble!" I swear the tears wouldn't stop she had me cracking up so hard.
I promise we're a classy bunch, lol... we just like a great laugh when it's to be had, especially at our own expense.
Didn't have time to work out today, needed to go see how great the daughter getting on the balance beam... another proud Mamma moment. So, tomorrow it's double duty, with another Bootcamp on Wednesday. I've got make-ups for the next 3 weeks. Blech.
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Morning ladies, I posted yesterday morning, poured my heart and soul into it, and then some bad thing happened and blink blink click fitday logged off. I don't know exactly what I hit, but the whole biznuss were GONE. And after that I had life to take on and didn't have time to type it again. It's raining here this morning, so the kids probably won't go up to the playground program, which is too bad I might have enjoyed that bit of quite time.

The weekend with the in-laws was the usual, except one big bright spot is that my SIL and her DH who are both morbidly obese have totally given up fast food and are now taking baby steps toward getting healthy. We sat and talked about exercise and food issues and what to eat and what to steer clear of. It was a really good conversation and I feel optimistic and happy for them. We also ended up going on a fairly long walk at this nature center and my SIL didn't complain about it in the least, which believe me, is a new leaf for her.

stitchergirl, I'm sorry to hear about the little guy, it's so scary having your child in the hospital. Our youngest was born, that's right BORN with a broken collar bone (tells you a little something about that birth doesn't it?). It was pretty scary for a couple of days, but she healed up perfectly fine. I'm sending "mend and heal quickly" vibes and prayers your way.

skinny, I hear you on the wobble jiggle thing. I feel like I could juggle the extra skin on my arms and legs, and throw the boobs in for the finale. I think the arm skin is starting to shrink a little, which is a good thing, but I don't hold out much hope for the tummy and thighs, all that elastic is SHOT.

jay, great job on the exercise. I know it's hard, and I know you feel out of shape and a little frustrated, but keep it up and pretty soon you'll be kicking butt, or at least capable of kicking someones butt, right? Good luck on your garden. I need to weed mine too, but it's raining today, so I suspect we'll stay in and get some house work done for a change. I'm cracking up over your buff contractor. I read somewhere that Michael Phelps burns like 10,000 in his workouts or some such, so I would think 5,000 a little low for a 90 mile ride too, but heck I would have no idea about that.

blackrhino, sounds like you had a great weekend. It's okay to over eat a little, especially on special weekends. Good luck getting rid of Aunt Flo and her water weight, and don't send her my way okay?

egmdobbs, yep I'm in a new decade, well I'm flirting with it anyway. I was up a tiny bit this morning, but I haven't had a good poo in a couple of days. A weekend with the in-laws can do that to you... So hopefully this week I can drop down below it by a pound or more and make it officially official. I love the tree planting project, sounds like something right up my alley. Dad and I are talking about putting in a fruit orchard this fall. And I agree that a treat was in order. How many calories do the skinny cow treats have? I've been using the WW ones and the Bryer's Carb Smart bars, but I'm always on the lookout for new treats! Good luck with all your lunch/feed-your-face meetings. Ugh.

patti, sorry to hear your not sleeping well, have you considered getting a window rattler? Our house doesn't have central air, but we put a box in the bedroom window for those oh-so-muggy-nights. I can't sleep in the heat either.

montana, did you get back on the treadmill, uh uh? I'm just trying to be a pest and hold you accountable, mostly because I'm having commitment to exercise issues myself. I lost my music player over the weekend, I bought a new one yesterday, but I don't really like it too much. And just that issue is enough excuse for me to not get the workout in. How pathetic am I?

speedy, great job on the 2 pounds and on the shopping! I need to get to the grocery store, maybe today with the rain, since we really can't play outside at the moment.
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Almeeker - The Skinny Cow treats are WAAAAYY better than the Breyers or WW ones - trust me, I've tried them all! The Skinny Cow cones (think Drumsticks, and just as good if not better) are only 150 cals, and the ice cream sandwiches are 140 cals. They also make ice cream bars and fudgesicles for around 100 cals, but I love the cones and sandwiches because they taste like you're really cheating!

Patti - Great job on your weekend! Pizza is always a hard one to get past, but it sounds like you conquered it!

Skinny - I think it's good that you can laugh at yourself and that you are teaching your daughter to not take herself so seriously either. You are taking careful steps not to pass down the same unhealthy, low self-esteem issues that it sounds like your mother passed down to you. "Learn from history, lest we be doomed to repeat it", right?!?

Jaynie - Up to 10 minutes of exercise - wow! Especially since you struggled with the warm up just the other day - you're doing great! And there's nothing saying you can't look - hell, it sounds like even the married among us would have looked!

Today is work lunch #1. I have a healthy dinner prepped in my fridge already (97% lean turkey burgers topped with parmesan, sauteed tomato and basil, and part-skim ricotta - no bun necessary. And broiled zucchini, red peppers, summer squash, and asparagus - I can't wait!). I've got a bag of sugar snap peas fresh from the farmer's market for when I get the afternoon munchies. My goal is to not finish the lunch that's provided, leaving at least a third of it on my plate.

And I have to tell you guys about my "moment" last night. DH was gone at a work meeting, so it was just my 16-month-old and I for dinner. I made him some french toast with whole wheat, 9 grain bread, dipped in egg and cinnamon of course. Then gave him applesauce with no sugar added to dip it in instead of syrup. As he happily ate his very healthy french toast with a big glass of milk, I thought - "this is what it's about". My mom never really taught me about healthy eating. She taught me about dieting, about how you can't ever accept who you are, and that food is an enemy that you must fight but who most of time wins in the end - like when I would catch her up at night shoveling ice cream straight from the carton into her mouth. She has gotten healthy now and done very well with healthy eating and exercise, but sometimes I can't help but be resentful toward her for finally figuring that out now that my brother and I are grown up and have food and weight issues of our own. (Skinny - I know how hurtful a "mother's love" can be sometimes!) Why couldn't she be that kind of mom all along? Well, there's many reasons why, I know, but I guess all I can do is to do differently. I want my son to know only wheat bread, to know that fruit and vegetables come whole and not in a can, to know that dessert is as simple as peanut butter on celery or an apple. And for that to happen, I need to set the example that my mother never did. Sorry for my little diatribe - but I think I found the best motivation of all.
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Good morning ladies! I am holding my coffee cup high in salute of you all! I am going to try to be sneaky and get a workout in before going in late to work, and then another this evening.
I am really trying to beat this exhaution with a stick. It's kicking my butt... but on the other hand I am so excited about being in the 250's (and how close that is to 240's) that I am dying to get my butt in gear. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Maybe my body just isn't happy with 1300 cals a day.... I wish I knew the cause of all this... it seems that it's lasting much longer than just some stupid virus. I am getting to bed on time, but all my extra "oomph" is not there. I want the old me back, I miss that spark - and if being thin means I have ZERO energy, I just don't know if it's worth it. Is anyone out there going through the same thing? I always thought, and felt, that working out was supposed to give energy, not wipe it all away. Please help me guys, I am losing this battle with my eyelids. I am even drinking sugar free energy drinks to get my motor running, nothing is working and I am starting to get scared.
I know my mother, and the trauma of growing up with a 500 pound hateful agoraphobic, is what caused a lot of these issues for me. I have said previously that I don't think anyone can become 400+ pounds and not have some deep issues to battle through. I know I am frightened of being thin, I have this underlying feeling of vulnerability whenever I think of being thin. Even 240's is scary for me. I kindof lose my breath a little bit and become frightened. Who or what am I protecting myself from? Perhaps it's just the perception that the old "fat me" deserved a lot of the old crap I have been taking and that "thin me" will be brave enough to demand more - and that change is scary. Maybe when I meet "thin me" who makes all of these demands, I will find that I really don't deserve any better.... either way it's disconcerting that I am terrified of becoming thinner... huh, maybe that's why I am sabotaging my energy? Deep stuff to consider over here.
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I weighted myself this morning and I am now 242.5 Yay lol.

I was talking with a friend and reliased that I am eatting for the emotional part of it not the need. I want junk because it makes me feel good but I do not need it.

I am trying to track my food through weight watchers even though I hate tracking so we will see how it goes.

Jillian is on tonight at a different time thought I think she is on at 8pm.
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