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I have the same problem myself when it comes to my food weaknesses.
Although I've just started my weightloss I've emptied my cupboards of the foods I usually turn to when I'm bored and alone. I have also asked everyone else in my house not to keep snacks where I can find them. (I wouldn't dream of searching other people's things, so that works for me.)

Also, when you're going food shopping make a list, and try to only take the money you need for those items. That way you simply won't have the cash for extra items.
You may also want to go shopping after a meal. Then you shouldn't feel hungry and won't be adding loads of rubbish to your basket.

Hope that helps you some!
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Hi Ladies,

I'm back on track for 2 days now. The 1800 calorie a day is working so far. I figure this will have to be a life long committment for me if I'm to lose weight and keep it off. I hope to get back to power walking/running soon but it is extremely hot here lately. I am moving on Saturday so once I get in my new place I hope to get more organized with having groceries and things available to help me stay on track.

I hope you are all doing well and staying on the right track!
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Originally Posted by christineval

Does anyone else have this problem....

I feel I have to be honest or else I will never get better. I feel like I am out of control when I senselessly eat sometimes. It seems as soon as I am alone I head for the cupboard to eat anything! Or when I go to the grocery store I get a chocolate bar and eat it on my way home.

It is like I feel that if people dont see the bad stuff I am eatting then maybe I will lose lol. I keep trying to tell myself that it is only me I am cheating not anyone else when I hide to eat.

So my question is how do I stop this. I am not even hungry most times and when I am I still do it or eat more
Yes, I have those same issues. Not so much sneaking and eating, but the candy bar at the store thing - oh yes. Or the stop at the drive-thru thing. What has helped me is to tell myself that I am not going to fall victim to marketing ploys. That candy is at the register to seduce your wallet. If you were to buy a package of candy bars, each candy bar would cost considerably less than a single one at the register. Same thing with the bottles of cold pop or dinner at the drive-thru, I can make a dinner for my whole family for less than what I would spend for just myself at a drive-thru window and those companies know it. So my rule is to not just hand over my wallet because they want my money, I want my money too and have much more important things to spend it on. Another thing I do to keep me out of the bad stuff is to buy a healthy snack at the store, a big beautiful apple, or a box of blackberries or maybe a nice fat chocolate protein bar. That way I get my snack, and I'm still on plan, and I'm already looking forward to the snack when I get to the register, cause it's already in my cart making my mouth water.

When I'm not hungry but have the munchies, I fix myself a snack and wash it down with a big thing of water. When both are gone and I still have the munchies I set the timer on the stove for 30 minutes. If I still have the munchies when the timer goes off I eat a piece of fruit and another big thing of water. What usually happens is that by the time the timer goes off the snack I started with has satisfied my hunger and my brain finally knows it, so I do a load of laundry instead.
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Hi Christine,
Habits like what you are talking about are really hard to break. I suffer with some of the same ones you mention. I am not sure why I tend to binge when no one is around. I think I do it bc I'd be embarrassed if someone saw me house a cake or a choc. bar. There is a saying that I've heard so much I find it annoying but I'll repeat if for those that haven't heard it: "What you eat in private, shows up in public."

For me these bingeing tendencies are habits, and by definition habits are hard to break, but what makes it easier is if I replace my old habit with a new habit. Personally, I'm a gummy candy freak so I used to eat those while I try to munch on a bag of grapes instead.

Or, if you go for the choc. bar get a low carb, one with out any sugar or fake sugar added--the sell them at Trader Joes. These are less addictive bc they are less processed. I put it in the freezer and try to forget about it. Then eat it slowly as a dessert/treat. (note; this is not always successful!)

Remember: We can do this. We have to believe in ourselves--and be patient with ourselves.
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