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jhandley27 05-26-2010 03:15 PM

Weight loss and thyroid?
Hello everyone I'm Jessica. I'm 23 years old, about 5'4", and I currently weigh 148 lbs. I just recently started trying to lose weight and get some muscle tone, and I just started using the FitDay site. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and gained somewhere in the area of 35-40lbs. I'd like to at least get back down to 130lbs, then hopefully lower from there. I've been told a lot of different things about how a thyroid problem will affect your weight, so I was just wondering if anyone else has a thyroid condition or has any advice for me when it comes to weight loss and thyroid problems? I'm scared it's going to be very hard to lose the weight...

pipnmox 05-28-2010 12:38 AM

Hey - I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Do you have hypo or hyperthyroidism? Either can be treated with medications by a doctor and both, if left untreated can cause other health problems.
With hypothyroidism I felt tired constantly, which definitely made it difficult to lose. I worked out nearly 3 hours a day and could not lose a pound and so going to a metabolic specialist was so encouraging because it was nice to know that my weight wasn't all my fault and that I with a little help I can take control of my weight loss journey and be triumphant.
The doctor put me on levothyroxine 3 days ago and already I'm feeling better emotionally and have more energy.
So - you just need to know what your thyroid condition is and seek treatment - it's a bother to have to depend on a pill to make you "right" but it's empowering to be able to fix your body when you actually know what is wrong with it.
Good luck!!!

jbottorf 06-01-2010 04:21 PM

Hi Jessica! I've struggled with my weight just about my entire life (I'm 33 right now), and I was officially diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 10 years ago. I really don't consider a thyroid condition to be a reason why a person *can't* lose weight, especially when it is diagnosed and counts are brought into the normal range by medicine. It sounds like your levels should be well under control by now, so in my opinion, your thyroid shouldn't have any affect on your ability to lose weight. I say, just make sure you've had your thyroid levels tested within the last year or 6 months, and if everything is falling within the normal range, then don't let the idea of a thyroid problem keep your motivation down! I lost 35 pounds last year, and I recently gained back a little more than 5. It's still a constant struggle, but my only problem is keeping my motivation up. Just stay excited about your goals and work hard, and you'll get the weight off! I do believe some of us have to work a bit harder than others, but it's not impossible! Good luck! :)

KristinaBarrios 06-01-2010 04:32 PM

Hey Jessica
I too was diagnosed with a underactive thryroid just a few months ago, and i know it can be a bummer but my doctor did put me on a medicine to help me out, also i am exercising more. (walking) My weight kinda gotta out of control and i didnt notice cause i was too busy worrying about someone else in my life and i started a sit down job and sat on my butt for 10hrs a day. Before i knew it I ballooned to 357lbs and that was as of May 19th and today June first i weighed in at 345lbs. So i know it can be done, we just gotta work at it and your body is not gonna react the same way a persons would next to you. If you need encouragement then please let me know. I am willing to help you and i too could use some words of motivation. Good Luck and well wishes. *Kristina*:)

jhandley27 06-03-2010 03:36 PM

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I started off with Grave's Disease, which is overactive, then they decided to knock the thyroid down to being underactive, said it would be easier to treat... But I take Synthroid everyday, and I've been in the normal range for a year or two now. It's nice to hear that you guys have lost weight even with a thyroid problem, that's so encouraging! I'm trying pretty hard... I managed to lose about 7 lbs, but then I gained almost all of it back, so it's getting pretty frustrating... But you're right, I just need to keep my motivation up... That's the hard part, especially since my workout buddy decided to give up completely! But I'm hanging in there... I'm still almost 2 lbs. down at this point, so that's better than nothing!

farahb7 06-03-2010 05:21 PM

i also have underactive thyroid, and was trying all to get rid of the extra, extra weight and was not succesful for the longest time! but, i hated being big and wanted so much to lose the weight and luckily i came across fitday. fitday and the amazing support groups have been a blessing in my life! i'm on my 7 weeks on fitday, the last i weigh myself last friday, i had lost 10 lbs so far, i'm sure i have lost more this week, i'll know by tomorrow how much more. what i mean by all this, weight loss is possible! if i could do it, so could you! eat well, log your food, exercise and you'll see the pounds dropping!
Good Luck!!!!!

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