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Shell250 01-11-2010 03:04 PM

Hi, I'm new!

I just started FitDay a couple days ago. Like many others, I have had a life-long struggle with my weight. I am 40-ish and at a record high of 248lb. :( I feel paniced and depressed about it, but know I need to turn this around now.

My goal is:

Current Wt, Height: 248lb, 5'10"
Goal, by June 30: 200lb
Total lbs to Lose: 48 lb
Rate: +/-2lb/week

I am not participating in any weight loss 'programs', as I have tried many in the past including Weight Watchers and Tops. My plan is to diligently track my food intake via FitDay (I love seeing a snapshop of my daily calories and nutrition, I find that very motivating!). I am going to use my treadmill everyday, and participate in the forums.

My main reason for losing is that I want to feel good in my own skin and be healthy again! Really motivated to finally DO THIS! :D

Anyone else out there with a similar goal?


dbrinkley80 01-11-2010 03:30 PM

Hey Shell, I'm 29, I weigh somewhere around 300 (I've had two scales give me drastically different numbers, my digital says I'm in the 330's, my friend's analog says 305 and I'm more apt to trust the analog, as the digital one acting weird anyway. I need to go buy my own scale) so I have a much longer way to go, but right now I'm trying to get to 285 per my friend's analog by the end of March. I've been on all the programs, too, and am now doing it on my own via logging through FitDay and talking anyone's ear off on the boards. I think its great that we have to forums to pose questions, or just sound off frustrations. I feel much better being able to talk about the challenges and victories, big or small, with a group of like minded folks. Especially since I feel like this has taken over my life, at least while I adjust. Good luck to you, and remember, we're always here for you so if you're struggling or anything, sound off, we're listening! :)

Shell250 01-11-2010 05:14 PM

Hi DB,

Thanks for posting, and for the kind words of support!!!! All the best of luck to you too. We all have our unique journey, and while we are all at different stages, we all have the same goal to lose weight/get healthy.

I think these forums are just great, I have just been reading through them today. I feel this mission has sort of taken over my life right now too, but the new lifestyle changes should come to feel natural in time. Yes, takes awhile to settle into it.

I decided to take my measurements (just measuring my bust/waist/hips). I tend to step on the scale everyday (or multiple times a day.....:rolleyes:) if I have one too handy, and that can be discouraging. I used to keep the scale in the kitchen, thinking it might motivate So, I put the scale in a closet, and am only going to weigh myself once in awhile. I carry most of my weight around my belly, it will feel good to see that number decrease.

What are you doing for exercise? Me, I am walking and stretching. Committing to 1/2 hr on the treadmill or outside, per day, for now. Will ramp that up. I really like the food tracker here; it is easy to use, fast and excellent! I am very stats oriented, like to see the nutritional values and all the different progress graphs.

Thanks for being here! :)

dbrinkley80 01-11-2010 08:34 PM

Sorry I forgot to include my name in my intro, I'm Diane. I am mainly doing exercise videos that I find on my cable's on demand channel. My claim to shame is that I do actually own some Richard Simmons videos, but he irritates the piss out of me, so I either spend the workout cussing at him, or deciding I can't deal with him that day so I don't. I know its probably kind of buying into the show, but I really do enjoy The Biggest Loser workouts that I've tried so far. For being just twenty minute snippets of the whole video, they are intense! I mentioned in another post that Bob destroyed my legs and for about two days I was waddleing around the apartment! I know I'm going to hear that its not really exercise, but today was laundry day. We live on the third floor, the machines are in the basement, and it was four trips up and down the stairs, most of them with a full laundry basket, so I'm about done for the day! I can reall feel it in my shoulders, since my basket is one of the tall ones, and I have to hold it up so it clears the steps.

Ultimately I'd like to join the all women's gym down the street. I'd like access to the elipitical machines, it would make it easier to get more effective cardio, since my right ankle has arthritis due to an injury a few years ago. I don't really use that as a crutch or an excuse, but if I have the opportunity to be a little nicer to it I'll take it. Its also very reasonably priced at around fifteen dollars a month.

I used to walk with a couple of friends, we made it about a year, and I think by the time we broke up we were walking a little over three miles every day. I'd like to get back into something like that, I just need to find some folks that are actually interested in doing it. My best friend has two kids and lives almost fourty minutes away, and the other one of the three of us besides myself that was there literally every week day, rain, shine, cold or heat, lives a couple of counties over now. I miss spending the time with them too. Which is another reason I want to join the gym, I'm hoping I can find a work out buddy to meet up with at least some of the time I'm in there. I do much better when I have someone to talk to and break up the monotony.

Tomorrow is my measurement day, so I'll update you on how it goes! It adds some much needed accountability and, hopefully!, motivation.

Are you finding that you're balancing your nutritional needs all right? I'm surprised at how easy it actually is to get a pretty balanced diet day to day. I'm very facinated with this topic. To the point where I'm kind of considering going back to school and maybe getting a degree in nutrition. Its really neat to see just what food can do for you and knowing that you don't HAVE to go out and buy vitamins. I'm also really getting into eating non-processed foods and organic when we have the money for it. It makes me happy to not put crap into myself!

wicki511 01-11-2010 08:50 PM

My name is Melissa and I am new as well. I am only 20 years old and weight about 240. I hope to be around 200 by May. I want to celebrate my 21st birthday looking and feeling good. I have struggled with weight all my life. I have a big build like you. I am 5'8 and am rather broad. It was never fun especially during my teen years being the overweight one when all my friends were parading around in bikini's and form fitting clothes. I want this to be the year I finally succeed. Every year I say I am going to do this, and i never do and I am tired of it. I hope you achieve your goals. I admire that you are doing something for yourself. Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin. Good luck! :)

Shell250 01-12-2010 12:33 AM

Hi Diane,
Thanks for posting your name! :) I am not a fan of Richard Simmons, but I must admit, he is high energy and motivating!!! lol Laundry can be exercise, especially when stairs are involved, that is for sure! Using my treadmill (an excellent quality one, which I have had for years, and not made good use of). Considering going swimming again too. I find my iPod helps alot to make the time fly by on the treadmill. I am trying to keep things simple. In the past I have gone all gung-ho with exercise classes, DVD's etc. and just wore myself out, and became burned out too quick. I am mainly focussing on getting power walking in daily - for right now anyways!

I do find my nutritional needs are somewhat balanced, although my fat percentage is a little high (I know it is due to too much cheese and nuts), need to focus on cutting back on those. I am facinated by this topic too. Very interesting. Looking at the breakdown does help me to make wiser choices. I am getting off the processed food too. Eating whole and raw foods alot more. I struggle with evening snacking. I seem to do alright as far as eating wisely during the day. All about moderation, hey?

Hi there Melissa,
Welcome, Nice to see some newbies around! I totally understand what you are saying. I am big-framed too. I have never had a bikini body myself and was always the biggest and tallest in my classes while I was growing up. It is not easy.

From my mid-20's to mid-30's, I was around 190-200lb, and quite comfortable with my body, how I felt, how I looked, and I had alot of energy. I worked out on and off, walked quite a bit, and was in pretty good shape. I would be happy to get to 200lb again. Once I am there, perhaps I will lose more. But getting to 200lb is all I can think of right now.

I admire you too for your determination to do this! And to do it while you are still so young. It is true when people say that as you get older it is harder to lose weight...I know that first hand! :)

I want to incorporate a healthy lifestyle so the weight comes off, and stays off, for once and for all. I believe this is the year I am finally going to do it too. I have been procrastinating for longer than I like to admit..! We can do it!!! :D Keep posting!

wicki511 01-12-2010 03:34 AM

that is so awesome that you felt so good at 200 pounds! I am the same way. I weighed about 204 at my senior prom and my mom recently said it's the best weight for my body being that I am just the way im built. that felt so good to hear because i like being a bigger girl. i dont find woman who are skinny that attractive. a lot of my friends think if i get to my goal weight i can be a plus size model and i would love that! i wanna show girls that there are more beautiful and healthy ways to be than a size 2. i wish plus size models were more mainstream because it is true that girls start to starve themselves because they want to look like super models do. trust me it is not worth it. i myself am a former bulimic and although i was still 175 lbs at my lightest. i looked too thin for my frame and it didnt look good at all. This time when i lose the weight, i wanna do it the healthy way. and i am definitely not losing 100 pounds like doctors wants me to because skeletal really isn't my thing.

If you would like to contact me my email address is [email protected]. I would love to have some extra support and give some in return!

dbrinkley80 01-12-2010 02:20 PM

Hey Melissa, if you want to chit chat any, I don't have full blown AOL, but I do have their messenger. my screen name is eloquinravenwing. I totally agree that skeletal is not pretty. I like having boobs and a butt!

Soooo...... I measured in..... I'm not thrilled, I didn't really see any change, and in a couple of places it seems like I gained a little. I realize that I shouldn't expect to see change every week, but I can't seem to stop myself from hoping for it.

I really really need to step up my exercise. I did really well the first week, and now I'm kicking off week five, and I really haven't established a good routine for myself yet. I think that's my main missing key. I don't think its time to cut back calories yet, because then I would be hungry all the time. I think I'm doing ok at 1800-1900 cal/day.

I think I'm just being impatient. :o

Enough obsessing for the moment, good morning, Shell and Melissa, I hope you're both having a good day! I'm gonna go find some activity to do!

Shell250 01-12-2010 03:09 PM

Hey Melissa, Diane,

Good for you Melissa for holding your own, and standing up for what you believe in. I agree with all you say. The media does alot to create eating disorders. From the time I was your age (ahem, 20 yrs ago! :eek:), plus sized models are much more mainstream now. They were non existent back then, and there were no plus sized clothing stores to be found anywhere. I was somewhere around a size 12/14 then (that was the biggest size you could find in a regular store), so I could find clothes, barely. Often too short though.... People who were larger had to resort to buying men's clothes, or have them custom made. So, things have changed - although it has been very very slow!

In the past I have done some very unhealthy things to lose weight. I am all about healthy now too. I have set a goal of losing 2lb/week - I wonder if this is realistic? Maybe initially, but I will do my best and see what happens.

Hang in there Diane, it takes time for our bodies to adjust to the changes before we see results. I too need to ramp up my exercise. Hang in there!

Something else I am doing is eating 5 small meals per day. I find this wards off overeating, and is supposed to keep the metabolism up - and at a steady BURN! :)

JRamirez24 01-12-2010 03:19 PM

Hi Shell,

I am trying to lose close to 50lbs, I have been struggling with weight over the past 5 years, and its a challenge, I have been on this site for about a week and I decided to change for myself in 2010, I havent weighed myself yet but I m hoping for some improvements, Im trying to get more active and Ive changed a lot in my diet and im praying I can keep it up.

I dont believe in diets because I feel like its just a quick solution and once you come off it the weight comes back (its happened to me in various occasions with different diets) Ive said it before I think its about a lifestyle change, and long term goals.

Good luck with your goal and keep us posted on your successes

dbrinkley80 01-12-2010 07:17 PM

Hey guys, I'm on the 100 lb club board too, and one of the girls on there mentioned a workout she found on demand, since I had said on it as well that I'm using it to find a workout video that I feel I'll stick with. I may have found it. I don't know about other cable providers, but I have Comcast, and there is a Jillian Micheals one called Boost Your Metobolism. Its hard, but it was really good! For me, personally, this seems to have a long term potential to it. Just thought I'd pass it along, in case any of you are looking for any aerobics ideas!

Is everyone having a good day so far? I feel a lot better from when I posted this morning since I worked out. I don't know why I drag my feet on it, I know how much I actually enjoy physical activity and how much its helps my moods. I hope you ladies are doing well, and I'm thinking about you and cheering you on! :D

wicki511 01-12-2010 11:28 PM

2 pounds a week seems very reasonable. That is usually the recommended amount.

Suseeeq 01-12-2010 11:33 PM

this is my first time on site so i can relate
im 250 and going to try and do a small goal of 10lbs by end of feb
i have been fighting this battle most of my life
looking for support

lmargaret 01-13-2010 12:41 AM

go girl go!
I am new too-and I am determined!

syd1980 01-13-2010 02:22 AM

hello my name is stephanie. im 29 y/o and have been fighting my weight all my life. i was always the chubbie little girl running around. as i got older is was hard watching girls in bikinis and tight fitting clothes .because i knew i was different. after my pregency i was at my highest weight but ignored it. in 2008 i stepped on a scale and weighed 340. finally decided to do something about it. i now weigh 240, and have 63 more pounds to go to my goal weight at 177. im 5'11 so i dont wont to go no lower than 170. i believe there should be some curve to a woman.

i have noticed that im an emotional/bored eater. it has been hard to break that habit and still have to work hard on not giving in to it. i signed up on this site so i couldnt cheat and as i have seen the facts can smack you in the face. just reading the posts gives me encouragement that im not alone and that there is something i can do about it. thank you and i wish you all the best in your journey

Shell250 01-13-2010 06:44 AM

Hi everyone!! :)

Just got home from a concert (Blue Rodeo), and there is nothing like stadium seating to remind one of their size!! :rolleyes: Had a great time! Resisted popcorn, pop, beer and other munchies. So that was a victory in the food department!

Great to see more newbies! Thanks so much for posting everyone, and for the support. I am committing to a permanent lifestyle change. I am sick and tired of how I feel. I am an emotional eater too, it is a viscious cycle. Trying to examine why I overeat; and being aware of what I am feeling when I reach for food, particularly junk food. I know sometimes it is thirst, boredom, depression (which seems to set in when I don't get enough real exercise). Doing alot of soul searching these days.

Something else I though of today is that it seems like alot of our socializing with friends (and even with just me and my husband) is centred around food. I like eating, like trying new restaurants, new foods, I like talking about food! Sigh. But going to cut waayy back on eating out. Going to try to plan more activities with friends; not always lunches/suppers. Preparing my own nutritious food is something I need to focus on.

Please keep posting, and I will too. ;)

dbrinkley80 01-13-2010 01:55 PM

I just wanted to say good morning to all you lovely ladies and wish you luck and strength today! Have a wonderful day!

krstnabean 01-13-2010 03:42 PM

Originally Posted by Shell250 (Post 796)
Hi everyone!! :)

Just got home from a concert (Blue Rodeo), and there is nothing like stadium seating to remind one of their size!! :rolleyes: Had a great time! Resisted popcorn, pop, beer and other munchies. So that was a victory in the food department!

Hey everyone! I'm Kristina-- I'm 24 with 2 kids (1 &3) and I'm weighing in at 281, which is down 9 from my starting weight of 290, my highest ever. I've been doing the Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism on demand and watching my calorie intake.

I just want to say congratulations to Shell. Resisting beer or soda at a concert! I am so not ready for that. My husband & I were avid concert-goers, but he's on his own until I can get strong enough to exercise enough to justify a beer or to not have one at all. I'm not normally a drinker... I won't drink around my children, so that leaves me to be sober Supermommy all the time. I just know that when I go out to places like that (baseball/hockey/football games and concerts) I just want a hot dog and a beer. :-(

krstnabean 01-13-2010 03:43 PM

And Diane! I'm glad to finally know your first name! Good luck and lots of willpower to everyone!

dbrinkley80 01-13-2010 08:31 PM

Apparently I'm really bad at introducing myself properly-this is why I need to start proofreading my posts more carefully!! I think I've put my name in, but I guess I'm just saying it in my head-oops! I just got done with Jillian, and I need to shower, then haul four ream boxes and two garbage bags full of crap I just cleaned out of my closet this afternoon downstairs and to the goodwill. I'm not saying the workout got easier, per say, but I did notice that it didn't take me quite as long to recover today, and my arms had a little more stamina. I'm really glad I didn't let me talk myself out of doing it. I was going to use the box hauling as an excuse to not work out, like I did with laundry on Monday. Ok, enough procrastinating-I'm off to finish my to do list!

syd1980 01-13-2010 08:53 PM

why is everything centered around food? hanging out today with my husband and a few friends and then you hear lets order pizza. UGH !!! not wanting to be the party pooper i went along. ate a few slices and feeling ok with myself. but still wish everything isnt centered around food. so im off to try that boot camp video again and nice and slow no killing myself this time. wishing you all the best

Shell250 01-13-2010 10:05 PM

Hi Kristina, Thanks, it was hardest for me to resist the popcorn..! I like to have a couple glasses of wine a week, other than that, don't really drink much alcohol. Practicing moderation, but not deprivation this time. The occasional snacks won't do any harm. :) We have 3 concerts to go to this month, so I was feeling just strong enough, and not hungry last night (which helped), to pass on any 'treats'! Yay!

Syd, Yes, i am really struggling with social life/food being so interconnected in my life. Really noticing it more and more. When I do go out on occasion, I am going to be really cautious with what I order. What I have done in the past is committed to eating just half of my meal, and taking the other half home. This worked for me, so trying it again.

Diane, Feels good to clear out junk, doesn't it? I am doing the same...and it counts as exercise too, a bonus!

dbrinkley80 01-14-2010 12:58 AM

Well hasn't my butt just gotten a work out today! ;) I'm sure I've mentioned on here, but in case not, we live on a third floor apartment, and I had to make three trips to get all the stuff downstairs! I really didn't want to cop out on the real workout, I want to establish this as a routine, since the food part has more or less gotten that way. I don't know what I'm going to do once I'm out in the real world more. My best friend's oldest just turned six, and she's having a party for him this weekend.... I'm nervous, cause I know there'll be pizza there. :eek: But I'll stick to just cheese, which is one of my favorites, anyway. At least the party is at the local nature center, that will mean lots of walking around and looking at things.

I ignored the dreaded potato tonight! I made up just enough so the boyfriend could have some with his dinner. I would have felt bad if all he got was a pork chop and some broccoli. He has my opposite problem, he could really stand to put on a couple pounds. That's gotten to be my habit lately anyway. I make a serving of a couple different veggies for myself to go along with what we're already having. And I eat them first, that way I fill my tummy with really good things, and don't eat as much as the fattier stuff. I will sometimes give myself a little ration of mashed potatos, but I have to be careful, because that's like kryptonite to me. I love the things.

I think I'm going to start buying the frozen greens and seasoning them myself. The biggest problem I'm having is keeping my sodium levels down. So I'm trying to buy fresh and frozen veggies so that way I can control the salt myself. Which, left to my own devices, I have discovered I don't really need, so beyond flavoring meats, I don't use it anymore.

Ok, I'm tired, the mega rambling has begun. I never took that afore mentioned shower, so here's to hoping I get at least ten minutes of hot water (our building seems to be having some kind of hot water issue it never really had before), my stiff muscles could use the heat. But at least they're just stiff and not sore!

Good night, my ladies, don't dwell on mistakes, and remember, tomorrow's a clean slate, so don't give up the good fight over a few transgressions!

emilymckelvain 01-14-2010 03:06 AM

Hi Ladies, I'm Emily. I just found the forums tonight, and it so refreshing to find forums where everyone is so honest and NICE! I think I'm posting on every thread!!

I eat a lot of the frozen vegetables, and I love them. Tonight I made a dinner of frozen shrimp and scallops and frozen vegetables. Tossed them all up in a skillet and added a little light sour cream, thyme, and blue cheese crumbles, and it was creamy and delicious. The frozen vegetables really help me bulk up my meals without all the calories, and they are so nutritious!

I started at 240 (my highest weight ever) in September of 2008, and I'm down to 200. You all are motivating me!

Shell250 01-14-2010 07:46 PM


Emily! Thanks for posting, congratulations on your success!!! That is very very motivating to me, your goal was similar to mine! :) :) Have you been using FitDay since Sept 08? Please share any tips you may have discovered!

I just picked up a bunch of seafood today; snow crab legs (mmmm, a real treat), shrimp and some lobster meat. Love to do stirfry's with seafood! So satisfying and light. I find if I eat the same old foods, I eat more, and they are not as satisfying. Trying to mix things up, and trying new recipes, spices, etc.

Diane, Way to go, stiff muscles remind you of the exercise you got in! Good idea with the portions. I tend to cook too much...thinking I will have leftovers...but in reality, for me it is just a temptation to overeat. Going to cook enough for the meal from now on; particularly the starchy stuff. My hubby could use to lose a few pounds himself (and already has, because I do most of the cooking), but he works alot harder than me, so can afford to eat bigger portions. Crazy how fast he drops weight. SIGH. I have a wee bit of a salt 'habit' and am always reaching for the salt shaker. Trying to use some interesting spices while cooking instead. Developing a love for curry!! Thanks for the rah rahs! :D

Exercise. I am walking, but not really working up a big sweat. I know I need to ramp that up and do some cardio if I want to see the results I am envisioning. Tomorrow AM goal = sweat.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

emilymckelvain 01-15-2010 03:41 AM

Hi Shell, it was kind of funny when I determined to start losing weight because I was actually out drinking beer with one of my girlfriends, and I was lamenting about how I'd been too fat to wear my college ring for the last year and a half - geez, what a great way to get motivated hu!

Anyhow, I started by doing the WW Points. I'd done WW about five years previous and had a lot of success with it, but my work schedule had become very erratic, so I had quit working out and was eating meals out a lot and gained a ton of weight.

I think I discovered FitDay around the end of 2008 maybe. To be honest, I've been off and on over time. I was driving home from a weekend out of town and listening to the radio one night. A guy had called in about alcohol addiction and how he had fallen off the wagon, and the host said that failure is often met on the road to success, and he advised really analyzing what you were doing when you were succeeding and what you were doing differently that led to failure. And it just crystalized for me that when I'm diligent about tracking my calories, I lose weight, and when I don't track, I don't lose. Rocket science!

So I've been very diligent about tracking my calories for the last six or seven months.

I'm fortunate to work for a company that employs a full-time food staff that feeds us (for free, yeah!) breakfast and a hot lunch every day. They also keep fresh fruit and tea available all day. Because we rotate through the same meals about every three weeks or so, I've started keeping a list of the most common foods so I can plan ahead based on what we're having. If I didn't do so well with a particular meal last time, I just go heavier on the veggies the next time. Also, I've actually started staying away from the side salad because I can't resist the Ranch dressing!! Unless we have Mexican food or chicken strips and then I make a giant taco salad. They usually serve dessert, too, which is hard to resist, so I try to eat a big enough lunch that I'm not too hungry for dessert. Then I snack on fresh fruit in the afternoon.

Lunch is my biggest meal of the day now, and that's a big change from when it used to be dinner. Also, I always eat breakfast now - usually a big bowl of plain oatmeal with a glass of milk or high fiber cereal. I DO have a hard time figuring out how to add more protein to my breakfast since I'm not preparing it at home. Any tips?

So, nothing new, I guess... just the basics, but that's what works! I have really noticed that now that I'm not eating tons of fast food and sweets, my cravings for the bad stuff are rare - what a blessing! I guess it's true that a balanced diet of whole foods that meets your nutritional needs really does help to eliminate wild cravings!! I usually get hungry late at night, but without the cravings, I don't binge.

My employer is awesome....! And I have to share with y'all something that happened today. One of the guys at work (who I'm not even particularly close to) told me that he could tell I had lost weight and was looking good! He's trying to lose some weight too. I swear there's nothing more validating than having other people notice, is there????!!!!

emilymckelvain 01-15-2010 03:42 AM

Oh, and I've been able to wear my Aggie Ring again for over a year now - Whoop! That's the best.... :)

Shell250 01-15-2010 05:02 PM

Hello Emily, everyone, and fellow newbies!

Thanks for sharing your tips and insights Emily...I know, I keep telling myself 'it is not rocket science - eat less, move more!' lol Oh, and track!

Thank-you, you have made me realize that I too MUST track food. I have used WW before, and I did lose 30 lb by tracking and excercising. Diligent tracking is important for me to keep me mindful. If I don't track, I think I slip into a state of denial, and just don't consider the big picture of what I consumed throughout the day. I simply don't think about it. Perhaps for some people this comes more naturally; but it does not with me; maybe because my eating is so emotionally connected. Seeing what I eat, by tracking, along with the nutritional info, keeps me in reality. :rolleyes:

I was saying in another thread that I think I finally hit rock bottom with my weight, I know it is time to smarten up and take care of myself for once and for all. My weight has always fluctuated based on what was going on in my life, with relationships, stress level, business, and busy-ness, etc. just proving what I am already painfully aware of....emotional eating and how much I lean on food to fill various voids. Really examining my hunger, why I am feeling hungry.

I always thought that once I was self-employed things would be different, away from my hectic, high stress, office job. I thought I would have more time and flexibility to schedule workout time. Well, I hate to admit it, the opposite was the case. Being around home made it easy to always be in the cupboards and fridge, grazing. And without anyone around, which makes it worse. And no, the workout time was not scheduled.

I guess it boils down to priorities - no matter what is going on with work, and life in general, one has to care for themself first. What is more important? So I am putting myself first now and caring about food, exercise, nutrition.

The company you work for sounds awesome, that is a great perk! :) I am finding I get a good portion of protein from hard boiled eggs. I love them, and boil up 6 or so and keep them handy in the fridge. I have used a protein powder supplement before, and was considering picking up some again. Trying to keep my food more natural though, and the protein powder is processed, so not sure on that. I need to boost my protein a little more too. Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts on any of the protein powders? Recommended brand?

Congrats on the kudos from your co-worker, that sure is a good feeling!!! :) And for getting your ring back on! Those small triumphs go a long long way!

Shell250 01-15-2010 05:16 PM

I have been using FitDay for one week now, and am down 2 lb. :cool:

2 lb/week is my goal, so I am happy! I have not been exercising 'hard' though ie no cardio whatsoever. Just walking everyday. Ramping up my exercise...slowly...

msmarilyn3 01-18-2010 05:26 PM

hey Shell, I'm there with U - weight wise I'm at my highest and I feel like a bloated cow:)
I think journaling my food works the best for me and it is nice to see the cals/protiens /carbs all pie graphed- the whole visual thing ya know?
You should join us on our other thread the sexy girls a lot of us talk about the same stuff you're and many of us check on daily

chunkeymonkeytoo 01-18-2010 05:52 PM

Hi Shell, I felt like I was reading my own post when I read yours. I am new too. Just started the calorie tracker today. I am 47 and weigh 230 lbs. I have not been successful at weight loss since I turned 30. My weight has gradually gone up over the years. My main reason for keeping track of calories is because I think it's the main reason I am unsuccessful. It's too easy to eat the wrong foods and not realize how much it adds up too. I am having difficulty sleeping because of snoring and sleep apnea which scares me because I know it's due to my weight. I have to lose the weight in order to sleep better at night. It will eventually affect my health more. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by June! I think we have both sent reasonable goals.
The only thing that this website doesn't offer is advice on how to stay on track. I'm not sure if keeping track of calories is enough. I'd like to find a website that will tell me if I've hit my calorie limit, etc. Not sure if this site will actually help me lose the weight. It's a good reality check though.
Best wishes.

Shell250 01-19-2010 01:23 AM

Hi Marilyn, Yes, the visual thing really works well for me. All those graphs keep me fully aware of what I have eaten and it take me out of my la la land where I eat and eat without end...! Thanks for the invite to the group, I will pop in there! :)

Hi ChunkyMonkeyToo, Thanks for relating, it helps to know there are other people who are at the same point, with the same struggles, and the same goals. Keep entering all of your food, I hope you will find this system as useful as I have for staying 'on track' and improving your food choices.

I have been exploring the nutritional content of different foods as I plan my meals (planning to me is crucial). Looking at nutrition is something that is new to me. I used to always just check calories and fat content; but am taking a different approach this time. I track everything. If I blow it on any particular day (which I already have) and go way overboard with something, I track it anyways, and keep moving forward to try for a more balanced day the next day. Looking at my stats is motivating and challenging to me.

I particularly like the breakdown of Carb/Fat/Protein..I am aiming for 40-30-30. I am learning that this breakdown is important to watch in addition to counting calories. This is new to me. I think one of my problems has been reaching for too many carbs. I was shocked my first few days how fast my carbs were adding up! Wow! A reality check moment for me..! I am actually enjoying learning about nutrition, getting alot of info from others who post on the forum.

Good thing is that once your weight goes down, I have heard that sleep apnea will very likely subside too. Good sleep is so important. It is a fact, this excess weight will indeed affect us more and more as we grow older. There is no doubt about that. I have put alot of thought into that and while it is painful to think about, it is something we have to face.

We can do this! Yes We Can! Others have succeeded, why not us too? :D

kathietaylor 01-19-2010 03:32 AM

Hi girls, I just stumbled across this thread tonight and read the whole thing. This is the sort of thread I am looking for!! I hope you don't mind if I join.

Earlier in the thread some of you stated that you didn't want to aim for the super model body...and I just wanted to say GOOD!! I don't know if you are aware or not, but when the clothing industry first started getting more mainstream the models were very beautiful voluptuous women with gorgeous curves! Well the audiences were so taken with the models that the clothing was being overlooked, so it was decided to pick skinny unattractive models, so the clothing would be showcased rather than the beautiful bodies!! So how on earth did those horrible scrawny bodies become the body to strive for????

The average sized woman in the US (not sure about Canada but it can't be far off) is a size 14! Not a size 2! I don't think I have been a size 2 since I was 8 years old! LOL!! My skeleton is bigger than a size 2!

So it pleases me to see that none of you have unattainable goals!

In my case, I don't need to lose quite as much as you girls do, however I HAVE to lose it. Because I didn't take better care of my eating habits earlier in my life, I am now prediabetic and have high cholesterol. So for me it is imperative to get my weight down to at least 150, but probably closer to 140(ya right!!). I do still have time to correct these health problems before they do irreparable damage...but you don't want this to happen to you! I am 49, and it is scary as hell to realize you are a perfect candidate for a heart attack. I actually said to my doctor...but I am not that fat! She, you aren't, but you are one of those people who have to maintain a healthy weight. So I have gone past the point of "wanting" to lose weight and get healthier, I am now at "having" to lose weight in order to BE healthy.

My lifestyle and eating habits are an example of what not to do! And for me it was sugar! Sugar seriously raises your triglycerides (I did not know that! I thought it was fat intake!!), sugar has overtaxed my pancreas making me insulin resistant. Anyone who consumes a lot of sugar is running this risk.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell this part of my story, I don't want anyone thinking just because I need to lose less weight, that my struggle is any less difficult or important.
And I will put it out there, like Shell has...I am 167 now, started at 175 and my goal is to reach 150 by the end of April, or sooner!! MAYBE I will strive for the 140 after that!

Shell250 01-19-2010 02:26 PM

Hi Kathie, and everyone!

Of course you are welcome to join in! :) :) I have been leaning on these boards alot, especially the past few days. So inspiring, and it sure does help to relate to others for inspiration and to learn.

The whole 'size 2' thing is something that is unattainable for me too due to my body structure. Growing up in the 80's there was nothing but skinny models, and it made me very self-conscience of myself at a very impressionable age. I really resent that, because looking back on pictures of myself from back then, I looked great!!!! Thank goodness the fashion industry has gotten away from this somewhat, and fuller-figure models and fashions are more accepted! (I still have issues when I see size 12 in a plus sized store though...sigh!)

Good for you for taking control of your health. I know that if I don't change my habits, that I will be heading down that exact same road. I am actually going for a physical will see where I am at. I have not had any health problems so far. But with my bad eating habits and excess weight (and well, age; I am 41) eventually that will all catch up to me. I keep reminding myself of that, and it is my main motivator now.

I grew up with very poor eating habits, and have not done anything to educate myself on nutrition or to change those bad habits, until now. Formerly, my diets consisted of restricting my food during the week and eating alot of 'low cal', crappy processed food; and blowing it on the weekend by eating whatever I wanted to. No balance. While I did lose weight, I always gained it back and more.

Too much sugar is bad and can really cause havoc. Thanks for the reminder on that. I was eating way to much sugar too. A chocolate bar, or two, nearly everyday. And soda. And chips... No more.

And thanks for sharing your story. It has served as a serious wake-up call for me. I understand your urgency in wanting to lose weight, and your struggle is not any less important just because you have a lesser amount of weight to lose than some of us here. We all have our unique situations, but in the end, we all have the same goal and that is why we are here. ;)

My mantra for the day: I will nourish my body with the good fuel that it needs to function properly; and not with the foods that causes it to malfunction.

chunkeymonkeytoo 01-19-2010 07:41 PM

Hi Shell, I did sleep better last night. I bought those snore strips. It didn't stop the apnea all together, but I did sleep more without waking as often. It helped a bit I think. Hubby said I still kept him up. The only thing to quiet the bear is to lose the weight I'm sure.
As far as the calorie count, I'm aiming for 1200 cal. a day. Went a bit over it yesterday, but I'm sure it's better than I am use to doing. I did have a more balanced ratio. I thought the fat would be off chart. It was a bit higher than the others, but I'm going to work at getting that lower. I'm use to eating really fatty foods I think. I never really thought much about it before. It's easy to do. It all taste so good.

thiscowgirl 01-19-2010 08:01 PM

I'm Debi... new to the forum
Hello ladies,

I am Debi, 41 yrs old, 176 lbs. (size 12/14) and only 5'1". I have yo-yo'd my whole adult life - from 100 lbs to 191 (pregnant). I have 4 kids and a wonderful husband.

I not only want to lose 40-50 lbs but want to be healthy. I want to ride my horse with my daughter. I want to be able to run without getting winded. I want to look good not only for me, but for my husband. He still wears the same size jeans as the day I married him... 12 yrs ago!

I do not care what the scale says as much as my jeans fit. I was a size 7 and 143 lbs. Awesome shape and muscular! Then, I got an office job, quit riding everyday, eating whatever/whenever and late supper times.

I have already lost 5 lbs since Christmas. Yay, me! But I have a long way to go. I want to be able to wear my jeans and boots to the rodeo without a big shirt...

I am just looking for strength, motivation, guidance.... with my diet and exercises.

Thank you!


dbrinkley80 01-19-2010 09:16 PM

Hi ladies, and welcome to all the newcomers! I'm so glad we've developed such a good support group. Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. It was a busy weekend on top of stress stress stress the first part of this week. The highlight of the past four or five days was defintely Sunday, I went to the archery range for a couple of hours and then the birthday party for my best friend's son. I definitely blew my good eating habits out of the water with the party, and Monday I succumbed to stress and PMS and just took a flying leap right off the wagon. I can't say I feel, because I just didn't care last night. I've got to learn to get the emotional eating under control. The good news is, we really don't have anywhere but up to go from over here, so I should be back to my normal annoying posts soon enough. I just got finished planning out tomorrow, so I'm right back on track with owning my eating. Sorry to unload on you guys, I hope you are all having a successful week and I wish everyone a wonderful tomorrow!

Shell250 01-20-2010 01:01 AM

Hi Diane, Good to see you back! Sorry about the setback sounds like it was a combo of things happening all at once. Sounds like you are back on track though! I don't know what it is about weekends, but I really struggle the most on the weekends. I slipped up a bit this weekend (I am also in PMS mode) and had some fast food; but I tracked it all, every gory little detail, and it was an eye opener, that is for sure. No need to apologize, we are here to support eachother!

Hi ChunkyMonkeyToo, Glad you got a good sleep, it is so important to keep your energy up physically and emotionally too. Adding some cottage cheese to my day really helped me to boost my protein up which I was pleased about! Today is the first day that I managed to get my protein up to where I wanted it (30%). Yay!

Hi there Debi, Welcome, and wow, can I ever relate. I have horses but have not ridden for a couple years now. I used to ride everyday and it was a big part of what I looked forward to everyday. :( I could cry just thinking about it...I have felt such huge guilt about this, but on the plus side I still do enjoy my horses, spending time with them, caring for them. I am not beating myself up about not riding quite as much anymore. Although I am sure the horses are all enjoying the time off being 'pasture ornaments'! lol Not only do I feel simply too heavy right now (I rode up until I reached around 220lb), I feel overall not fit/strong enough to ride. And when I don't feel fit, it is simply not comfortable or safe. I do want to ride again though. Sooooooooo, one of my goals is to get back in the saddle again. At 200lb I will try again. I sure do hope I can get back into riding this summer. I miss it.

I hear you about big shirts with jeans Debi...I am so incredibly sick of them...!!!!! And jeans are not all that comfy for me right now which is ultra annoying. I could scream...! :eek: Moving forward, we'll be able to turf those big shirts soon.

Sounds like alot of us have a great husbands, families, and strong support systems. I think we are really fortunate! :) My husband has loved me no matter what my weight has been over the years. I do want to look good again for him and for myself.

Hang in there everyone! Thanks for being here! :cool:

dbrinkley80 01-20-2010 02:00 PM

Good morning! I kind of did a vegetarian day yesterday to really boost my fiber intake and help flush out all the ickies from Sunday and Monday and between that and a really good night's sleep I feel so much better today!

I wanted to check in with a measurements report, I did it today instead of yesterday, but it still got done. I'm happy to say some things went down a smidge and some stayed the same, but nothing has gone back up. I have to really make sure I do my exercise this week so I don't have too many negative effects from my lapse. I'm just glad I didn't say f it and throw the whole project down the drain, which has been my past track record.

Isn't is amazing how much strength we've given each other? A stupid fad program isn't what we needed, it was a good solid community!

Ok, well, I'm off to go find a new temp agency, since my current one doesn't think its necessary to return phone calls or emails. Have a good day!!

Shell250 01-20-2010 10:38 PM

Hi Everyone!

Glad you are feeling better Diane. After falling off the wagon, it doesn't take long to feel good again once you get back on, does it!? I have given up myself, numerous times...many many many many is easy to give up and just fall back into old habits. But I am just not going there again. This is a lifestyle change and I am committing to doing this, no matter what. I deserve it. We all deserve to be healthy and feel good about ourselves!

It really is amazing how much strength can be found on these forums, I have been blown away by the support and inspiration!

Yes, the fad programs just do not work. I have finally realized this and come to my senses. Just a couple months ago I nearly got roped into 'U Weight Loss', I was feeling low and made an appointment there. I was dangerously close to dropping $2000.00 upfront to join. I felt like a fool, they really played on my emotions, and were very clever with their sales pitch.

Mantra of the day: If it is going to be, it is up to ME! :D

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