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syd1980 01-13-2010 08:53 PM

why is everything centered around food? hanging out today with my husband and a few friends and then you hear lets order pizza. UGH !!! not wanting to be the party pooper i went along. ate a few slices and feeling ok with myself. but still wish everything isnt centered around food. so im off to try that boot camp video again and nice and slow no killing myself this time. wishing you all the best

Shell250 01-13-2010 10:05 PM

Hi Kristina, Thanks, it was hardest for me to resist the popcorn..! I like to have a couple glasses of wine a week, other than that, don't really drink much alcohol. Practicing moderation, but not deprivation this time. The occasional snacks won't do any harm. :) We have 3 concerts to go to this month, so I was feeling just strong enough, and not hungry last night (which helped), to pass on any 'treats'! Yay!

Syd, Yes, i am really struggling with social life/food being so interconnected in my life. Really noticing it more and more. When I do go out on occasion, I am going to be really cautious with what I order. What I have done in the past is committed to eating just half of my meal, and taking the other half home. This worked for me, so trying it again.

Diane, Feels good to clear out junk, doesn't it? I am doing the same...and it counts as exercise too, a bonus!

dbrinkley80 01-14-2010 12:58 AM

Well hasn't my butt just gotten a work out today! ;) I'm sure I've mentioned on here, but in case not, we live on a third floor apartment, and I had to make three trips to get all the stuff downstairs! I really didn't want to cop out on the real workout, I want to establish this as a routine, since the food part has more or less gotten that way. I don't know what I'm going to do once I'm out in the real world more. My best friend's oldest just turned six, and she's having a party for him this weekend.... I'm nervous, cause I know there'll be pizza there. :eek: But I'll stick to just cheese, which is one of my favorites, anyway. At least the party is at the local nature center, that will mean lots of walking around and looking at things.

I ignored the dreaded potato tonight! I made up just enough so the boyfriend could have some with his dinner. I would have felt bad if all he got was a pork chop and some broccoli. He has my opposite problem, he could really stand to put on a couple pounds. That's gotten to be my habit lately anyway. I make a serving of a couple different veggies for myself to go along with what we're already having. And I eat them first, that way I fill my tummy with really good things, and don't eat as much as the fattier stuff. I will sometimes give myself a little ration of mashed potatos, but I have to be careful, because that's like kryptonite to me. I love the things.

I think I'm going to start buying the frozen greens and seasoning them myself. The biggest problem I'm having is keeping my sodium levels down. So I'm trying to buy fresh and frozen veggies so that way I can control the salt myself. Which, left to my own devices, I have discovered I don't really need, so beyond flavoring meats, I don't use it anymore.

Ok, I'm tired, the mega rambling has begun. I never took that afore mentioned shower, so here's to hoping I get at least ten minutes of hot water (our building seems to be having some kind of hot water issue it never really had before), my stiff muscles could use the heat. But at least they're just stiff and not sore!

Good night, my ladies, don't dwell on mistakes, and remember, tomorrow's a clean slate, so don't give up the good fight over a few transgressions!

emilymckelvain 01-14-2010 03:06 AM

Hi Ladies, I'm Emily. I just found the forums tonight, and it so refreshing to find forums where everyone is so honest and NICE! I think I'm posting on every thread!!

I eat a lot of the frozen vegetables, and I love them. Tonight I made a dinner of frozen shrimp and scallops and frozen vegetables. Tossed them all up in a skillet and added a little light sour cream, thyme, and blue cheese crumbles, and it was creamy and delicious. The frozen vegetables really help me bulk up my meals without all the calories, and they are so nutritious!

I started at 240 (my highest weight ever) in September of 2008, and I'm down to 200. You all are motivating me!

Shell250 01-14-2010 07:46 PM


Emily! Thanks for posting, congratulations on your success!!! That is very very motivating to me, your goal was similar to mine! :) :) Have you been using FitDay since Sept 08? Please share any tips you may have discovered!

I just picked up a bunch of seafood today; snow crab legs (mmmm, a real treat), shrimp and some lobster meat. Love to do stirfry's with seafood! So satisfying and light. I find if I eat the same old foods, I eat more, and they are not as satisfying. Trying to mix things up, and trying new recipes, spices, etc.

Diane, Way to go, stiff muscles remind you of the exercise you got in! Good idea with the portions. I tend to cook too much...thinking I will have leftovers...but in reality, for me it is just a temptation to overeat. Going to cook enough for the meal from now on; particularly the starchy stuff. My hubby could use to lose a few pounds himself (and already has, because I do most of the cooking), but he works alot harder than me, so can afford to eat bigger portions. Crazy how fast he drops weight. SIGH. I have a wee bit of a salt 'habit' and am always reaching for the salt shaker. Trying to use some interesting spices while cooking instead. Developing a love for curry!! Thanks for the rah rahs! :D

Exercise. I am walking, but not really working up a big sweat. I know I need to ramp that up and do some cardio if I want to see the results I am envisioning. Tomorrow AM goal = sweat.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

emilymckelvain 01-15-2010 03:41 AM

Hi Shell, it was kind of funny when I determined to start losing weight because I was actually out drinking beer with one of my girlfriends, and I was lamenting about how I'd been too fat to wear my college ring for the last year and a half - geez, what a great way to get motivated hu!

Anyhow, I started by doing the WW Points. I'd done WW about five years previous and had a lot of success with it, but my work schedule had become very erratic, so I had quit working out and was eating meals out a lot and gained a ton of weight.

I think I discovered FitDay around the end of 2008 maybe. To be honest, I've been off and on over time. I was driving home from a weekend out of town and listening to the radio one night. A guy had called in about alcohol addiction and how he had fallen off the wagon, and the host said that failure is often met on the road to success, and he advised really analyzing what you were doing when you were succeeding and what you were doing differently that led to failure. And it just crystalized for me that when I'm diligent about tracking my calories, I lose weight, and when I don't track, I don't lose. Rocket science!

So I've been very diligent about tracking my calories for the last six or seven months.

I'm fortunate to work for a company that employs a full-time food staff that feeds us (for free, yeah!) breakfast and a hot lunch every day. They also keep fresh fruit and tea available all day. Because we rotate through the same meals about every three weeks or so, I've started keeping a list of the most common foods so I can plan ahead based on what we're having. If I didn't do so well with a particular meal last time, I just go heavier on the veggies the next time. Also, I've actually started staying away from the side salad because I can't resist the Ranch dressing!! Unless we have Mexican food or chicken strips and then I make a giant taco salad. They usually serve dessert, too, which is hard to resist, so I try to eat a big enough lunch that I'm not too hungry for dessert. Then I snack on fresh fruit in the afternoon.

Lunch is my biggest meal of the day now, and that's a big change from when it used to be dinner. Also, I always eat breakfast now - usually a big bowl of plain oatmeal with a glass of milk or high fiber cereal. I DO have a hard time figuring out how to add more protein to my breakfast since I'm not preparing it at home. Any tips?

So, nothing new, I guess... just the basics, but that's what works! I have really noticed that now that I'm not eating tons of fast food and sweets, my cravings for the bad stuff are rare - what a blessing! I guess it's true that a balanced diet of whole foods that meets your nutritional needs really does help to eliminate wild cravings!! I usually get hungry late at night, but without the cravings, I don't binge.

My employer is awesome....! And I have to share with y'all something that happened today. One of the guys at work (who I'm not even particularly close to) told me that he could tell I had lost weight and was looking good! He's trying to lose some weight too. I swear there's nothing more validating than having other people notice, is there????!!!!

emilymckelvain 01-15-2010 03:42 AM

Oh, and I've been able to wear my Aggie Ring again for over a year now - Whoop! That's the best.... :)

Shell250 01-15-2010 05:02 PM

Hello Emily, everyone, and fellow newbies!

Thanks for sharing your tips and insights Emily...I know, I keep telling myself 'it is not rocket science - eat less, move more!' lol Oh, and track!

Thank-you, you have made me realize that I too MUST track food. I have used WW before, and I did lose 30 lb by tracking and excercising. Diligent tracking is important for me to keep me mindful. If I don't track, I think I slip into a state of denial, and just don't consider the big picture of what I consumed throughout the day. I simply don't think about it. Perhaps for some people this comes more naturally; but it does not with me; maybe because my eating is so emotionally connected. Seeing what I eat, by tracking, along with the nutritional info, keeps me in reality. :rolleyes:

I was saying in another thread that I think I finally hit rock bottom with my weight, I know it is time to smarten up and take care of myself for once and for all. My weight has always fluctuated based on what was going on in my life, with relationships, stress level, business, and busy-ness, etc. just proving what I am already painfully aware of....emotional eating and how much I lean on food to fill various voids. Really examining my hunger, why I am feeling hungry.

I always thought that once I was self-employed things would be different, away from my hectic, high stress, office job. I thought I would have more time and flexibility to schedule workout time. Well, I hate to admit it, the opposite was the case. Being around home made it easy to always be in the cupboards and fridge, grazing. And without anyone around, which makes it worse. And no, the workout time was not scheduled.

I guess it boils down to priorities - no matter what is going on with work, and life in general, one has to care for themself first. What is more important? So I am putting myself first now and caring about food, exercise, nutrition.

The company you work for sounds awesome, that is a great perk! :) I am finding I get a good portion of protein from hard boiled eggs. I love them, and boil up 6 or so and keep them handy in the fridge. I have used a protein powder supplement before, and was considering picking up some again. Trying to keep my food more natural though, and the protein powder is processed, so not sure on that. I need to boost my protein a little more too. Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts on any of the protein powders? Recommended brand?

Congrats on the kudos from your co-worker, that sure is a good feeling!!! :) And for getting your ring back on! Those small triumphs go a long long way!

Shell250 01-15-2010 05:16 PM

I have been using FitDay for one week now, and am down 2 lb. :cool:

2 lb/week is my goal, so I am happy! I have not been exercising 'hard' though ie no cardio whatsoever. Just walking everyday. Ramping up my exercise...slowly...

msmarilyn3 01-18-2010 05:26 PM

hey Shell, I'm there with U - weight wise I'm at my highest and I feel like a bloated cow:)
I think journaling my food works the best for me and it is nice to see the cals/protiens /carbs all pie graphed- the whole visual thing ya know?
You should join us on our other thread the sexy girls a lot of us talk about the same stuff you're and many of us check on daily

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