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missfatty89 05-24-2010 05:12 PM

apples unite!
i am 20 yrs old i weigh 155lbs and i have an apple body shape to the extreme. i cant even wear cloth shorts with out my stomach hanging over. i litterally have a visible line where my stomach fat stops and the rest of my body continues. somedays im so fat i look like im 9 months along but i've never had kids. i want to loose weight and show people that just because im fat does not mean im lazy. at one point i was at 145 then i went down to 105 now a year and 1/2 after being 105 im 155. i slim down only to balloon up to a heavier weight and im really struggling to keep a positive attitude. no diet or exercise i've tried has worked. i was even a veggitarain with a 1,000 cal. intake and i swam 4 hours 7 days a week. i went up 2 pant sizes. i want to connect with other apple shaped people or people who have the same problem loosing weight and mabey together we can fight off our un-flattering body shape.

CaramelMisses 03-02-2013 12:01 PM

I feel your pain my fellow apple friend...
I've also been "blessed" with this body shape.:rolleyes: Apparently, this is one of the symptoms of my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). As a teen, I always wondered why I was never satisfied with my body. I always felt fat, even when others claimed I wasn't that big. I never felt like I belonged in a dress. To this day, I would still choose skirts over dresses, if I still wore them. I haven't worn a dress since the 7th grade. I let go of skirts at age 17. I always felt that my shoulders were too broad, and I always tried to cover my stomach. I still hide my stomach very well in my lose fitting shirts. I've always had back rolls, and I always felt less than feminine. The only thing my body seemed to do right was develop boobs. When they became too large, I decided that I was no longer satisfied with those, either.

I remember asking this very shapely girl how her hips became so wide and full. I also let her know that I wanted to have wider hips.:o She replied with a chuckle "It'll just happen on it's own." I never understood why my hips weren't wider. Especially since my mother had been blessed with the hourglass figure. (or maybe it was pear). I remember her telling me stories about how she had such a pretty shape and what others would say about it. She even told me one time "You haven't developed in the hips yet. I think you're going to have a straight shape." I was very young (not even a teen yet) but for some reason this really bothered me. To this day, I am extremely embarassed by my figure. Don't get me wrong, I am crazy about my mom, but that comment just stuck with me in a negative way. I felt that if I wasn't shaped like she was, my body wasn't going to be good enough.

It also didn't help when my child's father told me that I was built wrong, a few months after I had given birth to his baby. SMH

Still trying to figure out why they call this shape the "apple" shape.:confused: I thought apples were supposed to be good for you.:rolleyes:

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