Can't stop snacking

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Default Can't stop snacking

I've just started the long road to losing 68 pounds. I'm coming out of a divorce and though I've spent 3 months exercising, I've gained 7 pounds although my clothes fit way better these days. I realized the only way I will actually lose weight is by writing down everything I eat. Since yesterday, I realized that I snack all day long and had no idea. I recognize that I'm emotional eater but am finding it hard to stop because snacking is fun. Guess I'm writing for support and to keep myself accountable so that I don't start grazing on the pretzels.
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Maybe it would help if you track every single thing. At least you will know how many calories your snacking habit is bringing to your diet.

I have the same problem. I end up not eating meals when I know it's a day full of snacks - and then try to control the number of calories as I see them start to accumulate in the log.

Lately, I've been thinking of really trying to acquire a tea habit. At least then I'd have hot tea to drink all day and keep myself in consuming mode without too many calories. I found a lot of different teas when I was recently cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. That would help me 'drink more water' too.

After a divorce, it's tough. But you can do this.
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no kidding! that is exactly my habit too. it is as though nothing else calms me down. I wonder what needs to happen differently.
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Exactly, snacking calms me down. I find it really soothing. I do have a tea habit though which I also find relaxing. I'm trying to follow dinner fairly closely with some sort of detox or fennel tea which tends to kill my appetite/snacking habit as it's not sweet at all but still really good.
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try a spoonful of peanut butter. tastes good and gives a small but steady bump to your glucose (blood sugar) levels and will keep you from being hungry. try to go for the "natural" stuff as it's got way less sugar and additives. also, don't eat more than a spoonful or so. peanut butter can have that domino effect where you want more, but beware of the calories. but, don't worry about the fats as they're good for you. give it a shot and see if it helps.
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Plan your day's food and make sure to include protein in each meal & snack. This will keep you fuller and more satisfied. I also find that not consuming any sugar at all in the morning really helps because it keeps the blood sugar levels a lot more even. Having tea or lemon-water to drink all day also helps, mate tea is said to be a appetite suppressant.
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This post is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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Default A few ideas.

We'd love an update, how are you doing now?

For what its worth, it was actually great news that you had put on weight AND fit your clothes better.. that means just one thing.. you were building some muscle mass... muscle weighs more than fat, and it also burns up more calories... the body has to keep replenishing and maintaining the existing muscles and that takes some energy to do.

So.. regardless of the snacking you seem to have been doing ideally, and would probably have begun to see the scales start nose-diving at a faster rate than they could have done if you hadn't improved your muscles.

On the topic of too much snacking.. optimum eating is to eat smaller portions more often... so maybe if you know you are 'a snacker' then make the main meals very small to compensate. If you also like a nice bowl/plateful at breakfast/lunch/dinner then tilt the plate mostly salad/veg, medium protein, and small carbs, again in consideration of your snacking prefereces.

Also, maybe you don't realise that it is actually correct behaviour to have one snack between meals.. maybe by refusing to have a healthy snack midway between meals you are extra vulnerable to those snacking urges for unhealthy items?

You could also make yourself up a 'snack box' at the start of the day (same time as you make yourself breakfast)... it can contain a few small guilty pleasures and a range of other suitable snacks... that's your snacking allowance, and if you use it up then you don't get any extra.. your decision then simply 'when', not 'what'.

I hope any of these comments might be a help.

Best Wishes.
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